How To Root Micromax A52

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Saksham Dixit: i am getting error ???

kush patel: sir its shows BOOTIMG is checked but without path

Ramcharan Teja: Hi Thank U so much I Rooted My micromaax A52 ... Iamm Happy But Iam Unable to Play HD games Even Chain fire3d pro with Zip installed also iam unable to play after moving my phone apps to sd card free memory is 25 mb. I dont know the problem iam following ur video like Chain fire video to sd app.. also not running properly plz tell me Sir iam waiting 4 ur valuable answer

Arman Navas: Bullcrap! phone stopped working!!...:'( please tell me what to do??.....the screen shows "SUPERFONE | AISHA" :'(

suraj behera: plzz help me rooted my a52 earlier than i mistakley delete my stock launcher keyboard than i did fectory reset and than i saw your flashing method and flashed it after that my cell is stuck at superphone logo help me plzzz

krish tiano: hey buddy (Andro Park) at the time of rooting my A52 i am getting an error that is " EBOOT ERROR:(16008) [Andriod] Partition Size Changed ! Hint:- Partial images download error The following partition must be down FULL downloaded all together" please revert back with proper solution my mail id is, will wait for your valuable reply.

Vishesh: I Am Also Facing A Same Problem As A Other User Have " EBOOT ERROR:(16008) [Andriod] Partition Size Changed ! Hint:- Partial images download error The following partition must be down FULL downloaded all together" Please Help

Himanshu Sarda: Hi friend! My mmx a52 was rooted and I tried to flash custom rom and my device was bricked then I went to the service center.And now I cant root my device.plz help me plz plz.....

Andro Park: Go to the link in the description.

rajkapoorrk75: Ok I taking it

Andro Park: I dont know. Never had that phone so never got a chance to try to root it. You can search on Google. You might get something.

Vikki k k: my email add is please help me to solve the issue bro..

Sachin Nigam: Make a tutorial for this phone by superoneclick too

Andro Park: Factory reset the phone and try rooting again from the start.

Andro Park: they changed their site. search in google for unlock root download :)

ramy4038: Bro plz help maine root kiya uske baad titanium backup se system ke under playstore or mlabs launcher delete kar diya ab koi raasta nahi hai kya playstore ko system mai daalne ka kyo ki playstore jo mene download karke Install kiya wo forceclose bta rha hai

Andro Park: Visit the link in description.

Himalay Nayak: Thank you very much sir. You are awesome no one can beat you,you are greatest man.

rajkapoorrk75: 7. Now 14 sec.. count down so phone usb cable se connect kiya but yellow progress not show help

princer43: How to root my micromax a50 help my pl,.......

gaurav borra: unlock root installed but it is not able to install drivers. keeps on prompting to install drivers even after clicking on yes

rajkapoorrk75: Plz help when I load scatter file no load properly he say dabin file failed while im usb mode clicked


Andro Park: Thats a PC problem Try downloading from some other site.

rajkapoorrk75: Plz pc mai net ki need hai ya nahi I try root my phone this time plz answer

Andro Park: Sorry never heard of this problem. Search on YouTube how to use SP Flash Tool.

Andro Park: Most of the games require CF3D to run. I like Temple Run 1 &2 (Both need CF3D) No good games run on this phone. :( As for the rooting part, this method works fine. :) Or you can install CWm on your phone and flash a pre-rooted custom ROM. The ROm will root the phone.

Hemant Kshirsagar: HI, Thanks for your video, can you please tell me whether doing such thing will delete any data on the phone or will there will be any change for the OS? Also will rooting can be revered to such an extent where even micromax people would not be able to identify the same. Looking forward for your reply!! HK

Rohit Dharap: I did everything just as it was in the video. i also got the superuser app in the app drawer ..... but when i tried to check it with root check pro, it stated that root access is not properly configured or granted ........ even titanium backup stated that it couldn't find a root access ... plzzz help me ...... i am very confused and puzzled

Andro Park: Make sure you have your phone's drivers installed on your PC. It will work.

Kiran Moily: Do we need internet connection before rooti g

Andro Park: No need of any other file!

Andro Park: There is a different way to root A45, search for it on XDA Forums.

Sayan Majumder: yap

Sameer Munna: okk fine now atlest can you upload how to upgrade micromax a52 ver to ics or anything elce! new please?.....

puneet717: I m highly confused,I have gone through utube videos on youtube 1 of them was saying that usb debugging mode should be checked before flashing the boot image but another 1 is saying that it should be checked after flashing what should I do now?? plz explain it

Andro Park: Any errors?

Andro Park: I don't think so.

lovely singh: i wanna knw how to root a72

Sachin Nigam: Will superoneclick work perfectly? ?

Jeffrey Paul: because the drivers are only for win 7 and below

SUNNY LEONY: hey i have rooted my micromax a52 but for every app it says denied permission eg: 'link2sd has been denied superuser permission' what to do plz plz help me..

Andro Park: Try and use super one click. No need to install unlock root. Download super one click and use it as it does not have any installation process. It should work. BTW where do you stay? If in my city I can root it and give it to you,

Andro Park: Make sure USB debugging is on.

Andro Park: There is a different process to run Temple Run 2 on this phone. Will upload a video shortly.

Avinash Menon: can anyone help me!while installing cwm i lost my imei number plz is there way that i can write my imei number back...........

Andro Park: Download the file again (SP Flash Tool) and select the bootimg properly!

Andro Park: only when using sp flash tool.

pradyumna bhat: and buddy will any fifa work in dis phone????i have pes 12 :(

rajkapoorrk75: Plz help when countdown 14 sec so im attach my phone pc but im pick my phone switch off ya on

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