Sharpening My Benchmade 940 - S30v

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cyphersuit1: The way you are using the sharpmaker does not look right. Take more time, focus on holding the knife straight in a vertical line.

Wanimator ZGB: The real question is, why did you let it get that dull?

cavscout6090: to get a truly sharp knife you need to build up a burr on one side of the blade then move to the other side. 

airsoftgunsandknives: Well actually, Spyderco uses CPM-S30V. CPM is a company that makes HQ steels. Benchmade, in my opinion, is overpriced CRAP. -Omar

Creative Outlet Images: Thanks man! For whatever reason my 940 remains a knife that I just can't figure out how to sharpen. Maybe I messed it up to much trying, I'm not sure. I have sharped other s30v knives such as my Strider successfully. I do recommend the sharpmaker, but plan on buying the ultrafine and diamond rods as well. I use the ultrafine the most for touch ups.

jayfulf: The way you're using that sharpening system is definitely dulling out the blade. The rods are at quite and angle and your pointing your knife straight down... you'd be better off with stones.

mongomondomongo: Only critique I have is that you're not keeping the knife straight when you're sharpening. It could just be the camera angle playing tricks on my eyes.

EverlastingPinecone: Also follow the burr forming process that v5u7sulh2 mentioned

salemanuele: your problem may be that your using a 10 degree angle on one side a 40 degree on the other side.

Creative Outlet Images: I showed the ultras in the video. I actually don't think they work will for this knife. They do work well on other knives.

Casey: I have an osbourne benchmade out of the 954 cm and its a pain to sharpen just like yours it gets duller once I try to polish the edge.

1lupus: Play your video and watch your angles. Especially with your right hand side. I have no problems with s30v and the sharpmaker. Put some black texta on the bevel and check your honing angles. Maintain the 90 degree, don't roll off the tip, slow down and listen to the blade. Please use the brass safety rods. And finally if the texta shows you to, reprofile the blade before using the sharpmaker, I use a edgepro apex once a year and the sharpmaker each week. I learned by making mistakes, keep at it.

TalonTSI95: try standing up at your desk when going through your sharpmaker routine. do more passes with the rough stones, then white, then strop it out with some green compound - bark river variety.

Eminem1Mw2: not only should you take longer considering s30v is a pretty hard steel, but you should be sharpening at like 15 to 20 degrees. i never liked those spiderco sharpeners. i always wet stone it.

ProvidentTools: Send it back to benchmade for sharpening. I know it's fun to do it youselve but some knives you just don't want to mess with.

EnduringEagle: Does s30v require the diamond rods and how well does it work on 1095?

TacticalTupperware: You need the diamond rods for the Sharpmaker. I think that will solve your problem. If all else fails, send it back to Benchmade

jew2many: i have the spyderco system as this guy does, and you are not supposed to put oil on the rods

forrest225: How has the anodizing on the scales held up? I've heard it scratches easy.

mafiajimmy: first 25, then 20 degree ;)

unclevit: what u did was dulling it. blade should be 90 degrees to the ground. slowly and accurately. i used this sharpener for many times, and all work well. tks for the vid.

eddieispimp87: you can send the knife into benchmade and they will sharpen it for free

Colombiano671: maybe you need to slow things down a bit and make sure that the angles you sharpening on are equal to each other and also triple check that your entire blade is making contact with the rods

ryanhayn: You're pretty gutsy to use that sharpener on that nice knife. I'd go with a more foolproof sharpener like the DMT.

Derouin91: I have a benchmade with the same steel. it's a pain in the ass to sharpen.

sweetdaddyroses: @CreativeOutletHobbie @CreativeOutletHobbie well, since you asked... for openers - STAND UP! you can't maintain the control you need while you're sitting down. you need to watch your knife and hold it at the proper angle, which is, straight up and down. next - since sharpening a knife is all about angles. square yourself up to the sharpmaker. in your video you are sitting with the sharpmaker roostered at some ridiculous angle to your body.

viper2788: you should invest in a japanese water stone. i bought a double sided(1000/6000grit) stone for around 50 bucks. it does take some acquired skill, but once you got it down you can put a razor sharp edge on any metal. its so good i refuse to use any other sharpening method now(and ive tried lots)

fredde90210: Nothing wrong with the rods, The main problem (IMO) is that Benchmade continues with their "wide angel profiles" and that sucks. The Bm people should take a good look at Spyderco and learn how to produce good edges. I am tired of dull out of the box Benchmades. If it werent for the axis lock I wouldnt bother with Bm. After reprofiling they works just fine...Be safe

