Hofner Beatle Bass

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Andres Rodriguez: Höfner HTC Contemporary vs. Höfner HI Ignition Beatles Bass, winner HI IGNITION !!! :D The contemporary one is not hollow as if it it is ignition, since it it is a 500/1

lawlawlawlawlawlolz: Just a question - did you get it at "The 12th Fret"? 'cause I'm wanting to get one from there - it comes with the flatwounds and teacup knobs too.

Valerie Mercer: @ 0:57 Cat: Nice Hofner! Oh, by the way, I love your kitty cat! <3

Lovemylovething: Can't speak for the made in China Icon, but the newer made in Indonesia Ignition is quite nice. I used to own a real original German made '62, and aside from a few minor details that admittedly might keep hard core Beatles purists up at night, the Iggy is pretty much the same thing. Yea, the sunburst finish and Pearl pickguard hasn't been tinted to simulate age, but the important stuff - the tone, and playability, are VERY much like my '62(that one didn't have a sustain block either.)

freepoco2: i'm imagining the cat is narrating the video and the guy is just holding it

Bradleigh Branscum: thanks and sorry i was right in the middle of the ideo when typing the question 

HarriMaccaLennonStarr: Around $1000 (Canadian) - including a case and the upgrade (strings and knobs).

Bradleigh Branscum: how much was it all together? 

TheBeatlesRock12341: dude.... the cat admires ur bass :) lol

angus2016young: @maccalennonstarr Dude ur cat is enjoying every min of ur vid & i think both the icon and the contemporary are great basses...i'm gettin myself an icon soon

KoombaBubble: your cat is so funny i have 2 persian cats one of them is very furry

Bassman: Nice cat, Nice bass, you should be a happy man.

Mechanismo (official): I have a 1968 Hofner 500/1 and play it regularly in my band. I tried out Contemporary recently -and although it's a terrific-looking bass- there's a big difference sound-wise, namely that sound block: it makes the Contemporary sound like more of a solid-body bass (like a Fender Jazz, for example). The characteristic "thumpyness" of a 'genuine' Hofner 500/1 is lacking and is the bass's signature sound. Why they chose to put in a sound block is beyond me. To differentiate it?

yhtomitalmighty: @Nessinian @Nessinian this type of bass is short scale, not the "standard" on most basses. most basses like the FENDER JAZZ BASS, FENDER PRECISION BASS and MUSICMAN STINGRAY have 34 inches scale length and RICKENBACKER 4003 has 33.5 inches. most basses are in the 33-35 inch scale. the four basses i have listed are arguably the four most famous bass guitars ever. the hofner is a great bass but it is not as versatile as the fender jazz and precision bass. IMHO buy a fender precision bass. 

Matt Ruff: I love your cat.

snoopydoc75: @Nessinian Absolutely no reason not to go for one of these as a beginner. You may even find the lighter weight and short scale (these instruments are ~30 inches, rather than the "usual" 34 inches of a "normal" bass) help you enjoy it a bit more...

entwistle14: Awesome dude, just bought one on ebay yesterday for $300 w/ shipping!!!! AWESOME DEAL!!!! Can't wait to get it!! - Jack

bassharmonica1: i have an ibanez gsr 200, but I wanna get one of these for christmas since my birthday already passed. i played a contemporary at a guitar center and loved it!

HarriMaccaLennonStarr: @Nessinian Thanks for the comment. I'm totally a beginner on bass - so I'm having a lot of fun with it. It's an affordable bass and (I think) it sounds great! Go with the Contemporary if you do end up getting one... 

Nessinian: I've always enjoyed the styling of the Hofner Violin Bass. Would you recommend an instrument like this for someone who would want to learn how to play? Or is there a better option out there for beginners? 

Hofner Beatle Bass 5 out of 5

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