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roflmewaffles: The FC twin has problems with either FF4 or 6, I forget which. Maybe both.

Thepaddster: not the yobo fc the Generation NEX can

Freddie Mack: Does it play famicom games?

MN12BIRD: Good point. You can pick up the Yobo with 2 controllers and hookups for $25 new. NES systems are getting harder to come by in good working order. If you got an NES with 2 controllers and hookups for $25 I would consider that a good deal. Often times they are selling for over $40 with no games!

photonarbiter: so should i get the pin connector?

JarrodDrover123: good vid

MN12BIRD: Nice deal. Most people want ridiculous amounts for them these days.

Nick Harper: @MN12BIRD Thats what these lines are doing there kinda scrolling down the screen over and over again. I will have to try another power supply. Thanks for the advice.

bkev93: Mine does the vertical lines... I have an NES 2. I always thought that was normal; it depended on the game, in terms of intensity.

JDonahue79: Try getting the Retro Duo. They should work on that system.

nes72pin: i bought my yobo plus a game for 40 dollars i bought an origonal nes, 2 controllers, a light gun, and 2 games for 40 dollars i regret buying the yobo

videogamecentral5000: i bet i can make a nintoster with this

MN12BIRD: Yeah Nintendo made a top loader NES"2" in 1993. But I've heard the video quality on it is not as good as the original design either. Still I'm sure overall its the best top loader out there. Just so hard to come by!

VelvetKevorkian: But it's the same as this one? That definitely puts me at ease, I thought I ordered the wrong one.

Ace9921: It is normal due to the way the hardware was designed internally. However, you can remove the RF output entirely and replace it with Composite A/V(I would like to do that to my Top-loader NES).

Chiarelli15: your reviews rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NintendoBmaN: ya except the NES2 is made by nintendo instead of yobo.

footinmouthindustrys: the sega cd model 2 music is so relaxing!

rkoguy: Hey MN12Bird If you take the 72 pin connector of a yobo and put it inside a nes,will it work on the nes?

VelvetKevorkian: I LOL'ed at the NES picture quality.

despain76: I have a yobo. I just ordered an NES. I had the NES when I was a kid, and I miss the sounds the most when playing on the yobo. It's just not the same. Picture quality with the yobo is just as described in this video. I don't mind changing a $10 part every now and then. Also from a collectors stand point, gotta go original.

Spidey14020: you should see the nintendo wii clone, Chintendo wii it is soo small lol

Jamezskates: i bought a yobo with a game for 37 dollars. i thought this was a great deal. The next week i saw an origonal nes with 2 games, 2 controllers, and a lightgun for 20.

Adrian M. Cooper: nice review

Michael Pierce: Cloning the nes is just like cloning animals. The clones are never as good as the originals.

Chocobofantasy: i bought a yobo to play nes games until i can find a working nes

hirntoot: wahts a yobo?

RetroGaming Corp: @TheJoeStudios retron duo or retron3 does.

HeadFirstLuke: @MN12BIRD can you on the top loader?

Gilbert Smith: Cool. I'd always assumed these NOAC systems were kind of like those pseudo-Nintendos you see at flea markets, with sketchy Chinese bootleg games like Super Brothers 5. Anyway, thanks for clearing up my doubts, since I've been looking to buy one but wasn't sure.

Bavarian Blood: @TheJoeStudios I own a Retron 3. Hyperkin does better than Yobo

KT Johnson: Console clones are complete crap! I got a FC Twin and a SG/FC dual action. . .the controllers of those don't even work anymore.

StickPeopleAndPuff: they do

MS-DOS4: Just got one of these, but it came in a box called Retro Entertainment System. Weird.

TheLegendkiller2100: @Bylga Really?

MN12BIRD: @rkoguy No the Yobo is top loading and the connector in the NES is U shaped to face the front.

bkev93: Yeah... I tried that, got instructions and everything; I just ended upbreaking it. Don't try those instructions you find online, because they're incomplete.

Nesmaniac: I tried glass plus and qtip and it works about like rubbing alcohol but I still prefer alcohol due to it evaporating and not leaving any residue. If you take the cart apart and use the eraser the connectors look like new and the game works 1st time everytime. Oh, and the eraser turns black to show how much crap you are getting off a game that you think it already clean.

Rauli KUMP: i dunno. using this console clone would be like playing burnt cd-rom game, you preserve the original but in this case the game just won't play like it was meant to be played. so thats a bummer for me, but for 20 bucks i say these copy cats gave it a good shot.

MN12BIRD: The NES will probably never be worth a whole lot considering it was one of the best selling machines at the time and therefor there are millions of them still out there now. But that doesn't change the fact everything said in this video is true.

MS-DOS4: It's exactly the same, right down to the shape of the reset and power buttons. I guess to appeal as a cool new retro system, Yobo re-released it as this totally "new" product? Or another pirate company got the blueprints and stole it.

capodastaro: I bought one of these the other day just so when my buddies come around it doesn't get full of beer like my NES was doing, it's pretty decent considering I only paid about £12 for it

james42519: think the best one is the retro duo. it can play the most games without trouble and can play nes and snes games.

Iniguez160: where did yu get it?

mottzilla: Compatibility issues with the Yobo are not related to the 10NES at all. The 10NES lockout chip was even removed from the Top Loading NES that came out in 1993. The compatibility issues are because of the NES-on-a-Chip being inaccurate as well as other mistakes by the builders of these devices. I'd advise anyone that is a serious Nintendo gamer to get a real NES system and avoid these knock-offs at all cost.

coolninjatvprod: I prefer the nes I have a Yobo I mean it was just 15$

ShayminRulz: price: Yobo wins!

Bylga: @TheLegendkiller2100 Yes go to my channel and search for "Yobo FC - New version - Unboxing / Gameplay"

starblazers1969: Does your Yobo still work?

MN12BIRD: Well come on now who thinks a Yobo has better picture quality than the NES? Its the biggest complaint on every site I've been on about the thing!

DYAC: My friend's business did extremely well with adwords. He basically pay google to put his promotion ads on varies websites and the conversion rate is really high. I guess it helps since he sells gag/prank gifts and his ads get display on funny autocorrect websites. He wouldn't tell me the exact amount, but I'm estimating it is near the mid 6-figure salary. No risk no rewards I guess.
NES VS Yobo FC 4.8 out of 5

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