0rounder0: Dude watch the DVD that came with your sharpmaker!!' you're not using it properly

Creative Outlet Images: Thanks. Check out some of my other videos. This one was a while ago. I've since picked up diamond rods which fixed up this knife nicely. later

ToxicityAssured: So sloppy in your use... hold the knife straight up and down. The blade geometry must be awful. Did you watch the video that came with it? :(**** poor expensive knife.

NewDaysofNoah: S30V does take work. It's a good tough steel though.

LostCRowsIronWorks: s30v gets as hard as a lone sharks haert win its heat treated rite

martinaee: Often people will make a knife even more sharp because they don't have a sense of the grind angle and edge of the knife before they start sharpening it. Spyderco knives have pretty steep edges to begin with, but for something like a benchmade you want to go with a 40 degree edge or so. Start with 20 degrees or 30 degrees when sharpening then go to a the wider angle like 40. This is not what most people might think to do, but it will get your edge sharper.

Creative Outlet Images: hah, things got a little crazy today!

sweetdaddyroses: as you can see, my response is not in the correct order. i had to post it in stages. but i hope you can get the gist of what i was saying. cheers, mate! *sdr*

69avocado: @fredde90210 axis lock mono lock and balisongs! but i really hate the new 53. HATE it. my kimura 3, 51, and 42 are all way better. as well as my mayhem. sometimes, like on an m390 710 you will get a great edge, for a price. at a 15 degree angle which is fanominal

EverlastingPinecone: Don't know if you already resolved the issue but I would also say spend more time on the more course stone. If you make the same number of strokes on both sides and your blade has a really prominent burr on one side, it means you either happened to push to hard on your last stroke or your blade started with an uneven bevel from the factory or previous sharpening.

v5u7sulh2: it looks to me like you're not spending enough time sharpening... hard steels like S30V are typically known to be "harder" to sharpen but, its only because they take LONGER to remove the same amount of steel as on softer steel. Also, technique is PARAMOUNT, dont rush, concentrate on keeping your angles consistent, speed comes with experience.. Check for a burr to start forming along the whole edge opposite of the one contacting the stones..i Just noticed this is old, I bet youre good now lol...

James J. Lee: I'm no expert BUT it looks like you've got some problems with your method. First, you need to be bringing the knife blade straight down keeping it perpendicular to the base so that you maintain the proper angle. This is easier to do standing up over the knife so you can watch the spine. Go slow and concentrate on keeping the angle. Also, S30V is hard steel and you are likely re-profiling the blade because the factory grind is different. This will take a long time on the SM ceramics.

Lee Pedersen: Dude i think ur doin fine. Just put a little more time into it and go slower and do maybe.... 30 - 40 strokes instead of 20.

Creative Outlet Images: Its 40 degree inclusive, meaning 20 deg per side.

69avocado: did you see how to do it? take the rods out and use the top as a handle,

BlodOgTorden: Is the grind on this knife flat ground or hollow ground?

75SilentWarrior: @NewDaysofNoah It is not a very tough steel, but it is fairly strong(hard). Hardness does not equal toughness.

Tom Bennett: Get a Wicked Edge you will have no problem.

DaBossk: oooo so this is the only sharpening tool you use for all your knives?? can you get the knives razor sharp??

hathcocked: I tend to avoid the higher dollar steels for this very reason. I am not the best at sharpening either but I am competent with the sharpmaker using softer steels like aus8. The edge retention is of course going to be much better with s30v but at the price of being harder to sharpen.

sweetdaddyroses: i'll repeat what i said in my initial post. WATCH THE CD THAT CAME WITH YOUR SHARPMAKER! sal explains the process much better than i can. oh, and as someone else already mentioned. benchmade's factory angles are different than spyderco's so you may need to put a little extra effort into getting that razor sharp edge. it will come. have fun and happy sharpening!

Jesse Berg: i sharpened my ZT 301 with the sharpmaker it doesn't feel sharp at all but it pops hairs like crazy :)

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Sharpening my Benchmade 940 - S30v 4.1 out of 5

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