292 Chevy Inline 6

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David Chambers: I have a 292 I6cyl and the engine. My problem is the distributor modular gets me stranded. I need a dist that is dependable. Also I hear a rod knock or rocker arm assay at idle. It has 6,000 miles on the long block I have. Any suggestions? 

Bronywithguns870: I have 2 questions. Both related to the truck. Is that 57 chevy's firewall stock like is it not cut? and if the fire wall is uncut, How di you manage to get that beast of a 292 to fit perfectly in the engine bay? I was just asking because my grandpa was gonna put a 292 in his 57 but he decided on the inline 6 Cummins diesel cause the 292 was longer than the cummins.

AMV12S: Hello guys, why don't put triple Weber 40? it's a lot better. or import from Brazil a Fueltech.

292farmer: @josh1977markv sweet thanks i was thinking that cam or their 280 cam did u use rhoads lifters and did u do a lump port kit? thanks

JohnnyDesaint: do you know If any Chevy inline 6 came with a front sump oil pan?

johnnnyreb51: If you use a 194 head, split the intake and intake manifold. Install a divider. You can get another 50hp out it. One of the car mags ran an article about 20 to 25 years ago. The car was an old Vette that ran roundy round in the V8 class.

veggiepowered: 292 straight 6 was best engine chevy made

Jason Clark: I have 2 yj's that both have a AMC 258. There not drag motors more like having a tractor engine.

w41duvernay: I just wanted to ask. I run an Olds Quad 4 to be different. I really love the old Pontiac Sprint 6 OHC engines. That is what got me to look at running a smaller engine.

Gecko Gremlin: 2 carbs... just gave me an idea, 2 turbos... :D time to go shopping.

dawg1157: is he breaking it in?

kreigsmann: i love how back then they thought it was ok to have the exhaust and intake on the same side.

Joshua Lyle: killer... i got a 250 in my 69 buick special deluxe. It's gonna be a beast after I do everything to it

josh1977markv: @smithkid1996 Figure at least $4,000 with machine work, cam, induction, exhaust........

kennethrobinson11231: You can use small block heads. Cut one cyl. off and use two heads I've seen this years ago. in a rail. And for you people that don't know much. A 292 has more torque than a small block. Long ago I ran them in trucks. 350 could not pull with them on hills or open road. And as for Ford. They had a 300 6 cyl. that would pull too. I've out pulled 330 fords and 361 too. They were hard on fuel but they would run. Been there and done that. Want more power out of the 292. Use the 194 head. 20HP change.

292farmer: where did u find .080 over pistons and how did u get 10:1 comp were they lpg 9:1 pistons then shaved heads? sorry im asking so much just not many people building these so hard to look at other builds and find info.

xFReSHeReST: im not hating at all, but i love how tiny those old I-6s turn out

cdoublejj: if it is a 292 with .080 over does that make it close to a 300?

josh1977markv: @rowada41 Clifford intake. Badger piston makes .080 over. I wasn't aware of .125 over.

josh1977markv: @68chev4x4 Yes, the intake has coolant running through it for fuel atomization.........

Pencil guy Jim G: Straight 6's look incredible dressed up... They are one of the best looking engines because of their shape...

JohnnyDesaint: Nice!!!having a hard time installing my harmonic ballancer.and suggestions?

Guilhermeddddd: whats the cam graduation friend? nice job

paul moyers: did you have to run a coolint hose under the intake to heat it ive read alot where if you put headers on you have to do that so the air and fuel is hot going in to the motor

josh1977markv: @dawg1157 Yes.

mitch1950chevy: Nice and smooth..and i love those carbs..

