Crosman 1377 Piston And Valve Mods

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Brayden Olynyk: What website do you order from

Marcus Wesley: Pat boy slim is my brother

ihopetospeed666: I have a 1377c. The seal keeps separating from the piston and I can't pump the gun. It happens intermittently. What should I do next?

Barry Schofield: I have just purchased a used one. Could I send my gun to you. Would you do the mod for me?

Thomas V: I'm not sure if I'm asking this correctly. But if adding the plate head piston and valve add nearly 100 feet per second than wouldn't that just be like pumping your gun more times?

Greg HOLLYWOOD Blackburn: No one else diggin the Skynard in background!!!

Pepe's Fruit Trees: Thanks Mike. :-)

rekozma: 1377/1322 still one of the most mod-able airguns available. this video is 7 years old and yet still current. go figure

fsdarrell: You mentioned slightly enlarging the valve port; did you also enlarge the transfer port bushing? I believe the current port bushing size is 9/64 inch in US 1377 and 1322 models.

FJvoodoo: I duracoated mine after 8 years of service. Looks bitchen, was easy to do, now don't have to worry about rust.

Georgii Agapov: ватафак?

MiKE HuNT: hi .... the model 1377 I have has a sliding breach cover and a plunger type thing you pull back to load spring.. is this a mod or just a variation... would love to know about it...

those gains aint loyal bra: for those who live in america your so Lucky. The crosman cost like 50 bucks right !? crosman is almost giving them away for free. Here in holland they cost twice as much and the extra parts like steel breech kit with bolt etc cost like 80,- euro's. Man i want one so bad and fully upgrade it but the gun alone is 100,- euro including shipping. And then i hear you guys pay less then 40,- euro. freaks up my high all the time. Great video btw

N. C.: Hey, just got me a 1322. I remember my grandpa had one of these when I was kid, this was back in the early 70's. He used to sit in his chair and shoot birds and gophers, lol.
Thanks for your video, it really gave me a good understanding when I do my mods.

kevin singh: what mods would i need to do to increase power/fps and where exactly can i get these parts needed?

j Kara: well explained, quietly.

TheVabene73: do you think by trimming off the cone of the original valve will increase velocity to my 1377

David Matthew Summers: I've killed squirrels and 🐦🐇🐀 with mine. Since its a straight shooter I go for head shots. I hit a 🐇 and he ran off. It took 30 minutes to track him Dow. He was done.

Myles Nicholas: So it's 10 pumps for every single shot, that put me off.

Glenn Hanson: Man. I am resealing mine for the first time ever. I can see why that o ring and cup have to be in excellent condition. It's hard to believe that that pump system can overcome the pressure exerted from that spring on the inside!

Crosman 1377 piston and valve mods 5 out of 5

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