Hofner Beatle Bass

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danakerman: That cat wants to eat the headstock. Totally entertaining!

Andres Rodriguez: Höfner HTC Contemporary vs. Höfner HI Ignition Beatles Bass, winner HI IGNITION !!! :D The contemporary one is not hollow as if it it is ignition, since it it is a 500/1

TheChrissg: um i just have one question did you actually look at the icon or did you just not like it because it didn't look "exactly like pauls". the only difference between the contemporary is the pickup rings and the binding. it doesn't matter who made it, it matters who plays it, and unless you are dying to look like paul.........a hofner is a hofner.

Tom Wozniak: @beatlefan247 i dont have a hofner but on my guitars i have, the knobs just pop off, its not easy tho

bassharmonica1: i have an ibanez gsr 200, but I wanna get one of these for christmas since my birthday already passed. i played a contemporary at a guitar center and loved it!

Peacefrog35: Great info video! You are right, the Contemporary is really a great bass and is very close to the German made ones. I think the quality for the money is fantastic. You play yours great!

Thomas Raes: i dont know why.. but i think your cat likes the headstock xD

ettorejim: I put on my hofner flatwound strings and the E low string sounds muted..!! do you have the same problem?

Bassman: Nice cat, Nice bass, you should be a happy man.

richardthelionheart: @TheChrissg Sorry, your'e kind of (well, very) wrong about the icon, mate. The icon is radically different - main thing being the absence of the violin style connection with famous gap between neck and body for McCartney's famous 'loop through' strap technique on the front end. it is like a jay turser or epiphone viola and is an ordinary set neck joint. The wood is also a photo print flame maple, press board body with a nice laser copy print of real wood which is laid on and laquered over.

TheBeatlesRock12341: dude.... the cat admires ur bass :) lol

jsycamore: cat is amussed

Arthur Dury: Nice kitteh.

maccalennonstarr: @zipitman1 The store that I bought it from sells Hofner guitars, so they had all the 'add ons' because they also sell the authentic re-issue. Any authorized dealer could do the upgrade for you. It's worth it (in my opinion).

lawlawlawlawlawlolz: Just a question - did you get it at "The 12th Fret"? 'cause I'm wanting to get one from there - it comes with the flatwounds and teacup knobs too.

Michael Repicky: i have an icon and i got teacup knobs and hofner strings and it now sounds very nice i love mine

1badassmothafucka: I just bought mine today. I can't wait for it to come on the mail! I love to warm sound of this bass, and they are very easy and fun to play.

awsomeperson234928: Will you sell it

Valerie Mercer: @ 0:57 Cat: Nice Hofner! Oh, by the way, I love your kitty cat! <3

maccalennonstarr: @TheChrissg I had the Hofner for about a month. I found a store that deals with Hofners and they had the Contemporary next to the 'real' one, and I hardly noticed any difference, until I actually looked more closely. Although both Icon and Contemporary are made in 'China', the Contemporary has authentic german pickups and electronics, a sustain block and a much better quality build. The sound is much deeper and richer.

WannaBeatle: pretty good all around review.. I've got one of the prototypes of the Contemporary (glad I have it). But, I actually like the regular production models better than the prototypes..they worked out a couple of kinks here and there in the bass..the weight and the depth of the neck got improved...feels more like a German model now. I have an Icon, too..which I also play here and there, but nothing will replace my original mid to late 70's German model (originally had black knobs and switches).

Bradleigh Branscum: thanks and sorry i was right in the middle of the ideo when typing the question

Kyle Torr-Brown: i'm getting this exact bass today, i'm very very excited

Lukas Ritchey: the cat in the background makes the whole video

maccalennonstarr: @beatlefan247 Hi there. I had the knobs changed at the store, so I have no idea! Sorry.. :(

FeastMagic7: Thumbs up if you were staring at the cat!

CoolHand Luke: nice cat and bass, also is it made in Germany?

patrii9100: i like this bass! and the cat!!

Icymarky0123: Great bass! oh I have a question, does the E string sound muted on the contemporary too when you play it wihtout an amp?

Kyle Torr-Brown: i should be ordering this guitar within the next week. if my mom can afford it for me. shouldi be excited?? :D how much are the real teacups because i saw some nock offs for about 10 bucks. soooo many questions lol. hope your bass lives a long and useful life (:

ZXAnton: @afzoomie67 agreed, the cat is awesome

maccalennonstarr: Around $1000 (Canadian) - including a case and the upgrade (strings and knobs).

mrfadrummajorrr: i like your cat watching the bass moving :D

maccalennonstarr: @wii360wii I'm jealous! Hopefully one day....

snoopydoc75: @Nessinian Absolutely no reason not to go for one of these as a beginner. You may even find the lighter weight and short scale (these instruments are ~30 inches, rather than the "usual" 34 inches of a "normal" bass) help you enjoy it a bit more...

maccalennonstarr: @TheChrissg (con't from above!) The Icon is also made entirely in China, so the pickups/electronics don't produce the same quality of sound, and I felt that the poorer quality of build made it look cheaper than the Contemporary. There was a very noticeable difference.. I hope that this helps to clarify why I thought the Contemporary was better 'bang for the buck'. If I had $3000, I would have bought the authentic re-issue - and I still hope to one day! :)

Alex Burgess: @beatlefan247 oh its ok. i'll get em changed at a store too :)

leonpal14: im getting one of these for christmas that has never been used but has a little scratch on the back for 300 bucks

JohnLennonVideos86: I disagree. I think for what the price of the hofner icon series. Its a steal.

NYMets1854: first

angus2016young: @maccalennonstarr Dude ur cat is enjoying every min of ur vid & i think both the icon and the contemporary are great basses...i'm gettin myself an icon soon

Alex Burgess: hi um how did you get the old control knobs off your bass to put the hofner ones on

Mechanismomusica: I have a 1968 Hofner 500/1 and play it regularly in my band. I tried out Contemporary recently -and although it's a terrific-looking bass- there's a big difference sound-wise, namely that sound block: it makes the Contemporary sound like more of a solid-body bass (like a Fender Jazz, for example). The characteristic "thumpyness" of a 'genuine' Hofner 500/1 is lacking and is the bass's signature sound. Why they chose to put in a sound block is beyond me. To differentiate it?

Anorag: love the cat :p

CaptainP00face: This is the hofner contemperary Hct 500 right? I have the same but there is no real 'weight' to it, it's extremly light lol.

NFLmanic: Nice sweater.

Thegr8guitarplayer: lol your cat is in the backround

KoombaBubble: your cat is so funny i have 2 persian cats one of them is very furry

Peacefrog35: No problem at all! Take care!

Bradleigh Branscum: how much was it all together?

Hofner Beatle Bass 4.6 out of 5

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