Engine Coolant System And Compression Testing

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Fstarocka Burns: watching that tdc extension - mesmerizing...

Matthew Barry: Can anyone tell me what that long metal tool was towards the end that moves up and down when he cranks the engine? I came to watch the pressure tests but that thing has me boggled. I'm a bit of a newbie as well.

Courtney Miller: I've attempted the coolant pressure test several times now.. ive made sure the cap to the test is secured well but I get 0 pressure build up. checked and no air is coming from overflow hose, cap is blocking it anyways. the air comes out(and can't see where) as fast as I pump it.. think it's the tool? or maybe the overflow tank I'm pumping into has a hole? I don't lose water super duper fast so it's weird how fast the(nonexistent) pressure leaves the system .

Julio Tavares: This channel helped me so many times with my 98 GST in the past years. Thanks from Brazil!

jawknee21: so what if the overflow system fails? could i just put a pressure release cap on the radiator and bypass the overflow system? I feel like im having this problem on an 03 eclipse with a 3.0..

All these squares make a circle: QUESTION FOR ANYONE!!! Ok I'm just starting out on learning to fix my own car. I drive a Chevy 99 lumina. My car was actually leaking coolant a while ago so I pressure tested it and found the source. Fixed it (was the hose), no big deal. However when I drive it, it still overheats relatively quick and I see coolant under my car again. When I first opened the coolant reservoir it actually had MORE fluid (dirty however) in it then what I first put in and the radiator cap was smoking. After letting it sit for a few hours I come back and it's almost empty. I pressure tested it again and it says no leaks oddly enough as it held pressure for about half an hour of running. I bled the coolant and put fresh coolant in and made sure no air pockets were left. Still issues. As a beginner, can ANYONE tell me what this sounds like? Bad gaskets, radiator or something as silly as replacing the radiator cap? PLEASE HELP!!

Charles Morris: Can you advise what could cause coolant system back pressure. Pressure build up will cause res. tank cap to blow off. Engine shows no overheating but continue to loose anti-freeze. No leaks found when compress. test done. ???

Charles Morris: I am getting back pressure in coolant system. Did compression test & show no leaks. Changed TS & rad.cap. Any suggestions has to why building up pressure?

Numinous: I've always been told to remove all the spark plugs at once and keep cranking until the needle stops rising (usually 6-8 on my Mazdaspeed 3). Supposedly not having the spark plugs in the 3 cylinders you're not testing helps get an accurate reading faster because the starter doesn't have to work against all that extra cylinder pressure.

TheArtistsHeart Studio: well kept shop....reminds me of my life until age 17 when I moved out...my dad was the only mechanic in our small area and all adjacent towns.....I was daddy's girl like no other! !! I spent my days in a pan of gas cleaning his tools,,,playing in sawdust cleaning up spills....he made sure to keep me in modeling and even a couple beauty pageants so I would still have my girly side....but I sure do miss the days I spent with him in that old smelly garage!! he passed away in 2005 and I STILL have people that call asking me " I've got such n such problem do you remember any tricks Mr.Jack used to do to check this? 😄 I think it's cool......... and my apologies, I know my comment is way off in left field for the video topic but seeing how nice ,neat and we'll tooled your shop is just made me think back to working with my dad....

inked420js: nice car bro.

mbdulka: I've recently been chasing a "gremlin" -- my car is pushing coolant at high-boost only .... I've done all these tests:

1. Compression Test = OK
2. Leak Down Test = Ok
3. Radiator Cap Test = 1 of 2 was a bit weak, so got new ones (problem still presisted)
4. No oil in coolant; no coolant in oil
5. UV Dye test into coolant = Ok (no dye in exhaust or anywhere else)
6. Radiator system pressure test (holds pressure to cap)
7. Removed thermostat (looked a bit bent) = didn't solve issue
8. Vacuum system test (holds vacuum) = Ok
9. Videoscoped pistons for leaks/coolant = All ok

Flushed the system good (was pretty clean); put in new thermostat -- used vacuum coolant filler (no air in system) ... used a mix with less distilled water. Last check it didn't push coolant. Even on big boost.

What you might get is a head lifting on boost, but not during idle/cruise -- most of these tests will not show you that unfortuately. Good video.

daniel w: Very informative video ur the man

sam davies: Cool workshop attire!

KeepinIT_StockG35: Hey Jafro, is it right to leave the plugs in besides the one your testing on ? I was told all should be removed the. Placed into your if wires and grounded so the spark doesn't ark back into the coil pack, also remove your engine fuse for fuel ?

Tim McNeil: good video , thank for the info.

SAL: nice vid

Alan Borjo: I've got a 99 Nissan Altima that has a possible blown head gasket. No smoke or fog exhaust. oil looks good. I changed the antifreeze because it was a rust color and when I refilled it, color changed to rust again. Weird! Any ideas?

SMIT411: Was that any old hand pump you used to test the coolant system? Where did you get the fittings for it? Thanks! Iv a suspected cracked head on my 325i e30...

Philscbx: Good Job Captain -
Stumbled on & Im glad I did. 
45 yrs of funny car to aircraft - every move - steps of perfection.
To critical editing with details - For all others looking on - this is a Class Act. 

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Engine coolant system and compression testing 5 out of 5

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