Kel Tec SU 16c .223 Carbine Review With Accessories

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Brandon Wrinn: This is a SU-16c chambered forĀ 5.56. It will shoot .223, but it is a 5.56 chambered rifle. The previous models were chambered for .223 and could not shoot 5.56 (not safely).

Steve Bertelli: You can build an AR for around 700$ how is this cheaper?

crimsonpride48: The "C" will fire 5.56 or .223 for whom it may concern. SEMPER FI

Slade229: @gconal There's hollow point 55 grain .223 rounds you know. I never use FMJs for home defense, I just use hollow points.

prolfinator: @with33 mabey for the 500 retail price 800 seams allitle steep

WTF BBQ: Someone commented that the .223 bullet breaks apart on the dry wall ?? What kind of dry wall is that ? If the 9mm bullet goes through dry wall easily at 900 ft/sec, then the .223 at 3000 ft/sec will go through just about anything in the house. That round is not an ideal home defense round, it'll go through a person like nothing and most likely injuring your neighbors too.

rinninggun5: why would you keep it loaded for comintary. lol. I would have lmao if it went off during review. :P

SuperSneakySniper: lol 8:07 I love the way you say "easy to LODE" haha gets me every time :D I'm thinki'n about getting one of the Su-16CA models. How's reliability for you? jams?

LibertyNOTPoverty: Great gun man, keep it up. Kel Tec made an AR-15 accessory acceptable gun with an AK-47 gas system( Long Stroke Gas Piston, not direct impingement). The SU-16c is what Im saving my pennies for now. Kel Tec offers a pistol grip ar-15 style stock for the SU line and it looks bitchin! Check out NUTNFANCY's review on the SU-16, he is by far the most in depth and well informed tabletop reviewer on Youtube

ldgrey1963: Hopefully the weapon was not charged, a loaded magazine does not equal a loaded weapon. He could use frangiable ammo for home defense. So you safety NUTS need to take it easy. Remember constructive comments train people, not bashing them with your knowledge of how things should be done. As for the individual making this video, thanks for the video, but for safety's sake leave out the ammo when doing the further reviews.

Fujisuka: Do what you can with what you have, but that rifle is a piece of crap. Better than nothing, but it's still a piece crap. Not battle proven at all, and it jams.

Jim Hunter: I reply to adam818 statement that the 223 is not home defense round, there has been new studies and several TV shows on the Sportsman and Outdoor channel showing otherwise. The .223 (5.56mm) bullet brakes apart when hitting the first drywall panel and they saw it was the best for not over penetrating walls. They have shown, 38cal, 9mm,40S&W and even 12g shotgun going through several panel for dry wall. What the experts say is the .223 bullet as one of the best for home defense.

gcollin75: @gatewood1977 Hey buzzkillington, it was sarcasm.

Second Amendment Shooters: @with33 i bought a kel tec su16A for 499$ in california

J0Gu7: Cabela's has bushmaster AR-15's for $650

gcollin75: In case you guys did not know this gun is a SU16 Carbeen

with33: @THarrisson it came with 2 extra mags the problem is the state i live in has high gun taxes i cant just order it off a website i have to have a gunshop order it he adds some onto that then the taxes lol but it was worth evry cent i paid i love it fianlly got it out long enough toget a good test 1000 rounds and it worked perfect

with33: @kustom56merc ehh there was places online that sold it for 500plus but my gunshop is kinda pricey and i didnt wanna go through the hassle of ordering it fulling out all the crap to be able toget it ect i live in chicago guns are taxed here like a mofo now

MrMetalcore666: That gun is chambered to shoot a 5.56, but can shoot the .223, it will be a lot more accurate if you use a 5.56

with33: well thanks to ur vids i bought one and i took it out to the range yeserday spent 200 dollers on ammo and anouther 700 for the gun but this gun is awsome jammed twice out of 1 thousand roudns witch is very good for what it is i think i found my new backup weapon to my ak or my m4 i will defently take this thing cmping with me next week might even try to hunt with it

Kel Tec SU 16c .223 Carbine Review with Accessories 5 out of 5

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