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XDevilsChariotX: Good information but swearing so much makes you look like a real tool. Swearing dont make ya cool FYI lol

Chris mccall: shutup fatboy

Truth Films: What size washer? Did it have to be a lock washer?

stan ian: I would rather watch informative vids like this one with lot's of emotions and swearing than useless ones with formal professional language that talks about nothing. Give kid a break. He did an excellent job and I'm going to use HIS idea tonight.

peter gavin: I want to try this on my Stoeger X20, (thanks for sharing the info) could someone who's done the mod successfully please measure the washer with a vernier and share the dimensions? How hard can it be :-) that would save us having to "test" washers to see if it works.

Billy Clark: hi mate thanx for the upload of this! I have a stoeger x20s and it had a crap trigger! i was going to buy a new trigger upgrade kit? till i seen your vid! so i thought hey give your method a try and if it doesnt work? still have to buy a trigger! well mate your fix is fckin awesome man i put a bmx chain link washer in mine! and wow it shoots like a star now! 

Bill J: I used a 5 x 8 x 2.5 R/C ball bearing on my Benjamin Trail All Weather NP. Works like a charm. One bearing, one screwdriver and 5 minutes of time! (Leave out the 1st. stage spring and pin on re-assembly). Oh my goodness...I explained all that w/o one cuss word! Wow! Golly gee! Can you believe it? 

KJRRanch3d: freak, pain in the ass, piece of crap.....I don't need that.....Goodbye.

f47lbx3: WARNING Cool video,thanks, BUT I had a scary experience! I just got a Benjamin Trail NP and wanted to do the trigger modification. I went to the hardware store and bought some metric (9mm OD with 5mm hole) flat washers, stacked three of them inside the trigger, put the pin back through the hole in the trigger, through the holes in the washers and out the hole in the other side of the trigger and put everything back together. I roostered the gun, put in a pellet, aimed on a target, and got ready to fire. With the safety in the ON POSITION, I squeezed the trigger and THE GUN FIRED! OMFG! I took out the washers and the gun would not fire with the safety on. I went back to the hardware store and bought some (8mm OD with 5mm hole) lock washers (they did not have any smaller flat washers). I flattened-out a couple of the lock washers, put them in the trigger as before and the gun WOULD NOT FIRE with the safety on, ah relief! So just that little 1mm difference in diameter literally made the difference between potential life and death. With this modification, I am going to be extremely careful with the gun and not trust the safety until I test it a couple of hundred times.

terminator1820: shut up u dumb i am going 2

Michael C: Why would you use a lock washer instead of a flat washer?

Steve Wilson: "come on you piece of crap" lol tell us how you really feel... lol good video of explaining a simple solution and fix for the Crosman POS factory trigger. 

Ted Dwiers: Excellent ... good job thinking outside the box --- super genius 

Vickmann Dark: Awesome!!!

Jake Decker: oh my god you think your so cool swearing, stop its a regular video you say that word like 30 times through the video my god your such an idiot.

Caleb DeLuca: Chris Mcall ... you are the "freaking Man" !! Well done sir..

Rod Crawford: Great video! I just drilled a hole through a piece of aluminium on the laithe with a number 7 drill (5mm) then turned it down to 9mm outside diameter and cut it off at 3.2mm for a tightish fit in the trigger. This gave a very light but safe trigger pull. Thanks for the idea.

spotsyskaters98: This guys a pickle

Darrell Graves: Awesome awesome awesome!!!! I was about to return the rifle to amazon but, your trigger fix turned my Benji Trail NP .22 cal into tack driver instantly!! I just want to thank you for putting it in language that i understand (pun intended lol). The first washer I used was too big and it fired unexpectedly, putting a hole in my wall. Also, my safety didn't work. Put a smaller washer on and everything works like normal again...even my safety. I have a hunter now so, squirrels and rabbits beware :)

expo: Excellent freaking idea but would sound more freaking professional without using the freaking F-word so freaking much. You freaking copy? WTF?

pipiripengoTrol yoho: my benjamin trail smells funny after i shoot

cadwarrior: is this mod is good for the Benjamin trail Np rifle?

jules2cv: Thans you. I have done this tric on a gamo bigcat 1250. Works good!

gymowner123: freaking A kid

Mark DeRight: Thanks Chris for this informative video. I own a Crosman Optimus and Crosman Nitro Venom. Both shoot really great now because of your fix. Instead of about 1-1/2" hard pull of the trigger, it's now an easy 1/2". I posted a picture of the washers used on Amazon for both air rifles. Like your colorful language. Thank you.

Damien Gerrior: Thanks, but why not just say the size you used?

Tom Waters: Tried and perfectly. Great job!!!

sandpiper9988: Bud, do you realize you got miketheknife's blessing.

meow mwoqo: Dude you are a freaking idiot hollyy crap learn somee neew worrds fatass

Daryl Wright: U Da Man!!!

Bon Ami: I tried the "freaking Washer" as well. Now my safetey doens'nt work and the trigger pull is so short and light that my pulse is enough to fire a shot. freak the washer, buy the trigger.. For $40.00 you might avoid injuring someone an mayme even save yourself from a stay in the joint.

Melody Vartanian: well all the coments here seem to be negative, i tried the washer trick, took me a few trys, and a few washers to get it right but now my trigger pull went from 7lbs to about 2 1/2 lbs its silky and smooth and has a nice break, really tightened up my groups . ty for your help superchrismccall, your video was helpfull to me at least..

Anthony S: a freaking washer lol.going to try a freaking washer.thanks

Lucien Alacard: Superchrismcall your my hero!

logunlad: you are one angry jew

TheCalimoose: What size washer did you use or what size would work best for a fury

GBchrisvL: good i hope someone dies

kassimguy1: Lol just a washer

Erik Van Ballegooyen: we know your excited but you gotta calm the freak down

mafatone: Dude, MikeTheKnife just endorsed you. Hey Mike,great videos and keep em' comin' guy.

Greg Doughty: Wow Vaughn, great minds think alike. I went to my parts box for my rc heli (raptor 30) and also found a washer. My Trail np works like a champ. You know, I wouldn't mind throwing a donation your way, Chris, for this idea. You ought to think about it.

GBchrisvL: gbchrisvl = superchrismccal. just incase u idiots didnt know

lightsabre6: forgot to add that my safety still works fine.

kodarulesall: He may be a little overboard with the cussing but goddamnit hes completely right. Worked perfect for my Trail NP.

matt bates: wow it does not work on my benjamin trail np i think they changed the trigger =(

kemiah: I did it and it works great!! safety still works and I always do the smack it hard test whiles its ready to fire. I recommend everyone do the smack it hard test after this mod. Grab the gun and firmly smack it on the stock while pointing it in a safe direction of course.. just in case it does go ff.

thesportsmiler: freakin love your videos dude!,

Chen Ming Wu: i love this video and i can't stop laughing every time you swear. Hope to do this to my Crosman phantom soon. I am 36.. and all that swearing is still funny.

jake inderbitzin: I used a smaller brass bushing it works amazing

clh556: i used a washer that was on a junk bicycle that held the brake cable to the brake clamp im guessing it was about 1/4 inch


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