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Chris Smoke211: There is a second hose that goes underneath the intake that is impossible to get to without taking the manifold off. No way to tell if the other hose is leaking.

The step down on this video where the hose your replacing goes to may be needed. The 5/8ths inch hose that is being replaced is too small for the hook into the heater core. I was able to cut the hose and jam it on but it was difficult.

The metal crimp ring was a pain to get off. You will need pry tools.

This job took me about 2 and a half hours.

If you dont have small skinny hands it may not be possible.

I have small skinny hands and mine are cut up bad all over. I had to take my rings off to get in there at all.

But doing this did significantly reduce the leaking of coolant from this car.

Stephen Lutz: The running commentary was great!

Chris Smoke211: Thank you so much for this. I live in my car and I dont have the money for an intake manifold to be taken off. Lol. I barely have 60$ for a Ford hose.

The construction job I do requires this car.

I was beginning to panic after seeing repair pal estimates suggesting I may need a new intake or at least to remove it to replace the hose.

So I began to pray. And as soon as I hit youtube here you are working on the exact same car I have.

Not only that, but you also explained how to fix the electrical problems I was starting to have.

Lol. I already replaced the heater core at 126k miles. I knew the damn thing should have lasted longer than that.

Id never heard of electrolysis.

I want you to know sir, that God worked all this out in your life to save me. He used your video to save me. When i was afraid of losing shelter in this horrid cold.

God bless you sir. May the Lord Jesus Christ who sends salvation every time to those who call His name bless you.

TonydlP650: im wondering if this is what happened to my car. I have the smell of coolant in my cab and i can also see coolant dripping onto my muffler from under the passenger side. my car is a 1996 grand marquis

Drue M: IN case no one mentioned it.. ur a genius..

AmyRiley: Do you know the name of that yellow plastic piece under the hood? That's leaking antifreeze in my truck

Nick Shaffer: i fixed this on my tritan, but now there is a spraying leak behind the engine. could it b the line connected to the block under the heater hose

key real: Any negative comments? Tell them to go to hell!!!! This man here is the crap with no toilet paper just the crap!!!! I've been trying to find away to do this without removing the intake for weeks and this is the first thing that actually works!!!!!!!! It works it works it works

Maurice Shannon: I have 2004 Grand marquis that is leaking coolant from back of the intake manifold and dripping between the oil pan and exhaust manifold. Can anybody tell me if that's that heater hose at this point? car is not running hot just leaking!

Charles Wolf: How do you run the hose if you have the original intake? There isn't a "hole" in the intake to run the hose through

chris cann: Had the same problem w/ 2000 Expedition XLT. I did not have as much room under the intake, there was some sort of insulation barrier under it. I used a heater hose w/ a preformed 90 elbow (Gates 28467), worked great. There was also an additional 1/4 inch hose from the old metal pipe to the front crossover. I tapped the 1/4 inch hose into the new 5/8 inch heater hose. Worked great.

ryan olsen: Hell yeah good idea..i was wonder why they put those that way,could not figure out wjere coolant was going till I did a pressure check and a pin hole in that saved me a lot of work,I owe ya a beer!\../rock on

Mark King: The hardest part was seeing you attach the lower part could have spent more time on that instead of degrading a friend

Mark King: If you were my friend i sure as hell would never bring you one of my cars to fix you talk some crap to be a friend

stephen gaertner: Good video : + . My only - comment is that I do not ever recommend using those cheap black plastic elbows / 90 degree pieces.They break very easily. But they are good for a quick temporary fix though. Use a copper elbow / pieces from a home improvement store for permanent fix instead. BTW, I did the same heater hose bypass hose technique on my Expedition ~5 years ago but I changed the intake manifold too (not knowing the leak was most likely from the crappy metal pipe under the intake manifold. The black plastic elbow / heater hose connectors are the only parts that failed later on. Ford should have "CAR RECALL" on this "OEM manifold cheap metal pipe engineering fail..."

Mike Vanbourgondien: what did you do with the metal pipe? I'm working on doing this but won't coolant leak out the metal pipe thats open underneath?

Jose Iturbide: will this work on a 2004 lincoln navigator ??

Glenn Normand: Thank you for giving me the courage to take this to my mechanic and say "DO THIS" instead of removing the intake manifold. However, I have the E150 van with total access to the back of the engine. My mechanic pulled the old bypass tube out, and ran the new heater hose under the intake and accomplished the same thing and I doesn't even show. THANK you!!

Larry Dalrymple: Good Fix  I did it to my 2000 f150 and works great. Mine had a metal pipe that I cut and then removed the pipe on the water pump end and installed the parts as shown. Thank You for this video.

Ned Holcomb: Just did this to my '96 towncar and it worked out fine, thanks!


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