Sharpening My Benchmade 940 - S30v

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Grizzly Country: You're supposed to hold the blade straight like you're trying to slice something.

Just4FunDslee1: Lol

Lance Simon: I think it's because the benchmades are hollow ground and most spyderco that I've looked at buying have all been flat ground. I have had a similar problem with my griptillian 154cm just can't manage to get them sharp again.

paul greenwood: I have the same Sharpmaker system but I take my time with it. I spend much longer on the fine stones (gently/slowly) and then a great deal of time using a flat leather strop on wood with green compound even more gently and for even longer. Takes a whole evening watching You-Tube vids doing this but the results are sensational. If I knew how, I could perform open-heart surgery with mine. After a day's use just gently strop for about an hour and you're back to the same edge. However, other YouTube vids will confirm that the Sharmaker is not good for re-profiling, merely 'touching up'....

imac8175: Had my 940 for a few months now, got my sharpmaker yesterday. Took a bit of fiddling but on the 40 degree setting with the fines I got my s30v 940 back to shaving sharp. Had a really bad roll on my edge, used the mediums as a benchstone on the bottom of the holder to get that out. After you have a half decent edge don't bother with the mediums anymore. Just the edges to paper cutting sharp then the flats to shaving sharp of the fines. Took me a couple goes at about 15 mins each to get it all figured out. Was pretty easy.

Scott R: Your doing the right angle on the left side but not the right

Steven Spenner: Try a strop that may help

mrkackerwacker: You freaking sick at sharpening

Warren SL: The real question is, why did you let it get that dull?

Sunbear805: Did you ever come to a successful conclusion?

cyphersuit1: The way you are using the sharpmaker does not look right. Take more time, focus on holding the knife straight in a vertical line.

cavscout6090: to get a truly sharp knife you need to build up a burr on one side of the blade then move to the other side.

Tom Bennett: Get a Wicked Edge you will have no problem.

ToxicityAssured: So sloppy in your use... hold the knife straight up and down. The blade geometry must be awful. Did you watch the video that came with it? :(**** poor expensive knife.

LostCRowsIronWorks: s30v gets as hard as a lone sharks haert win its heat treated rite

EverlastingPinecone: Also follow the burr forming process that v5u7sulh2 mentioned

EverlastingPinecone: Don't know if you already resolved the issue but I would also say spend more time on the more course stone. If you make the same number of strokes on both sides and your blade has a really prominent burr on one side, it means you either happened to push to hard on your last stroke or your blade started with an uneven bevel from the factory or previous sharpening.

jaylang11: hahaha

Casey: I have an osbourne benchmade out of the 954 cm and its a pain to sharpen just like yours it gets duller once I try to polish the edge.

Eminem1Mw2: not only should you take longer considering s30v is a pretty hard steel, but you should be sharpening at like 15 to 20 degrees. i never liked those spiderco sharpeners. i always wet stone it.

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Sharpening my Benchmade 940 - S30v 5 out of 5

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