New Modded Crosman 2260!! Both Guns!

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Tom Lyth: Well done

Chordmerchant: What size drill bit did you use on to mod the exhaust valve? Also, where did you order the modded parts from? Spring, valve, etc? Thanks!

EURIPODES: I noticed the porn on the laptop

Gareth Hughes: +csdude12  Hi I'm modifying a 2260 for my girlfriend putting on the steel breach, deben 180 silencer etc how come you have left out the power adjuster is it because your using it just for hunting as I'm fitting one to save CO2 at the range. And could I also ask why you have removed the barrel spacer I was thinking of doing that but adding another support band. Please could you send me some info as I have no experience with CO2 as to how you got it on the limits I only have experience with springers. I got this for my GF as she has a bad shoulder and I do not want her roostering a barrel. I am impressed by this rifle tho I never thought much of CO2 until I got it home and had a blast ty.

smilie120: Best place to buy a steel breech? Had my 2260 about 3weeks now and love it! Easily getting an inch group at 110 feet completely standard.

Ian Womack: Hi,what did you do to modify exhaust port to get 11.9ftlb

Ian Womack: the steel breech from crooked barn are ambidextrous and far better than plastic
New modded Crosman 2260!! both guns! 5 out of 5

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