How To Get 360 Waves Product Review: ColdLabel Wave&Scalp Butter

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King Breeze: I find my self going back watching your old vids. Good content!

kamikazekid86: so can you use this as a good product for hold?

alan stephens: just ordered my: *PREMIUM Wave & Scalp Butter $12.99 and *PREMIUM Wolfin' Pomade (New & Improved!) cant wait to get it..

Brandon Richardson: @ julius evans search on google

Julius Evans: Any one have any sites I can get a silk durag from? Couldnt find any online or any stores around me

camron cox: can u mix pink lotion with murry's and would it be better

VVaver'sJourney: how long does it take to ship

superman7136: @SOULSEEKA Hey man your waves are awesome, how do you get your hair so silky and straight like that

Jay Hawkins: @SOULSEEKA hey man i used have some bad azz wves but i had grew my hair out and now im trynna get em back and i feel like i cant get em back :( any tips

CoachRob619: Is the wave & scalp more of a moisturizer type product or pomade? I'm at a 1.5 and this has NO hold on my hair. Gives me a good shine, and smells decent if you like the scent of cinnamon. But at this point Seasick Pomade blows this out the water from hold, and smell.

CoachRob619: I need to get the wolfing pomade then, because I only have the scalp butter. Had it for a week and not that impressed at this point. It's a decent product, A1 customer service but Seasick pomade works MUCH better than this for my hair.

Terrel Brown: it took me a month to get mine, tsurag people are extremely unprofessional.

denzel willis: @reefdollaz thanks a lot

reefdollaz: @denzel willis honestly for me I'm IMPRESSED AZ HELL and I'm not the type to go by He say or She say I have to see things for myself so try it out fast shipping and quality!!! Besides my brushing this product enhanced my 360's

denzel willis: @reefdollaz i appreciate it.. how is the product working for you, is the premium wave/scalp butter worth really what all the hype is about?

denzel willis: @reefdollaz i appreciate it! how is

reefdollaz: It ain't no wait it come to you in 1-3 days I got mines in 2 days and I live in Philly so it's worth every dime real rap

denzel willis: is the wave/scalp butter really worth the wait and shipping?

MrGramz09: well im sold on it.

snake2461: yeah that should be a good combo, i use soft, premium and hard and its excellant, altho i may just only end up using the premium and hard cuz the premium is firmer than the soft so it tackles when u first get a haircut and a few weeks after

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How to get 360 waves product review: ColdLabel Wave&Scalp Butter 5 out of 5

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