Comparison Of Cold Steel Gurkha Kukri And Ontario Kukri Knife (1080p HD)

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Petr Petrovich: So why cold steel kukri is better?

Norman Mallory: What a great review you did on both of these Kukri knives.. As a owner of Ontario knives for years , i ordered the Ontario model... As it is not going to be my primary blade when i'm camped out in the forest.. Nor will it replace other knives i own, i took my a couple months watching reviews like yours to help me make up my mind that this is what i want to do..

Sure Tha: Both traditional khukri at last you show.. that is not real nor from Nepal... that are cheap khukri replica.... Use real one .. you feel the command on it when you hold it...get real man.

RedneckViking: A tora blades kukuri would slap both of these silly and them its bitch. Just sayin.

Coolnicknameguy: I'll take usa over china regardless of price any day.. even if I have to buy a custom sheath cause that stock 1 looks cheep..

TheCloser: Can you do me a huge favor?  Can you see if the Ontario Kukri will fit into Cold Steel Kukri's Secu-Ex Sheath?

Kiran Limbu: Nice Collections of Khukuri [Kukri]. Anyway I like this video. Thumbs-up from me.

Jose Dosil: Is the back of the OKC kukri 6420 blade 1/4' thick through out the entire blade or does it get smaller then 1/4' after 2'' from the handle.

Adam Thomas: Weight in grams? How many kilometers do you put on your car a year? How many centimeters is your TV screen? Get real dude.

The NS Weeaboo: By right ear was lonely = (

EatTinker: Are there videos comparing the K-bar Kukri and Ontario's Kukri? I can't find any, despite the countless other comparisons.

Mark D: I have both a cold steel and a real kukri from nepal and i prefer the cold steel for the modern materials.

SSsturmlein34: Why not get the real thing ! A genuine Kukri made in Nepal - Kukuri House !

Dean Counts: Used both in the field for SAR, Cold Steel stolen, replaced with better bargain Ontario. I completely disagree that better knife is the Cold Steel, the big difference is the traditional Kukri heavy forward design of the Ontario you noted, it comes down on brush, wood whatever with much more force and really reduces workload. People get so hung up on that crappy sheath with Ontario instead of the knife itself or they dont bother actually working it in the field hard.

DannoCrutch: Good thorough comparison. Glad to see you sharpened that traditional Kukri.

benhizzle: Check out your own videos, you have at least three videos on your channel that show this model with the black finish.

Vincent van Rijn: Is it just me, or did your left ear enjoy this video too, headphone users?

Plastic Beach Comic: I think you did well editing the two videos. It was a little annoying for you to explain that to your audience though. They care more about the knives than how you present it. The only thing I saw in your editing that was a bit off was the fading time was a bit slow. When it's too slow it's really distracting. I'm a graphic designer if you need any help feel free to contact me. We can do some barter.

SHTF Gear: @csknives if you can find out from someone there exactly when these were made and for how long would be great.

SHTF Gear: Makes sense. It was before the move to the new warehouse. I don't think it was the rarities table though. It was next to a bunch of last-gen voyagers which I also picked up a XL tanto of. If you search youtube for 'Walking Tour of the Cold Steel Parking Lot Sale', you will see my video and the SK5 kukris are shown at 2:17.

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Comparison of Cold Steel Gurkha Kukri and Ontario Kukri Knife (1080p HD) 5 out of 5

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