292farmer: nice! what are the cam specs is it their 260,270, 280? hyd or mech? have u dynoed it? im planning on hopping up the 292 in my 72' gmc havent finalizied build plans and was curious about yours.

mikebeckham55: Nice engine and good video! I'm building a 292 now, or trying to. I'm looking for some +.060 pistons that will raise the compression up from the stock 7.6 to 1, to about what you have 10 :1 or at least 9.5:1 . Where did you find pistons for your engine???? Thanks!!

josh1977markv: Check out Clifford performance. Induction, exhaust, and cam goes a long way for more power.....

j23s23: boil it on h2o ;) mine slid right on

Austin Smith: hey, i was wandering around how much cash it would take to build an engine like that. im trying to get a 1967 (or around that year) chevy C10 with a 292I6, 4 speed, and if possible 4x4. i want the I6 for a few reasons- it will be easy to get my father to buy something with an I6,insurance, easy to work on, and nobody ever hotrods I6's. that plus i can pickup a C10 for pretty cheap and have a ton of fun.

Austin Smith: @josh1977markv agreed, torque RULES. our 65' olds is bone stock, has 425TQ, all down low, and out ran a 2010 mustang GT. i thought it would loose for sure. yeah, i FINALLY got my dad to agree to give me a 1970 nova(383stroker, 4 speed, gee wander why it took so long to convince him) in a month or 2, so the dream to get a C10, and build a little I6 is just a dream... for now... i just need to sell the nova (after doing some work on it) and buy the C10. well thanks for the info. see ya' latter.

jason cunningham: im trying to find info on a turbo charged 292 on propane supposedly u can run up to 17:1 compression in my opinion inline 6 wood make the best truck engine larger and more mains than a v-8 langer con rods mean better engine geometry and propane is also way cheaper than gasoline with higher octane and can take higher boost pressures without condensing air fuel mixtures ... you cant argue that it when 99 percent of big deisels on the road are inline sixes?

grfximage: Would that 194 head do the same for the 250? Greay build on that 292....

Andrew Dawson: i see the clifford performance parts in use.. they look great... do you think you could use those headers with the stock manifold? just wondering instead of buying the whole kit and adapting a bigger carb

josh1977markv: So would have dropping in a small block. Boring.....

Austin Smith: @josh1977markv lol, ok. well, the dream to build an I6 with no budget lives on. but seriously, im going to try to get a C10 with a little 292, and 4 speed, and build it out. i FINNALY got my dad to agree to give me a 1970 nova (383 stroker, 4 speed) though, so thats going on the backburner untill i can either sell the nova, or get a job paying enough. so, really a few months... oh yeah, i know torque rules, our 65' olds is bone stock, has 425TQ, and out ran a 2010 mustang GT.

Travis Gill: you got me on that

w41duvernay: Why didn't you just go with a 4 bbl instead of the 2 2bbls? It would have been a LOT cheaper.

josh1977markv: @smithkid1996 Really don't have any numbers to make a claim, but TORQUE rules............;)

Pencil guy Jim G: Love those inline 6 engines, so simple and reliable.... I especially love the slant 6...

InlineRacingCrew: Where did you get your parts? Such as cam, pistons, ect? I have a 250 in my truck that I'm looking to build up

Austin Smith: @josh1977markv ok, so about what it would take to build a mild 350? cool... i would just have to do dual exhaust though... around how much power would you say it makes?

My63ChevyII: nice engine. I have a 292 in my '63 Nova.

josh1977markv: I don't think the headers would work with a stock intake, but I can't say for sure....

Alejandro Daniel: who is better , l6 engine or v8 small block ?

bowtie4ever96: Wants the point of building a v8 ? 600hp v8s are to common and not unique now 600hp 6 will get some attention because not everyone builds one

Travis Gill: even Chevy guys hate those motors....waste

John Doe: What motor mounts did you guys use to get this motor into a tri-5?

auston wright: im about to rebuild the 292 in my 70 c10 what can you do to these 292 to really make em power houses i dont know much about inline 6 could you help me out? thanks

EMT: Thanks! They sometimes skip corners and take the easy way. If they ever did that, I suggest you consult with a paralegal or lawyer. This way they won't be able to cheat you.
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292 Chevy Inline 6
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