JMR 3-Speed Manual Tube Bender

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Breal191: can the bender be used to straighten a tube. I.e. an erroneous calculation? Is that even possible?

Robert Bowles: Hi its ok showing you these machines but where can you go to buy one ?????????????

marcos22571: YouTube Salesman....

Derek Phelps: Nice. thank you.

garrettmitchell12368: How does it work against 1-3/4 .120 wall dom?

Michael Santangelo: This is one of the best tutorial videos I have seen on youtube. I've never heard someone so well spoken in a non-promotional video. Cheers. How much does this model with a die go for?

gmor54ars: Thanks just getting mine this week 

drvn1: I have the Racer Series on the way. How similar are the two models? Thanks

Rancidkidd: That is a sweet machine! I think they go for around $300. This is motivating me to build a roll cage since i just bought a new welder

BillaVista: Thanks, that's kind of you to say. Have you checked out my new site at billavista then the period then three letter starting with a c and ending with an m.

Sean T.: some people think a garage is a living room for your car....

BillaVista: The tube I bend comes in 20 foot lengths and sometimes you want to chuck a whole length to begin bending. By positioning it where it is near the door and to one side, I have room to open the door and feed in a full length of tube, as well as room on the inside to have a long length swing around as you bend the last bit.

Blu Hyde: Well done.

BillaVista: @13098519you can purchase from a company called Polyperformance - youtube won't let me post a link

jonahuys: Hi Can you bend an inox tube +- 32-35 mm outside. And wall 1.5mm Inox 321, 316 ? And how is the result? Smooth? Thanks!

RP: You could bot Holsclaw gear bender for less bends up tp 1/18" comes in all sizes and simple to uses no holes just place in solid vise

Pablo Mendoza: @BillaVista Would you please upload a video showing some back to back offsets? what's the minimum distance center to center when you have a 90-90, 45-45, 30-30? Thanks. Let's say 3/4" and 1/2" tubing?

letsgetverydrunk: good video. Is it also possible to bend steel rods? bout 1/4-1/2 inch?

BillaVista: Yep, one and the same

13098519: Does this machine maintain the cylindrical shape of the tube after completing the bend? I am interested in making Light Guards, Roll Bars and Brush Guards. I just do not want to invest in something that smashes or kinks the tube.

Phil Ackerman: OK...a couple questions. Can I bend 1' SCH 40 6063 aluminum pipe in this? 1.32 O.D. I want a 4" radius which I suppose would mean the die is 8" in diameter. #2 - How difficult is is to make two bends and have them come out exactly on the same plane?

BillaVista: @letsgetverydrunk The smallest die they make is 3/4"

Adam Munich: Why install that directly in front of your garage door?

13098519: @BillaVista - Sorry to sound so novice, but how do you determine pipe from tube (is a pipe solid and tube hollow)? And if its not too much trouble where would you recommend buying this tool at?

Joshua White: Great video, really thank you for taking the time to make it. Spells it all out in ways we all can understand.

memorycdrew: Yes, I have, I'm building my 78 HPD60 now and reference your stuff almost daily.

BillaVista: Read the full review here: pirate4x4 dot c o m / tech

hibirapita: z z z z zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

BillaVista: @13098519 Round steel mechanical tubing is NORMALLY ordered and supplied based on a specified OD and wall thickness. The ID is the result of these former 2 specs. There are however some exceptions to this - most notably in true seamless tubing. It is normally intended to be used for mechanical purposes (i.e. building things).

kyblacksmith: NICE!!!!! What is the bigest size pipe it will bend????? Will it bend square tube????? Thanks, Keep up the good work

theScienceOfFear2012: very well explained

memorycdrew: BillaVista as in PBB Billa Vista?

tormax2: Chile... Espectacular ni compara con la caga peruana que vi recien ..jajajajaja

BillaVista: @kyblacksmith Max capacities are: 2.5" Round Tube (.120" wall) 2" Square Tube (.120" wall) 2" Sch. 40 Pipe. Yes it will do square with the right dies.

Pablo Mendoza: @BillaVista Would you please upload a video showing some back to back offsets? what's the minimum distance center to center when you have a 90-90, 45-45, 30-30? Thanks. Let's say 3/4" and 1/2" tubing?

Abra kadabra: Can you make a 180 degree bend with it and if yes, please share your video. thanks

RanarScreenPrinting: nice

BillaVista: @13098519 Pipe is ordered and supplied based on a specified nominal ID and a wall thickness that is usually specified as a "schedule" e.g. schedule 40 pipe indicates a certain wall thickness) . It is most often intended to be used to convey liquids and gasses, but as long as the correct material and grade are used, it is perfectly acceptable to use pipe to build structures as well (many bridges and other structures do so).

BillaVista: @13098519 As long as you use the correct size die for the material you are bending (and make sure you use tube dies with tubing and pipe dies for pipe), yes - it will bend the material without crushing or kinking it.

DogwoodRacing: They do sell a combo die for 1/2" and 5/8" tube, I bought one today for $325.

MegaRosy14: how much is that machine?

Keith Richards: Too much damn work to bend a pipe...

john adams: Nice instructional video learned a lot, he should have statde the thickness of the pipe to give the viewer an idea of the strength of the bender.

RP: you can mount a vise in back yard put one center of grass 3 feet deep what did love it.

Ray Ancheta: C'mon man......

memorycdrew: Legendary, sir. Shake.

memorycdrew: Also, I'm confused all to hell and back. Will Detroit locker 225SL19B work with a '78 housing? I'm seeing only '79, but I dont think there's a difference.

Kevin Scott: it's a cool tool, but way too much preping to bend pipe.

Morlanius: you talk too much!

JMR 3-Speed Manual Tube bender 4.6 out of 5

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JMR 3-Speed Manual Tube bender
JMR 3-Speed Manual Tube bender
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JMR Mechanical Tube and Pipe Bender
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