How To Install Replace Air Temperature Control Silverado Suburban Sierra 99-06

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Arkansas Greg: my '99 Sub is different. :/

Jimmy Cassell: I plugged my new blend door actuator in before I installed it and now it's not opening or closing like it should. Is there a way to correct this or do I need to buy another blend door actuator. Should it be installed with temperature set to cold or hot.? thanks

kathy chouinard: i have a 1997 gmc sanoma my coolant is not going through the heater core i flushed out the core and purged the systom and the heater core hoses are cold and no fluied in them

Hector Morales: Hello. I have a 2002 or 2003yukon denali xl it is not cooling the ac clutch is not turning on I changed out the compressor and still the same exact symptom. Is this air temp control the prob. Oh I also replaced the low pressure switch and still NADA , Goose Egg. Thanks for any advise and tips

Donnie G: Do you have any idea of why the AC on the drivers side of my 2004 Tahoe sometimes blows hot air? The one on the passenger side does not have this problem.

Edgar Cuen: my question is, i had to replace the actuator that controlled the vents "face, feet, defrost..." i just fixed the ac so now i have cold air but when i turned the temp knob to heat it stayed cold.... fyi, i also replaced the thermostat, did a radiator flush and i flushed out the heater core.

Peter Gay: could not find the actuator on my 2009 Silverado pickup.  couldn't find it anywhere under dash when housing removed as shown in video.  anyone know how to find it?

Jazmine Cardozo: Which actuator would you use for the GMC Acadia 2011? 73989 or 73666?? I can't find the differences anywhere.

Israr Khan: I have a 99 GMC Sierra 1500. My HVAC system does not work at all. It's lit up, but when I turn it on I get nothing. No hot or cold air.

Nathan Weary: my truck randomly blows hot air out drivers side whether I have the a/c on or the vent open. I believe it to be electrical because if I turn the truck off and immediately restart it the problem is not present. Any suggestions? Anybody???

mpq1969: Wow this sounds like the exact problem I have on my 2001 Tahoe.  When I try to turn down the heat by adjusting the know to the left (colder) it stays at the same hot temp.  I just replaced the blower motor resistor because settings 1 and 2 weren't working on the blower and that fixed the problem.  If I knew the air temp control was right there I'd have done that at the same time.  thanks for the video.  I hope after replacing this it fixes my "other" problem.

Hitbound: you guys rule...we had been trying to figure out the problem forever...:)

Celyka Farias: I have a 2001 suburban and when im driving ac works fine but when im parked it gets hot please help

Susie Choi: I have a 2005 Gmc yukon xl, at first the ac or heat only works on one speed on the front vents and it would some time stay on after I turn the vehicle off but now it has stopped working. The rear still works perfectly when using the rear controls. I have the auto digital climate not the manual. Would this fix the issue?

Brent Becker: I have a 2004 Silverado,the heat doesn't work when idling.Once I'm driving,the heat works at a higher RPM..

Mario Olmos: I have a 2001 suburban. While this cure my issue? When I use my AC or heat it's either hot or cold. It doesn't blend or mix the temp properly.

Walter Hughey: informative, thank you, just replaced mine and it works well

Sensei Rich: Was wondering if this could be the reason I am getting a light "clicking" sound from the dash of my '99 Tahoe. The sound even continues for a few seconds after I turn the vehicle off.
Any suggestions?

Mike Cunico: I've got a 2003 Silverado with Dual Temp Control.  Where would the temp actuator controlling the driver's side heating be located?

nick diaz: i have a chevy silverado 1990 5.7 i went  to start my truck  &my heater just went completely dead  it's as if i blew a fuse but i checked all fuses &they're ok  im totally lost of what it could be . heeeeeeelp lol pleeeeeeeeeezzzz lol 

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