Minecraft Instructable - Galacticraft Oxygen Sealers

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Bryce _TD101 the Human/Enderman: Galactic craft is my most favorite minecraft mod right?

Olangutan: For those wondering about the door, you build it using an air lock frame :)

Blackeye Studios: My oxygen just kept going down

mrman991: Can you build rooms out of any material?

Pixelgaming and Stuff: Oxygen sealer should take the bubble generator's place because it's more realistic

rainbowtrol: The sealer says not enough power. With a infinite battery inside it. So what now?

Morlanius: dude, handy video, but Pronunciate!

Dustin Fisher: thanks mine didnt work but i think i dont have enough collectors

Bazinga Jaffa: Mine just says not enough oxygen

spacemo9695: ok thank you

TeknicGeniusVideos: #95 Apr 21, 2013 8:03:50 PM, It's now a REALLY old build. I am currently putting GC on pause until it becomes more stable.... but I'm now uploading more videos on other games, so stay tuned ^_^

spacemo9695: do you know what dev build you were using in this video? the sealers no longer work in the new one

Tristan Fish: That's an infinite battery, available only in creative. But you can charge regular ones using battery boxes and generators like the coal generator.

Ae.Raven: I did the whole same thing in the video. My building was sealed shut tight and the oxygen sealer stops at 40.0% and said it was unsealed.

desmon parker: yes but you need a pretty good amount of them and a oxygen farm i have a moon base that runs off of about 400 sealers and a oxy farm i had to build underground with a filler to run all of them at once just to give you some further info some mod blocks dont seal like thaum craft warded blocks and concrete blocks from other mods

BecauseScorpion: Tekkit still isn't fully compatible with Galacticraft, but that is an issue 'supposedly caused by tekkit' according to their forums. If you have any trouble, send TeknicGeniusVideos or me a PM and we'll help you with it! :D

Lyon The King: how can you only have 17 subs

Trevor Dohlman: How I get battery

TeknicGeniusVideos: For anyone who is currently tring to use galacticraft. I have been informed that certain elements are no longer functions. As soon as everything is stable again I will be making a Full set up / overview Video and other mini-vids on specific areas requested by you! So keep an eye out! :D x

calliberjoe: i didnt get the basic componenets

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Minecraft Instructable - Galacticraft Oxygen Sealers 5 out of 5

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