Real Repeating Tactical Crossbow Xobra (zobra) Zombie Killer

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Joost: JoergSprave recently made the same thing, it is for sale in his webshop.

Corb.: freaking genius man!

James Jokel: Would like to purchase one please

Chance Carney: i'll take one lad

PyroJohn19: I want one

Frankie S: They for sale?

Midnight: how about a challenge? full auto crossbos licke in Van Helsing

Samuel Vermeulen: do you have plans from this let me know

bi0drainx: Its Called Wrong House Motherfreaker

Emily Masters: dude..... make pitch and make thousands to sell id buy one right the fk now

N Ch: what is called how to buy from you I would pay 15 - 50 $

emmett: Karils Xbow

kirmani jean: Darryl needs this.

teemoIRL: wen the end of the world comes i want one of these

madman2u: Tactical yes, repeating no.

MisoJapanese: I'll stick to a handgun. more powerful and not gay like that thing.

demonocus metalocus: That is freaking cool as hell.

Will Aguirre: love it best alternative crossbow for a zombie apocalypse good silencers are a bitch to make and finding a functional crossbow is going to take some good searching this is perfect just aim for the gargling freaks head remove it and clean it off with its shirt and reload and move on to the next resourceful plus an added laser sight for added accuracy is great what I would do is make the stock foldable wich it seems like it does for added Space in your rucksack/backpack and then add a scope that is flawlessly sighted in and you'll be set another thing is add more power than it has now so it can penetrate the skull of a zombie it might already have all of that power run some lab tests like seeing if it can penetrate a watermelon/cantalope maybe ceramic cups or a rotten cantaloupe because those flesh-eating scum bags may be reanimated but rotting at the same time if this alternative crossbow has all that I suggested I would choose it over a gun any day and if you have trouble figuring out how to mount a scope on top figure out how to secure a picctany rail I recommend welding it on but if the metal of the crossbow can't take that kind of heat then get some rock hard welding putty or some JB weld but I love your crossbow and am thinking about building one myself great design small and deadly quick reloading time

jesse herrera: can you send me detailed pictures

Stephen Klick: Wow, awesome man. I need that. please make that available to me.

real repeating tactical crossbow xobra (zobra) zombie killer 5 out of 5

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