Skyrim - How To Marry Lydia (PS3)

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TheZahrGaming 123: I already finished the story
I talked to the priest about marriage and got the amulet
I already had the house furnished and her living in it
I tried talking to her but she wouldn't say the line

Cash Money: The priest didnt load into the game and he never shows up at the temple but i got the amulet for doing missions for Mara can I still marry Lydia. I had her follow me for a while and i have a house and im thane and the option to marry her wont pop up how do i trigger it

joshua sedano: I know it's an old game but one question what if you did it so late like lvl8 and you have Lydia for a while would it work or not.

DANGEROUS D: I have the house and Amulet she said the jarl appointed me of your housecarf that's it it's doesn't work

Cliff C: Congrads! You got yourself a bead of a lady mate!

Khronic X: I have the amulet of Mara and a house what am I doing wrong!?

SEANPESTELL ISGAY: Does it work if ur kijatt < dunno how to spell it probably bit to late to ask

Arnold Avila: you have to kill alduin then this will all work Finnish the quest line and help Esbern

UltraKat75: and is this really for PS3 as indicated?  Can you still do this after she disappears? And you have not seen here and have used 2 mercenaries since?  But she isn't dead, she is just MIA.

Sami Domination: can you still marry her if you take to her

Jonathan Sheldon: Wtf it doesn't work

Juan Garcia: This guys wrong I have done alot of missions with lydia Im level 26 and I bought the house and customized it fully and then baught the amulet and then I simply walk to her equipped it and talked with and it was right there none of this dont talk to her before steps 1 and 2 no just play for a while till you buy the house customize it and enjoy

TAurUS 2512: Wear amulet of mara buy breeze home IM freakING MARRIED TO HER MAN YOURTHEBEST

Steven Perrin: I don't think it works for me because im a cat

Ihack: i hve the amulet but its not working

PotatoKing: i have a house in whiterun and all but it still not work :(

karin reyes: J

TheUnknown Patch-: sup

Gust_ and_Magma: Omai lord your lvl 1 xDDD

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Skyrim - How To Marry Lydia (PS3) 5 out of 5

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