Range Time With Cory & Erika - Shooting The M&P Pro & Glock 34

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RK Harm24: Great video. Start out with the basics of accuracy and then build on speed. Nice set up. Is this the old range before the NEW RangeTime?

Benniebie: when i saw the other video (hanging out with military arms) i thought, who put the cowbells on... frigging annoying. but when i saw this one i thought, deam im stupid xD

Tubesurfer270: SUPER !!! Very good performance! You can be very proud on you! Go ahead!

21emaxwell: Thank you

now i'm nothing: impressive.

chosenwon4444: I have another coulple of questions for you if you have time. 1. how are you and Cory getting the slide to automatically slide forward after slaming a mag in place. My G17 only does it intermintantly. (I asked on one of Cory's video but he never answered that I saw.) 2. In early videos you were using Howard Leight green electronic headphones... but lately you only use the foamies. Do you not like the headphones? why the switch?

21emaxwell: Actually Cory but my Glock 17 gen4 frame on his 34 and it looked amazing! I do understand it wasnt a true gen4 34 but if we get our hands on one we will let you know

21emaxwell: Thank you very very much, I love reading comments such as this! Yea I cant believe I dropped that mag but Im glad my muscle memory and training kicked in! We live in Indiana! Thanks again

chosenwon4444: I just finished watching all your videos. They are great! So awesome to see how far you have come since you started. I really liked how when you did you reload you did a back-to-cover move. and even when you dropped a mag, (it happens to the best of us!) you just let a girly 'ugh!' but did the right thing and went for a new mag instead of trying to pick up the fallen one. Great job. I have been learning a lot from you guys, thanks and keep it up. Can I ask what state you guys live in?

DSketti: Good job on not going for the dropped clip! However, I did LOL @ the sound you made when you dropped it!

21emaxwell: We both run Bravo Concealment holsters and pouches

Perry Meares: Cory what kind of holster are you using?

MichaelPost2009: Thank you very much. I am impressed with how much time you put into this channel, answering all the questions and posting quality videos. Also, I hope those links were not in the description when I posted the question, or I will feel a bit dumb. Thanks again. Mike

WhatHavU: :o)

21emaxwell: I have personally never shot one but I think it would be cool to!

21emaxwell: Thank you very very much!

21emaxwell: Well that would be awesome! Not sure what will happen but that would be very cool

21emaxwell: Thank you very much

21emaxwell: Thanks! We are both wanting to get into IDPA competitions soon

21emaxwell: The stands came from shootsteel along with those targets! The mag pouch and holsters we have are Bravo Concealment, all quality products!

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Range Time with Cory & Erika - Shooting the M&P Pro & Glock 34 5 out of 5

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