Wireless USB RC Simulator Receiver Adapter FS-SM101 FlySky FS-GT3

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Helipaddy: VRC Pro is awesome! Made this enclosure for the dongle&receiver to 3d-print:

123kid: Can I use it the other way round, i.e. generate a signal from the computer and control my RC device via the RC tranmitter (in trainer mode)?

Emilio Hidalgo Mazuelas: Doesn´t work. I tried with my Futaba 4PK and there is no way to make this work.

kimbo slice: i bought this same thing, what a POS... only works backwards (steering is throttle and throttle is steering) and if i switch it around, it simply does not work..... worst 10$ I've ever spent

Pete Vitale: I had trouble using an orange orx 3 channel ground to link with my Spektrum DX3R using this USB module.  I switched out RX's with a Spektrum SR300 and works fine.  The orange receiver works fine in my models.  Weird...  Hope this helps anyone. 

arlan lima: what name do you use this adapter to connect the control on the pc and what program do you use to recognize the friend control?

Hady Damanik: can i use futaba 4pks in this adpter??

marsdog: Does this work on the 6 channel tx fs-t6?

Wanderlei Leite: already switched across all channels, including Channel 3 ... I reversed the positions and does not work. I believe that is incompatible with the GT3C. Anyway thank you very much

kenVersus: I would swap the CH1 and CH2 wires on your receiver and try that.

Wanderlei Leite: VRC USB recognizes my control but when I squeeze the trigger instead of accelerating it changes direction. When I use the command Steering Wheels is to accelerate and brake. Already reversed the cables on the receiver but it did not work, including the control is no longer recognized. Options by the VRC was unable to make the control reversal.

kenVersus: Most likely not but I don't have one to test.

Wanderlei Leite: Dont work in FlySky GT3C?

Oswaldo Castillo: i have the FS GT3B, i tried using the wired cable that goes from the PC to the controller, the USB lights blinks, but i dont get any response on the simulator. so i need to get the smalUSB adapter that plugs in to the RX ??

kenVersus: Also the later models of the FS-GT3 use a different TX module. TM-002 I believe. TM-001 works with this.

kenVersus: what tx do you have? It only works with the FS-GT3, not GT3b or newer...

Oswaldo Castillo: I tried hucking the up my tx with the wired one and nothing appears to work.

iBanz: I wanted to do this in gta iv! lol didnt work.

mitc anastasiadis: i cant calibrate it. please help me

pipevaiano: Everytime that I turn my Tx on, the wireless internet signal gets jammed by it, so I wonder how you guys manage to play VRC with it?

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Wireless USB RC Simulator receiver adapter FS-SM101 FlySky FS-GT3 5 out of 5

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Wireless USB RC Simulator receiver adapter FS-SM101 FlySky FS-GT3
Wireless USB RC Simulator receiver adapter FS-SM101 FlySky FS-GT3
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