Kamen Rider Dragon Knight (Wii) Review

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Erich von Manstein: Any link for this game?


Token: This game is a reskined Naruto.

Viewtiful Z: "You can't just block and become immune to damage" You can definitely tell Jadow doesn't play fighting games. Most fighting games have something called "Chip Damage" where blocking a special move will cause you to lose a tiny amount of health. Also, several fighting games, like BlazBlue and Street Fighter Alpha 3 have a Guard meter, limiting the amount of attacks you can block. If the bar depletes, you get dizzy and are open to being attacked.

Courtimus Prime: Actually there are some dvd releases but they are expensive https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_i_4_15?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=kamen+rider+dragon+knight+dvd&sprefix=kamen+rider+dra%2Caps%2C162&crid=9U330O262J49

Micah Gillette: Hey in the kamen rider dragon knight game how do you finale vent?!😮

Caulifla The SSJ4 Babe: Have you ever watch Ryuki?

maniakkid25: 9:07 Yeah, it's probably not because of budget constraints. Namco-Bandai does it all the time for SoulCalibur (sometimes making them unlockable). Edge Master, Inferno, Elysium, Kilik (and there are others, but I can't remember their names); the whole point is that they'll take a random fighting style (even changing between rounds!), and you just fight that style, rather than them having their own defined style. It's usually explained in the lore that they're masters of all weapon styles, and so they just pick whichever fancies them. Here...IDK, I've never watched Kamen Rider.

Marcosatsu: I made a video called History of Kamen Rider Ryuki where I talk about the the original show that Dragon Knight was adapted from. After finishing Ryuki, I can say that I still enjoy Dragon Knight so much more because for one, Dragon Knight isn't boring.

I also have the Wii game and I thought it was fun, fully knowing that it was literally just Climax Heroes with a story mode.

White Protagonist: reminds me of power rangers

L33ROY J3NKINS: To answer your question about why wrath is beating up how own soldiers, I like to think that he was training them and got mad about their total incompetence and beat them up. :)

L33ROY J3NKINS: Triforce! 1:24

tabias Lion man: WRATH Ne my fight

Marcus Davis: This game was the only installment in the Climax Heroes series to ever get an American localization. However, the roster only consists of characters of Kamen Rider Ryuki.

Blood Tearer: I heard that Shout Factory were trying to get the rights of Dragon Knight to release on dvd but nothing has come of that so far. Funny thing I found this review since the new series, Ex-Aid, is based around doctors transform using video game cartridges battling viruses.

But the good thing is that this didn't turn out to be Saban's Masked Rider series. A series so bad that the creator of Kamen Rider, Shotaro Ishinomori said that no other KR series would be adapted as long as he lived!

Cpt.Philippines: I seem to recall that voice acting issue happening in other jap games dubbed in english. Something about licensing issues i think. Gundam games sometimes had that problem

elin111: The YGO 4Kids dubs were cringing especially the 5d's one. They didn't even dub the final season (thankfully). Understanding what the characters are saying without subtitles ain't worth it if means that much screwing up the series.

The Masked Reviewer: also i swear the small top part of kamen rider strike's helmet looks like the triforce

The Masked Reviewer: have you ever watched any of the other kamen rider shows? (ghost drive den-o gaim ect)

Doctor Cragmire: I was wondering if you planned on sending Legend of the Dragon for the Wii to the chopping block. All the fighters in the game have the exact same moves.

Schools: Learn how to get phlebotomy training in California! The job pays decent money for the amount of schools needed to graduate.
Kamen Rider Dragon Knight (Wii) Review 5 out of 5

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