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keith voto: does this work for a f150 4.6????

Cornelius Perkins: Will this work on the left side of the motor I have a 02 towncar that the nipple broke the intake how can I fix that

James Sims: Thank you, mine just went tonight & I really didn't feel like pulling the intake. I think I will use a brass 90* but we will see. Thanks again-Subscribed.

Carlos Redden: How muvh is the parts

kimberlee lunsford: LMAO this guy sounds like will ferrel

John Barrett: Thank You for taking the time to post this video for us. Great video.

Harold Brown: Thanks man awesome work

Cornelius Perkins: Will it make my car over heat

randy andrews: I wanted to know if there is something I should be done on the backside of the tube of where the bad hose was connected that has worn out underneath the intake manifold valve. I have connected my new hose just like yu did in the front connecting tube, but it is leaking on the backside of where the bad hose that burst on me connects to the back side. I did connect it to the front side and ran it over the side and connected it accordingly, just like yu did. Should I have pinched off or closed off the other end, the back side tube, where the worn out hose connected underneath the intake manifold valve. Again, I have connected the new hose to the front side of where the bad hose was connected, but what should have been done to the backside of where the hose fit connected underneath??

chromehiker76: This worked great!! I had to go under the right side of the alternator but otherwise it was spot on. Someone buy this guy a beer or two! Cost about $17. Thanks. 

towrecker: there is no reason why it will not work , unless the car / truck is not as ford built it ...

northstar2007: been 3 days late for the last week :p

flagsway: good one

JasonWW2000: As a side note, I couldn't find a brass barbed 90* elbow in 5/8, but I did find one in 3/4 at Home Depot. It was a SharkBite product and fit into the 5/8 heater hose nice and snug, no problem.

JasonWW2000: I just finished bypassing the tube and now I'm leak free. :) I never was able to see the leak, even with the alt off, it was too far in the back of the engine. I need to relocate my climate control temp sensor, but that can wait till winter. Thanks for the video, it was the only one I could find, so big thumbs up brother.

northstar2007: :p

BudsBitch: I have another name for those squeeze clamps that you were talking about that is a pain in the butt me and friends call them god damnit clamps here in Oregon lol

Tressia Ayers: I am trying to reroute heater hose. Can't get to the hose on the back of the water pump. There is a tank under the intake that is in the way. How can I get to the hose that is under the tank?

towrecker: also you may have to , after you get the rubber part out , use a pry bar , and bend the metal tube to one side or the other a bit to clear and not rub the new hose or 90 degree fitting ...

yrly59e: I've been using what I think is a slightly better way to do this. Get two 90 degree brass bends, make U shaped thing and clamp this onto the water pump outlet connecting the long end around the front instead of right next to the coolant crossover so its not run up against the hot part like here. If you do it that way it avoids physical contact with mostly everything except the spark plug wire bracket and still doesn't crimp the hose. It also is easier to get on the water pump nipple.

Nailgunskater: Clarification on other message: I believe that metal coolant line that runs under the manifold has a 90 degree bend that goes up to a fitting for the right heater hose and that its leaking at the 90 degree bend. Its also possible that the leak is from somewhere else and just appears to leak there. I figure it might be worth the risk to cut the line and rerun it like you did. Any thoughts?

beltstowing: YUP , AND THANKS

towrecker: it is an aggravating job , but not a really hard one ;)

beltstowing: bend over you 4,000 lb bitch !

Nailgunskater: On my 99 Crown Vic, that hose behind the water pump looks like its metal. And it appears to be leaking at the back of the engine at the elbo. It's tough to see and its just not reachable, maybe if I take some stuff off? If I'm right and that's the source of the leak, could I cut the pipe behind the water pump and do your repair? And to make it better, I don't even use the heater core, so I could connect it directly back into the intake. I hope I'm right and that's the hose that's leaking.

carlos dubois: what is the name of the coolant pipe on the left side of the back of the motor commonlt know to leak that connects to the heater core. looking for a video on replacing that one.. Thank you nice video

beltstowing: hell buy one !!

northstar2007: lol

BudsBitch: I have a friend that want me to fix that hose. I am going fix it the way u did it. Thanks for putting a video on YouTube it will help me out a lot

beltstowing: the hell !

kerobinsonii: I would go fix it but I don't have a Ford! LOL!

beltstowing: typical LMAO

towrecker: whats so funny is that I have done several of these cars like this , but never did a vid because I felt it was a rig , until a friend that actually works at the ford dealer seen it , and said , "you mean to tell me you don't have to take that f%cking intake off !!!)" then I thought , yeah , lets put it out there lol

towrecker: could very well have been what you were smelling , as they usually start leaking down the block on the outside first , then die all together , common failure of these , along with spitting out spark plugs , and the exhaust manifold studs breaking off , and causing exhaust leaks ...

beltstowing: see there are a few easy not so factory ways that work ok , like I said a FEW LMAO !!

towrecker: this is that pipe , it runs to the front of the engine under the intake manifold , you have 2 choices , this way , or pill the intake manifold , and buy the pipe for $150 from the dealer ...

travis bluecollar: thanks

Matt Newman: awesome...I might need to replace it. Thanks man!

Nailgunskater: I think my heater core fittings are 3/4 but I'm not going to use them anyway. The core leaks and I'm just going from the water pump back into the intake. So maybe I need a reducer (5/8 to 3/4) for that.

beltstowing: that BASTARD !!!!

northstar2007: This video rated R for Crude references including power lube and penetrating oil

beltstowing: lmao , at least you ain't calling me damn honky like my buddy TA does lol , I'm glad you got it fixed , it's seems odd till you actually get in there and see how it fits in , and actually fits like it is supposed to be there ;)

towrecker: it stays slick , it will cause the hose to push off under pressure , gates made the mistake of using a silicon shine on there hoses in the 90's to make them pretty , there were several pissed off people because of that one , as they blew off unless you tightened them tight enough to deform a rad outlet !

RamblinAround: That is genius...thanks for passing this idea along.

redneck2010ize: was here

towrecker: some are 5/8 , some are 3/4 depends on year , and weather it's a car , truck , or van , you just have to look really ...

beltstowing: well true lol , the right way is moving down the road in a hurry in this country lol

VicGord: was here lol

travis bluecollar: that's like the ford taurus power steering hose the new one that they have goes around the motor instead of behind it. alot easier learn something new everyday.

Nailgunskater: It's funny that I do some plumbing and general construction work. I make things work which sometimes includes creative plumbing, or "rigging", ever which way you view it. Things are so much just a matter of perspective. I need to apply more of what I know towards automotive repair!!! And sometimes I do!

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