The SKS Mag Adapter

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B. Anthony: I personally prefer to run stripper clips with the internal mag, just easier on the trail for me can carry a lot more loaded strips than the duck bills.

St White: So you have to send your rifle off to have it modified and you have to buy your mags from that same guy? What's wrong with the duckbill mags?

Saint Dick: So does this thing take normal ak mags?

Patty Hays: The regular duckbill mags work just fine.. Along with a spring loaded firing pin, trigger job and bolt mod, you can't go wrong.

John Kerr: I had one put on mine in the nineties never liked the way it worked. but there was no youtube back then.

JON H: @ jusmead.
the majority of people are too scared that they will freak up their bolt with the mod. Its fuggin simple though. All you need is a rotary tool (dremel) and a good fine grindin tip. You will also need alittle bit of creativity too of course. lol

milwaukeegregg: Why bother when the standard tapco duck bills are fine!! Spend the money on a good trigger job!! Not a fan of yugos, nice furniture but heavy as hell

Asgard Beast: Honestly, I have looked at many modifications for my SKS magazines, but in the end, I haven't found anything that catches my interest, especially considering the fact that the regular Tapco "DuckBill" Magazines have been performing just fine for me. I suppose there would be a small advantage in not having the "duckbill" but I haven't had any issues that would cause me to think there was enough benefit to justify the additional costs and modifications to my rifle. Just my opinion however.

Murraysguns: Yes, it does violate 922r and causes you to have to replace original parts with parts that are "Made in USA." I would recommend you contact Marcus at thesksmagadapterdotcom to determine stock compatibility.

damiion666: What is the legality of converting an sks to take this mag adapter and a detachable 20-round mag? Does it violate 922r? Also, what kind of stocks are compatible with the mag adapter/tapco 2-round mag without having to do too much stock "relieving"? I've been thinking of replacing my wood stock with one of those butler creek stocks. I kinda want to keep the same style in a polymer look.

HHH100: Never owned a Yugo. Cleaning is not a problem. I just prefer to have minimal concerns in operation of such.

SmittyWerbenjager Manjenson: Dont know what you mean, my Yugo operates flawlessly, maybe you just suck at cleaning your weapon.

HHH100: Never cared for the Yugo version of an SKS. Too many gas system problems and checks to make. Also, never modify an SKS for detachable mags. The ten round stripper clips work just fine as designed. If you want detachable? Then get an AK.

Murraysguns: You're absolutely right, on all 3 counts. :)

Jusmead: you should have one of your gas valves in the thing so no more mistakes also you should shave the bolt to allow instilation and removal of mag with the bolt forward oh and you need to rasp the magwell of the wood stock to make sure the tapco mag doesnt get pinched

KanyonWilson: Selly-er and bell-ot XD

8SiCK0LAKE1: I would love that adapter well at least the newer versions of it, but the price is asking for too much.

Murraysguns: @voodazz Marcus has one featuring Galahad on the site thesksmagadapterdotcom

voodazz: I would be awesome if you made a video tutorial on how to install this.

bber45: nice shooting. Good looking SKS as well

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The SKS Mag Adapter 5 out of 5

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