How To Root The Samsung Galaxy S III

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King-Ehsan: Will this work even though my device is on Android 4.3?

Mr. V Music: you can please help me, can u please tell me how to reload my Samsung software, it just coming on Samsung on the screen alone, so Is the software.. please am looking back for you feed back. or please email me. thank you

DB Coop: tried to do method 2.. chainfire..but when I click start in odin it says Please wait..
CF-Auto-Root-d2spr-d2spr-sphl710.tar.md5 is valid.
Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
Leave CS..
All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 0)

and phone never does anything.. stays in download mode

Dimitri Balerinas: any root i try with Odin gives me an operation failed status..

James Purdie: This is an old video. From 2012. How can we trust something so old?

bonerb1981: hello i rooted my SG3 about a year ago with CF auto root and Odin your second method. worked great but i never unrooted it before i did a factory data reset and now i cant get root access again. the phone is still useable but i wanted to flash a different rom any idea on how to gain root access again i retried the CF auto root last night a few times and it sat there for about an hour in download mode and nothing happened so i just removed the battery.
phone still works.

thanks for any advice

Shane Mc Kay: Great video and so much more user friendly than reading through all the forums. Very helpful so thanks a ton!

frankvana187: I'm wondering .. you said my sgs3 gt-i9300 is also compatible with the last (third) method of rooting, but in the screen with the green font text an international version is not listed? What to do? (I originally wanted to go for the second method, but CF root is meant for only rooting and continued use of the stock ROM. I would like to flash CyanogenMod 11, so this is why I would like to go for door no. 3) EDIT I am using an international device.

Kumar Ankit: thanks !!  buddy

Melanie Hoppes: I tried method 1 and 2 and when I try to download the zip files to my computer they are not showing up as zip folders, instead they are downloading as internet pages? Help please!

Cyber Commands: Hey xda de. I got a sgs3 but before i rooted i had a update (my phone was on 4.4.2kk )so i rooted anyways and i didnt not the update now after i rooted (with towelroot) i got the update (if u root a phone u will not able to make updates ?) i mean if root my phone why i have the android system update i want to if i do the update i could not lost root access and dont lost my firmware i dont know whats gonna happen i do that update even if my phone is rooted ? please help me and give me at least 75% of security that i dont gonna lost root and my phone firmware?
-make a video when u lost firmware and how to get fix it without pay $35 and up!!

Daniel Ace: Before rooting i need to know if thephone has to be carrier unlocked and how can i check  if thebootloader is unlocked!! please help

FiR3Dr4g0n: i dont get it, i do have a galaxy s3 gt-i9300 and the only thing i did is flash a custom recovery though odin and then flash SuperSU though recovery. did i root it or what? and whats the difference

Crystal Tinsley: How do you download the needed files before rooting? HELP im techno illiterate!

johnty72: ok the international version worked on my GT-I9300 but what i actually want to achieve is to remove the apps that came with the phone, how do i do it? otherwise what is the point of rooting it?

Santeri Järveläinen: Does this still work on the I9305? Stock 4.4.4

Szymu: Is it possible to root the device without using the usb cable somehow ? My port is broken and i got a wall battery charger for it. Any ideas ?? Thanks

DJ Longhorn: what file do i need for a T999LUVUBNF4

Michael Schäffer: Used Method 2 for the International.
Worked like a charm!

For all who have no Success.   >Keep with the Instructions.... It works!!!<

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How to Root the Samsung Galaxy S III 5 out of 5

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