APS UAR Airsoft Review

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Paul G: Great video. Do Ares mid cap mags fit?

A blue Sweater: I am about to sound really stupid, how do I buy a battery and what battery should use?

Doomcat Airsoft: what is the fps range

A singular Plastic Rubbish Bin: Why do so many people put hate towards this gun, I got this the other day as my first RIF for CQB and I do not regret it!

Alex DesJarlais: hey, quick question, I was wondering if you would know what outer barrel and inner barrel I could use on this to make it a dmr?

Vincent Gonzalez: excuse me sir this weapon is better than Tar21 ?

Vincent Gonzalez: excuse me sir this weapon is better than Tar21 ?

NEKOmancer: It's just too ugly for me.........

Konos-P: Loved how in depth you went with thie review. 
Do you plan on reviewing the version 2 of the UAR? Apparently they fixed a bunch of things such as the magwell to accommodate mid caps

Jadon Crowe: Can it use a 3s lipo

David Bilia: Halo battle rifle

Matthew DeFeo: Great Review ,, expecting mine in the mail this week !!!

KR0W 54: Thx this was helpfull

The Chairsofter: Borrowed a friend's UAR during a skirm, no problems with the cheekrest.

Did however have problems with the S.O.A.B. jamming or chewing up BB's from a (yes, JG m4) Hi-cap every 3 or 4 bursts.

Brandon LaCourse: The mid caps seem like you would be able to use it if you kinda shave off that little bit of the lip off, and make it the same length as the high caps. This would probably make them only useful for this rifle but for someone who prefers mid caps it could be an alternative?

Paris Manuel: Actually it looks like the famas from black ops 1

Birkenau: botched MSBS

SWITS Feral: Very interesting bolt catch. Doesn't really look ergonomic at all, but I guess it just takes some getting used to.

SepSep: did you perhaps get your hands on the version 2? what kind of batteries would fit in the stock?

spencer dietrich: Would a Lipo fry this thing? if not what type of lipo could i use? 

APS UAR Airsoft Review 5 out of 5

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Channel Update   Posting some reviews soon!
Channel Update Posting some reviews soon!
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