AMD A8-5600K APU In Dual Graphics With The AMD Radeon HD 6670 Review

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Geordi3 Gam3r: AMD Radeon HD 6670 Graphics Card (1GB, PCI-Express, GDDR5, Dust-proof Fan would that work ?

Manuel Garcia Diaz: How do you configure ir? need help, hybrid cossfire option doesn't appear in catalyst control center

Emunk Danoti: I have this setup.

Ezra de Wit: can I use this with a other video card

Jesse king: ok so i cannot get this combo to work which i dont understand i ran the 6570 in dual graphics just fine on my board but it wont do this card for some reason please help i have a msi fm2-a75ia-e53 motherboard.

Cimmay Rivard: Best to see it in action, bar graphs don't sell a cpu.

Tony Yu: as an upgrade solution this is okay as long as it supports your games I guess. But building a pc with crossfire right off the bat isn't really a good solution.

dwqe 41: can i use the hd6450 dual grahics with a8 5600k?

FatheredPuma81: If you're like me and searched "amd a8 6500 with 6670" which this is obviously not then basically just take it as the integrated graphics is that same and unless he shows benchmarks about video editing that the fps will be the same.

Slavik busujev: show me realy test,

Allard Pruim: What's the average temperature of this CPU?

rodel ico: im playing battlefield 4 with my A8 5600k with 8 gb RAM and hd-6570 as my discrete video card with 30 t0 40 fps, i tried to crossfire it thingking it would perform better, but as soon i crossfired it my frame rate drop to 5-10 pfs, my amd catalyst showed me that i have indeed successfully crossfired my apu and gpu, i even downloaded the latest driver to my 6570 but still no luck.....

Aykut Minikli: 1) is there a big fps difference between 6670gddr3 and 6670gddr5
2) only two model gpus to crossfire? are there more models now for crossfire?
3) can you see the difference in games 60fps - 100 fps

Dark Angel: I know that this 6670 has gddr5 running at around 1000Mhz(2000Mhz effective) but you didn't say at what speed is your system ram running at, and I'm curious, bc your graphics memory speed will default(match) your system ram speed, so if your running 1600Mhz memory then those 2000Mhz of gddr5 will go down to 1600Mhz gddr5(in dual graphics of course), which is more like gddr3 on steroids, so It would be nice to know at what speed were you running your ram at to see if you got the best possible result on those dual graphics benchmarks.

Osvaldo Coghlan: can i use the hd 7790 + a8 5600k on crossfire????

chaslinux: I noticed a lot of the AMD Radeon HD 6670's still available mostly use GDDR3 not GDDR5, so be careful when shopping.

Habib Huseynov: Hi Guys And Nicolas..If U have AMD A8-5600K  and AMD Radeon HD 6670 1GB GDDR5 Graphics Card.Dont Do Dual Graphics..Dont Go Bios and change On Board Vga Or Choose 1gb or 2 GB..Only Add Vga (To YOur PCI Express).
If U Choose From Bios 1gb or 2 gb It Will Eat Your RAM.
Sorry For MY BAd English..Dont Do Dual Graphics.Only Add Vga and See..You Can See Results When U Will Play Games..Test It and U Will See.

akos nagy: Whats the best graphics card i can use?

HazTheAlmighty: can i power this graphics card with a 350W psu?

sawakadin: can you give me a recommendation what motherboard should i use?

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AMD A8-5600K APU in Dual Graphics with the AMD Radeon HD 6670 Review 5 out of 5

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