300: Rise Of An Empire Movie Review

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B&E Network: lol I thought this movie was trash

Bruce Wayne: His face in the thumbnail looks like a crazy old man who never knows what day it is. Or what year it is

Lunos XV: No memorable scenes in this movie at all. Looks too much like a ripoff off the first movie. There were 3 occasions where i shed a tear (or were at least close to it) during the first 300 movie, but this one... i was like meh, i don't even care who dies.

John Stachteas: well those two movies were historicaly connected so they were forced to have some similarities in the villains and the heroes...just saying...

Lnobrien G: 2 Years ago I saw this review and when he said it would be epic to see the 2 movie interlaced and made into a 3 and a half hour epic I thought it was genius so I went and did it. Was about to watch 300 yesterday but I was like no I gotta watch the cut I made, thanks Jeremy

Luke skywalker: 300 was buy on blue ray which I did.
This movie I didn't remember in T-minus 2 days

Sophia Wilson: Eva Green is best reason watch this movie.   Best Character.

Royal Chilo: the best scene in the movie was the sex scene

luke boylan: BTW the greeks all useed the phalanx

Χαράλαμπος Βεζακιάδης: source? what source? you mean history! you know that i hope...

rocadezona85: ah, the typical modern weak pathetic male who doesn't understand courage, sacrifice or the concept of just having balls

edWARD: man this is not fiction, they don't need a freaking novel for another movie, these event freaking happend!!!

Jpxfrd Alex: he didnt say its awsometacular though

Cole Privitere: This movie was absolute crap, horrible acting poorly directed and ends before the only battle I wanted to see

Bruce Wayne: It's greek history jeremy. There's no explanation on how the people in this movie know characters from the previous movie. At that time the whole Greece had united to face the persians(as seen in the movie too) so it's logical that they know each other. I understand there are exaggerations and some things shouldn't even be there but this movie is still epic and it should be worth buying on blu ray.

music man4u: WTF bro. The source material are the historical records . This movie is loosely based on the Battle of the Aegean and the Battle of Salamis.

Alexander Angelus: Just to give you an idea of how small the world is Jeremy... I'm from Greece, studying in Atlanta. There, I met a guy from Barcelona. He then went to Tampa for a weekend to visit his girlfriend. His girlfriend was friends with two of my buddies from high school. So, if the world is that small when we're talking different continents and thousands of different places each of us should be, I would assume that in a single small country, people somewhat knew each other.

Hugo Gojibiter ironfist: I really liked the over the top blood effects in this one.

GCT10/31/1990: themistocles (same actor) vs Brad Pitts Achilles... Who's wining? One on one. Let make it interesting, let's say T killed Achilles mom so now you have godly angry Achilles, and Achilles killed whoever was important to themistocles and now you have cut edge themistocles... Who wins?

I'm going with Achilles all the way.

Jon R.: They really went "overboard" feminizing this movie. In real life, Artemisia was just captain of one ship, not Admiral of the whole freakin' Persian Navy. And, of course, they had to write her as being the best military mind Persia had. And the greatest swordsman. (swordsperson?) And the brains behind making Xerxes the great, but evil, leader he was.

And they had gorgeous, 90 pound, forty-something Queen Gorgo, dressed in her royal robes, for some reason, and a sword in each hand, fighting battle-hardened male enemy soldiers and killing them like they were nothing.

Feminizing a movie in Hollywood means making the women in them ridiculously better than the men in every way. I bought the first movie. Screw this one.

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300: Rise of an Empire movie review 5 out of 5

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