JMR 3-Speed Manual Tube Bender

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Dylan Mccanlies: Very well spoken.

BlkiceMike: 😆😂 Dude sounds like Bosley on ' CHARLIES ANGELS ',..😀

thefixer: Well done

Ronlew: having a correct bend is critical to certain applications. When flow rates of fluid materials are diminished by turbulent activity within steel tubing it can alter power consumption. To bend steel tubing without maintaining consistent inside diameters and wall thickness is critical. Inside bends are in compression and outside wall bends are in tension thus making the wall thickness on inside walls change by every bend and creating a change in flow rates. The outside wall can become so thin that it is a point that failures occur. Not using a mandrell ( a cylindrical axle, spindle, or arbor inserted into the steel tubing to maintain wall thickeness) is not a wise process and reminds me of trying to bend copper tubing in my youth for gas lines when I crimped the line creating a gas flow problem to a carburetor.

tim m: this is pipe roller is it not?

Silicon Valley Engineer: thank you for this interesting bending video

88ESCORTGT: too many parts not user friendly

JoseW Agosto: bla,bla,bla,bla bla

xDangerrangerx: Can i buy this tube bender in europe?

themadmailler: Very well spoken! Nice and clear and straight forward.

Tracy Maine: I think your video just sold me on this bender, great video!

Veritas Amantes Vocat: Great Job!

King Shti: What is the model of this bender and can it bend exhaust tubing ? Cost and where you got it? Very good video and very informative. I'm looking to get one to do exhaust pipe in my shop at home . Getting sick of making trips to the auto parts store to get overpriced bends that need modified anyway . I think I could do a much cleaner job this way

FOURDOORCOUPE: This looks like one helluva JD Squared rip off. Not to rip on your video, I think it was a really nice demo. I've got a JD Squared Model 32 and it was a pretty penny. I see this is almost identical to their model 3 bender. Great video either way!

And to MotoWanderer who bends tubing all day with two pulleys and in less than 9 minutes.... I hope it doesn't take you 9 minutes to make a crapty bend in a tube. And I'm pretty sure that you don't do a full demo in front a camera before each bend. freak tard! I have YET to find a manual bender, or hydrolic for that matter, that isn't a mandrel bending machine that make bends as nice and undistorted like JD squared bender! I'd like to see a demo of your tube kinking process!

E A: Looks Like A complex tool for such a simple job. This might be for someone who has time to burn. 

MotoWanderer: $550 for this contraption? I bend tubing all day long with two pulleys and it doesn't take 9 minutes either. What a load of crap.

voltron63: cool thanks for the vid's.

FISHBREATHH: Nice Demo, looks like a very nice bender.


Robert Bowles: Hi its ok showing you these machines but where can you go to buy one ?????????????

Breal191: can the bender be used to straighten a tube. I.e. an erroneous calculation? Is that even possible?

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JMR 3-Speed Manual Tube bender 5 out of 5

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JMR 3-Speed Manual Tube bender
JMR 3-Speed Manual Tube bender
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