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Mike Carr: I got a new ec9 ruger. They are not Cali compliant so they do not have the stupid round indicator. It is great.

Mike Carr: The kahr looks hideous .. the lc9 wins in how they look.

bunberrier: Thanks! Helped me choose.

dowdawg: I paid 360 for my cm9 brand new

AdamosDad: You should absolutely know if you have one chambered. In my case its loaded unless I'm cleaning it.

dean counts: I have seen the Kahr in stores in the NW for around $325 regular price not on sale

Mountain Man Watch Reviews: They are both about 400 these days and they are both striker fired now too. Makes it a tough choice.

tipfro: You do realize the kahr has a loaded chamber indicator and the lc9 requires some type of "tool" to strip to push the pin plus a whole lot of steps to do so not a ruger hater just saying

mark price: The carry size of the Kahr cm9 is what is attracted me to research it.  Two things bother me about it: the factory recommendations to put at least 200 rounds through it before you consider it carry worthy. Some how this seems odd.The price should reflect this added cost to "break in" the gun to reliability. The second thing is availability,can't find it anywhere.

R Z: The Kahr has a loaded chamber indicator

QuentinQuatermass: Another excellent video, thanks again!

The price of the CM9 really has come down over the last year. I had the G26, Shield and LC9s Pro but couldn't resist buying the CM9 at $341! Of course the G26 is the one I'd want but there are times I need a smaller 9mm single stack. For me that is the Ruger LC9s Pro. It's slightly bigger than the CM9 and an ounce heavier but you get an extra round (7+1 vs. 6+1). Also the trigger of the Pro is so good now plus there's no magazine disconnect this time - have to give the nod to the new Ruger over the CM9. Another thing, for anyone who has trouble racking the slide of the CM9 or Shield, the LC9s Pro is much easier to operate. However, I think the CM9 and Shield are tougher and would stand up to heavy use (thousands of rounds).

All are fine small 9mms but the CM9 is the smallest, lightest 9mm that I trust. And that's a big deal! Why get a .380 when you can have a 9mm in this size. Thank you Kahr for bringing in such a fine pistol in this size - and now the price is as good as the Ruger and S&W!

samiam1150: A loaded chamber indicator is unnecessary, because Kahr pistols are always carried fully loaded and they lock open after the last shot is fired. The Kahr has an internal striker block safety and cannot be fired unless the trigger is fully depressed. They is no manual safety just as there is no manual safety on most revolvers. 

Stance Punk: Cm9 should be ~$400 max

goofyfoot2001: My cm9 was $336

filoIII: Just got a cm9 for $326 otd new!

Don Remley: I have made changes on my LC9.  Installed the Galloway 35% Shorter Stroke Trigger Bar and a adjustable trigger.A Stainless Steel Guide Rod.  Replaced the 16lb recoil spring with a 20 lb spring.  I removed the disconnect so I can fire it without the magazine installed.  I put on a set of  Williams Fiber optic sights.
These mods make the Ruger LC9 a much better handgun.  I think with these mods they would beat out a lot of the competition.
I also purchased a .22 conversion kit made by Twisted industries.


Johnny Beretta: Great review ! You do them from such a common sense point of view ! Two really good pistols, but like you, I slightly prefer the Kahr CM9

dampy: Great comparison vid! Always like your dry erase board answers/scores. Subscribed and liked!

Space City Armory: I just bought a CM9 for $319 after warranty, shipping insurance and transfer fee the total was $351. My favorite pocket carry even replaced my MP shield.

Demo Crat: You can now pick up a cm9 for $340.00 The CM9 is the gun to buy!

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Ruger LC9 vs Kahr CM9 - TheFireArmGuy 5 out of 5

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