Mosin Nagant 91/30 Rifle Tula Hex Receiver

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JOHNFMKN: Sounds like a good deal.

Yoyosten99: I'm about to buy a buddies hex receiver Tula along with a box of 440 rounds for $200. That's great condition price. Once i look it over i might deduct some from what i pay depending on rust, cracks, and the sharpness of the rifling.

anthony ruscitto: @rabbidryan actually you couldnt be any more wrong if you wanted to be.... there were designed in 1891 or the "dragoon" rifle and they were referbished by the soviet union in 1930 and re-enginerreed slightly. and the cailber has nothing to do with the name.

Michael Myers: @Bloodklot ya i looked into it a little more and i'm thinking of getting the hex one. i feel that when a manufacturer isn't rushed to deliver a product quality in the materials isnt overlooked. thanks

Bloodklot: @envisionstar from what I understand, they started with hex receivers and then switched to round receivers later because they were easier to manufacture. I got my mosin the beginning of this year. It's a hex receiver Izhevsk with matching serials. Love it.

RJ Hayes: where did u get it?

Zach Thamel: where did you buy it from?

kevinsmusic: @JOHNFMKN I hate you right now for getting such an amazing gun. I just now started to get into guns.

JOHNFMKN: Not much of a differnce, but the Hex are older and a little more collectable. They also have a little bit better machining. I would pick the rifle that looks to be in the best condition over all, if you are looking for a good shooter.

Michael Myers: whats the difference between the rifle with the hex receiver and the rifle without the hex receiver? i have the option of buying either one and want to know what the difference is.

Tom Dixon: You got lucky to get a hex receiver on a 1936 Tula, damn that was a great score for sure bro

Alexn1067: mosins are a great buy, the best value when it comes to rifles whether you pay 80 bucks or 150, you get every cent of what you paid for. I own a 1943 war production 91/30 that has never been refurbished, its in fair condition with honest wear to the stock. Once I discovered that it was in its original condition I went ahead and ordered a 2nd 91/30. This time a 1934 Tula Hex, refurbished to almost new condition. paid 100 for the ww2 production mosin and 160 for the pre war hex.

twombonu: I have been shooting and collecting for 40 years! The Mosin Nagant is definitely an outstanding weapon. I recommend though, switching the bolt from a standard bolt to a sniper bolt (there is a video for that on youtube). The standard bolt handle is a little short, so you always need more torque. Shooting with the longer sniper bolt handle eliminates that problem. Good shooting!

Captain Whisky: Nice! I just picked up my '32 Tula today, hex reciever, all matching except the floorplate, which is lined out and restamped. It's in good shape, but not as good as my '36 Izzy which also has the hex reciever and is completely matching. Still, worth every penny. Mosins rock!

Charles Wooters: Wow, looks to be in great condition!

LamboK28992: no rabbid...the 30 in 91/30 is the updated model of the 1891, the model 1930.

Targetpopper: The Russians didnt use the decimal system to measure they first used the arshini then the metric system. When they changed to metric they had to update their rifles... which they did in 1930. Hence the model 91/30 was born. went from the 1891 model to the updated 1891/1930 model. It fired the 7.62x54Rmm which is around .310 - .312

JOHNFMKN: Mosin is pronounced mo-SEEN Nagant is pronounced na-GOHN the "T" is silent. When I said 1931 I was talking about the production date stamped on the receiver which was wrong it is a 1936. It shoots 7.62x54r which does fall into the .30 caliber, the actual bullet diameter is .311 to be exact.

JOHNFMKN: I have a 03 Federal Firearms License which is for Collectors of Curios & Relics. Yes, you can order firearms online if you have one. The 01 FFL is for Dealers/Gun stores. The 03 FFL is for Collectors of Firearms over 50 years old that are on the C&R list.

Lupis Lupine: Very nice. I've got a Izhevsk round reciever made in 1940. Matching numbers as well but the stock has been beat to hell. Obviously seen heavy usage but it's still a very shootable firearm. Recently purchased an M1891/10 and I'm just waiting for my 2 week wait. Hope you have fun with your new rifle!

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Mosin Nagant 91/30 Rifle Tula Hex Receiver 5 out of 5

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