Dust Shroud For Radial Arm Saw

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Chris Smith: Awesome job
I will be making one next week!

Bob Lee's Woodshop: Very cool idea . I just got my RAS old craftsman thanks for sharing

Scott Haun: frank howarth just linked to this video. did you see a big spike in views?

RXR Sawdust Station: Hello Herb. I see you're not posting anymore. I hope all is well. #FrankHowarth linked this video over on his modified version. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rwd6i3UmbMI Credit where credit is due. Great idea! All the best! Keep The Chips Flying!

jessie lacson: there a recall on blade or design your own made of thick plexiglass where you can lower and up by adjusting to screw on the blade cover

Jerry Kelley: He should be using a bladeguard !!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Roederer: Good job with the straight cuts. Will your design work with angle cuts? Any thoughts on how to deal with sawdust on rip cuts?

Keenejunk69: I have that exact RAS I'm trying to find a manual do you know where I can get one ?

Mech Uno: The best one that I have seen. I will be copying it. Thank you!

Ben Hatcher: @B Anon: the fence height is limited by how much clearance there is under the motor housing with the blade 1/4 below the table.

Only on the pull stroke does the blade push chips DOWN into the collection stream. A push stroke would throw them up into the blade guard or air.

B Anon: Thanks for such an excellent idea.  I knew there had to be a better approach to dust collection on the radial arm saw than just having a big open box behind it and hoping  most of the debris happened to go into it!  I'll make mine higher so it catches all the dust from cutting 2x.  I also don't see why there would be a problem using this when cutting miters.  Just pull the saw full forward, set the angle, and very gently back it into the box.

Ben Hatcher: tonkatoytruck, I did cover the blade guard port. This was as much a precaution to prevent flying debris as dust control. I'm far more concerned about a hole in the blade cover that points directly towards me than the theoretically possible dangers the safety police who commented previously pointed out. Unstable knots throwing off chunks are a real and relatively common thing.

tonkatoytruck: I have the Craftsman 100 RAS. A little bit older than yours but very similar. Dust collections has always been a problem. I really like your design and it seems blocking off the vacuum port on the blade guard was part of the improvements. Thanks for sharing. Mine was bought around 1968, if I can remember correctly.

Larry Taylor: Good job.  I think I will copy & thanks for a great idea.

Ric Ornelas: Great idea.

hatcherb: Ray, I thought I demonstrated a dado cut in the video. Provided you cut your dados on the pull stroke, most of the chips will be collected by the low profile hood. The blade width doesn't matter.

Ray Witmer: I use my radial arm saw similarly on a bench with a compound miter saw sharing the same fence to the right. I use my radial arm only for dadoes. Do you think this would still work? There is no table kerf because the dado does not go clear through the board. Plus it is obviously much wider than a singer blade.

brandon spun: Great setup. I would suggest not leaving that remote control on your dust shroud.

hatcherb: The vacuum is a Delta 50-760 1.5 hp dust collector.

mushtaq Ansari: Great job.. Do you have the plan for the Vacuum

Dust shroud for radial arm saw 5 out of 5

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Dust shroud for radial arm saw
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