2006 Chevy Cobalt Transmission Control Module Failure

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Brian Arrington: My car has had this problem since 40k miles. It now has over 70k miles. Ill be driving down the interstate and the power steering will go out. This isnt safe, but when I called GM they said "tough luck". Report your problem to NHTSA at 18883273246 if they receive enough complaints GM will be forced to issue a recall. 

Leah Marrs Scott: VERY same problem with mine today. Had it fixed. Got a new transmission control module. Works fine now. 

Texassince1836: Ignition switch will do this

Gorgi Dimitrov: i have same prpblem.on my 06cobalt can you tell me how to fix 

Ivan Ortega: i have the same issue with my cobalt can u please help me out 

Sandra Burleson: Found my 2007 Chevy Cobalt problem: it's not a Ford Ranger.

Jaime Merino: Bad luck, mine is still great!

birdman3003: try disconnecting both battery posts for 20 minutes. this is to reset transmission control module. reconnect both battery posts and start car. the check engine light should go off. if your tcm was not previously dammaged then it should shift normal because it stores shift points and sends them to the transmission. if it does not shift as normal then you probably need to change the tcm...Please note, in trying this POSSIBLE SOLUTION, YOU ARE DOING SO AT YOUR OWN RISK. IT MAY BE BEST TO TAKE CAR TO A CERTIFIED MACHANIC!!!

lisa robertson: Same problem with our 2005 Chevy cobalt. Bought this for our newly driving teen. Replaced the ecm and the tcm. Cleaned the ground wire to the ecm. Found that it was a fix for two weeks. While driving it will randomly loose all power steering. All of the gauges and lights go crazy. Transmission shifts very hard. The car stalls out. Also have a clicking noise in the transmission shifter all this goes on at the same time. Anyone have these same problems and found a fix for it? We only bought this car 19months ago. The car had just over 30 thousand miles on it and we have put about 1500 on it. My guess is that the previous owner was having the same problem and that is why the low mileage. I don't know .. but my 17year old draughts life is more important than any $$.

Alisa New: thanks for this, my car is doing this!!!! except i'm having trouble with my traction too! I'll check into the power steering issue though with my dealership!

KYLUVSM: I did so much research on this vehicle and couldn't find anything bad until now, a day after I signed the papers to get it...FML.

Dennis Duffy: Use DeoxIT like it shows in the YouTube vidoe titled "DeoxIT treatment to repair a CAN network problem". I did this and all the issues went away.

Joseph Lennemann: Hey in your video I can hear your car making a rattleing noise as your driving. Mine is doing the exact same thing. Do you know what it is by a chance?

Trenton Westphal: /watch?v=YBOfjXaG4dg check this out. my cobal went crazy too last year. thoughts??

Nickocosmicfatplanet: @CJStenstrom if it's slipping gears and not shifting it's probably your transmission control module. just have the dealership replace it. fixed my problem. still getting rid of the damn thing though...

Al Lewis: @Nickocosmicfatplanet Yeah deffinantly chevy. On the new buic enclave gmc traverse and similar models have 7 differen leaks in the car and the owners manual states that ther are leaks! Well if you ever decide to buy an american car get a ford they is highest in reliability out of the us automakers. Check out their website if ya want.

synlt: my car does exactly the same thing and my dealer can't figure it out......

Bernadette Mendoza: my car hesitates to shift, like i try to put it in gear and it gets stiff. i just replaced the transmission. also, sometimes when i turn it on, my rpms fluctuate over and under the 1. it feels like its about to die, but it doesnt. and it doesnt lose power when im driving, help?


mark penns: its your bushings this is a major problem they contract and expand allowing your shocks to make that banging sound if it comes from the back either side thats what it is, a 80 dollar part, little labor

Amber Sanders: my 05 cobalt did the same thing and they replaced my tcm and a yr later it started doing it again! the dealership said 1200 to replace power steering unit. cobalts were recalled for power steering in 2010 so if u haven't had urs serviced at dealer to replace unit its free under recall. as for the tcm...I don't think it will ever get better since mine did it all over a yr later.

Al Lewis: Dude u need to get rid of tht and buy a ford.

C0LL1N: dong click dong click dong click dong

hatz294: I just found out that there are two different speed senors for the cobalts. One is the intake and the other is outtake. I changed the intake, right at the transmission, there are no signs of an outtake senor. Does anyone have suggestions? THANK YOU !!

Nathan Shelton: i got my control module replace....worked great!!!....for 1000 miles....its will progressively get worse!!!...ur entire odometer will go haywire...doors will lock and unlock on their own.... steering wheel will be stiff as hell...cant turn to save ur life... im getting mine towed in soon....

Neojester15: i had this same issue, where the dashboard would go nuts, i paid 600 dollars at a dealership to fix it and a day later it did it again,,if they cant fix it this time, im selling it and getting an eclipse, mustang, or jetta, and i even put new rims on too,for 1200 dollars.

