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laura erz: I only bought this game for stewarts compound and the dlc bikes and when I tried to go no the motoclub depot it didn't work so now I'm really ticked off.When will the motoclub be up amd running again? I want to have sterarts compound

ParkourForLife: my depot it working on xbox 360

bob hank: Its 2014 and still no motoclub depot why make us suffer for another companies finacial stupidity assholes

Crazzy Zack: is there a other way to get the steward compound mao

nathan best: Hey guys it does not work for me either but the reason wy the moto club depot does not work is because a company called Nordic games has bought the mx vs atv franchise and other games like darksiders and in the middle of 2014 Nordic games will be making a new mx vs atv the name of the game is going to be mx vs atv super cross they will be taking stuff from alive and reflex like moto club depot and multiplayer servers that's the reason wy moto club depot is down and it probably will not be coming back out for alive until after the new game is realeased and debugged and they have everything situated

Aleksi Lonka: i need stewadr combound map !!

Luke Nicholas: I have just bought the game hoping to go on the compound track and to ride the ktms but the depot is not working. I'm so annoyed 

lucky26lmnu: Its 2014, january 19 and still not :((

Cindy Geb: When will this be fixed. Its been way to long.

alessandro rambaldini: you have risolved this problem? 

Zach Meik: Still not working today this sucks

jeremiah lampkin: mine motoclub depot is being a dck

Lucio memi: i have the same problem , how i can repair it?pleaseee!

cookies2766: Is it working now

josh law: and it's the 30th may 2013 now and it's still not on

tyler richard: wont work for me either how come

Mythic Zipper: I want all the freaking microsoft point balk that i freaking spent for this fuch thq

MrLoppan2002: Not in sweden :(

FoRceboys: It does the same to me maybe try a different country and see if it works

Dylan Mayfield: They went out off business. There is other company's that will buy this game from them most likely when ever they buy motoclub depot will be working again

TerpsKid5: Well As Of Today ( June 29 ) My MotoClub Depot Is Working For PS3 In The US. Try Looking For An Update Or Reboot The Game , Then Put In Your Redeem Code . I'm Not Sure If This Will Work For You But It Worked For Me .

SprayStyleZz: I live in Sweden an i also get that

dlo1979: This is my favorite game of ALL TIME! If anyone out there is listening who's in a position to purchase this franchise. You guys pretty much have a monopoly on the MX gamer market. No other game out there has the same physics engine. MUD is receiving bad reviews because the game play cannot match THQ. Get the developers back to work and lets continue this remarkably excellent MX series. Don't quit there's too much to improve upon to an excellent game with an unbelievable base infrastructure.

tryumph jordan: how?!?!?! tell me??? i need it to work! :(

spinhead711: Bitch

b1m3x8: Nordic Games won the MX vs ATV franchise. Go on their FB and tell them you want a new MX game!!!!!!

beany118118: how do you get it to work? please

FoRceboys: Mine is still freaked

ThebossMCart: Ea is gist being freaking pickles

joel hennessy: Yeh every1. Mine dose work now

josh law: It's working thank god just done a epic glitch oh yes everything is free all maps and gear

Mythic Zipper: Add me

b1m3x8: THQ went out of business the xbox server is down for good. It's messed up that we buy a game and they stop supporting it. Hopefully after they auction off the MX vs. ATV series the buyer will put the server back online.

robbe hendrickx: it doesnt work at my game i try to use the depot but its says something im trying for a week how can it work??

josh law: Out of all maps I want to play its gotta be Stewart compound ffs

Silveradoand Kx man: It's freaking bullcrap I have the Stewart compound and the ktm I wanted the kx and the yz and the supercross events. Tried to get on it last night not working its freaked up

b1m3x8: Beginning of May 2013.

Joey Walton: This is dumb!

Matt Woods: how

FoRceboys: You need to email thq about it for it to work well that's what I did

HarleyHD2012: its happen again why is it doing that i what to buy a freaking bike

CountBoyard33: Leave me a message (Hennessey) And I will nominate myself to run a video game petition, on a site such as this or another. We will gather people with this same devotion and love for the BEST game ever. Our numbers will speed the DEPOT back on it's feet, even B4 the franchise is auctioned or whatever is happening with THQ. "WE ALL BOUGHT THE GAME" "THE GAME INCLUDED MOTO CLUB DEPOT" While that site is generating madd hitz, I will be working instrumentally with Xbox Live, to soften our request.

Max Stromsodt: well i have xbox live and it doesnt work it says someone took it

Jordan Bailey: i just got the game and i get get on it but then i go on there when i click on track or gear or any of the icons is ses no avable content!! they have been shutdown but u should be able to get on the moto deport

jan verhavert: The Motoclub depot works in Belgium and The Netherland, so i think it only works in Europe.

FoRceboys: Okay I hope so

ImS0sWaGg: the same thing is happning to me

filip lama: it shows me too

Max Stromsodt: mine dosnt work either i am super mad

Jack Boddington: its not working in England either. its probably because THQ went bankrupt


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