Strife Cloud: Hey I have a 2006 Chevy cobalt, when I shift to drive I hear a loud thump, when i shift to 2 gear I hear another thump and it hesitates, then it won't shift to 3rd gear, any ideas?

Nickocosmicfatplanet: @MicroOrginisum i'm actually getting rid of it and buying a mazda3 hatch. freak chevrolet. in fact, freak american cars entirely.

Danny Rocket: Never had this problem with my 2005 Cobalt. However, I took apart the cluster to change the bulbs and now the gauge needles are off. I can't figure out how to reset them back to normal. My car has 85,000 miles ...no major problems...just the bugs that it had when I first bought her...first Gen..what you expect.

Christian Stenstrom: I'm having same issues with my 06 Cobalt! Just had the power steering motor replaced 1wk and 2 days ago and it started acting up again yesterday! I am desperately looking for help so I can fix it! I've called GM and taken it in so many times and they are clueless. I am 6 months pregnant and terrified of this car but it's all I have! I wished GM would take this more serious! I'm posting video of what my car does tonight as I'm looking for any answers! Thanks for posting!

themax2003: Thank you fo posting this. My 06' is doing the same thing and I googled for what it might be, and your vid came up.

Korin Metz: Same.... I heard about the power steering, but not the control module. Until just now -__-

kimmepooh19: @Nickocosmicfatplanet My cobalt is doing the same thing right now. I took it to the dealer a week ago they kept it for 3 days and claimed they couldn't find anything wrong with it. After I got it back it drove fine until today. I have been trying to find a tcm but i cant. So is this a part you have to get from the dealer and about how much does it cost to fix. Thanks for your help.

Chea Daz Parris: Recently had the same trouble with my 06 Cobalt. Only occured after I took the car in to a Tire Plus shop to get a quick Oil change. They sabotaged my car. While they were underneath they unplugged the speed sensor. Most of these shops do things to Ur vehicles so that they can get more business from U. Thankful I had my uncle to check with his scanner

hatz294: I have a 05 Cobalt that has the same problem as the video. I change the Transmision speed senor. It's still doing the same thing, does the computer need to reengage? I checked the wires to see if they were burnt or broken, everything looks fine. Anyone has a solution to correct this problem? THANK YOU !!

Jason Smith: It really depends on how you take care of it. Mine has over 150,000 miles and all ive needed when i got it used was newe brakes and a new terminal for my battery cause the old one was corroded and wouldnt allow me to start everytime

Leo D: well it happens that chevy cobalts are cheap pieces of crap! they have cheap front suspension, its almost normal to hear cluncks rattles and other noises in these poorly made cars. I have an 05 and I already put a good amount of money on it, Its going for sale soon..... So please people get rid of your cobalt and buy a more reliable car!

blacuraRL: And this is why I will never buy a compact american car.

Ap0c420: DAMN my car is doing the same thing... This sucks.. Its like a day past my warranty if it is indeed 5 years

synlt: @Nickocosmicfatplanet i had to replace both of my lower control arm bushings at 40k miles

William Petro: Maybe if everyone didn't treat there cars like crap this wouldn't happen. I'm sick of people like "it's Chevy blah blah blah" it's freaking American. Along with ford and dodge. So just be around that the companies atleast originate in America and stop supporting foreign crap. I have an 08 cobalt that I never have any issues with. And it's perfect cosmetically and mechanically... So please people. Just be proud it's somewhat American. God bless:)

supaphreak2045: Thats why you buy a manual transmission

Pokey D: @Nickocosmicfatplanet Sorry to hear that, but my other friends who own the Cobalt hasn't have same issue as you do.

Matt McPheron: My wife's car has the same problem. However, one issue I can't find an answer for is why a pair of wires behind the motor(appearing to be going to the transmission) were ripped apart. Yellow and purple wire. They were ripped right above the bracket that holds them in place.

Jason Smith: ive had mine for a year n it has over 150,000 Miles. Havent had any problems except squeaky old brakes n car not starting everytime because of an OLD terminal. Its VERY Reliable. And if you think its so crappy, how you going to sell it if you have nothing good to say? Idiot like you obviously dont know anything about cars n should just keep out of one.

Allen Sarinana: Hello I am having the same exact problem. Do you know where that module is located ? Thanks

Nickocosmicfatplanet: @lennemann23 it's a mixture of the crapty road and the fact that the car either had a bad control arm bushings or a freaked wheel bearing.

branw11223: how much does it cost to replace the tcm?

J&M: It's a Chevrolet lol did y'all research what it actually replace before you ran out and brought one of course it was gonna be crap

Bobby Cross: my cobalt keeps locking me out so i cant start it then i leave it for 15-20 mins then it works then it dies then works

School: Thanks for teaching us how to fix it. The problem with most Medical assistant in california is usually the cost of education. Hopefully it'll pay off. Thanks again.
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