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Kevin S.: i been reading up and 'they' say you need an Activated carbon filter to catch the gases from smoke. i find that material in 'cut your own size' rolls but to make up 20", i'd have to, what, tape back together? Anyone here have experience with this aspect of the diy purifier? glue? tape? sew it? 

Also, what if i use one of the half size box fans? would that work for a 15'X15' room. thanks

Kevin S.: I love this idea! what type filter can i find that will filter the harmful effects of tobacco smoke..pipe smoke? thanks!

Top Notch: It's probably best if the fan doesn't blow it out like that. It would be best if the air was calmly put back into the room, giving the DIY Purifier more of an advantage to filter the calm air, as to not dis turn or hit the particles in the air with the fan blowing like that.. But yeah, I actually built one of those, even with a pre-filter (activated carbon) filter. But I just basically do it like you do it now, it's very expensive to replace the pre filters, they're like $20 each.

Rick Rude: Great idea! Always take the fan and filter outside to change it, to prevent fine dust from getting back into your air.I also take my vacuum outside to change the bag.

INDRID COLD: Viva la R3VOLUCION!!! Ron Paul 20XX! Great video

LinuxUser269: sweet glad to hear that

LinuxUser269: sure just got to fix it to the fan with tape or clips or wire hangers

WisheyJakey: Is putting the filter on the front ok?

Chris Vaillancourt: if you add a el cheepo filter to the input side you filter the large particles and then tape/device a way of holding the merv 11 to the output side then you get longer life on the higher efficiency and can replace the el-cheepo every 2-3 months and keep the more expensive for longer.. :-) my 2 cents..

mlopinto2k1: TROLL.

mlopinto2k1: The filter in the back needs to be sealed up, the air DOES draw slightly from the front but the gaps in the back is where the dust is coming from. Make a channel to slide the filter "into" on the back or tape it.

chris cahill: have you thought of getting some activated carbon if you do a bit of ringing around you will find it cheap at large pet supply shops and aquariums i can get something like 15kg aquarium grade for like $20 or $30 a thin layer would be all that is needed on top of what you have already even less smell for you

Rtiomas: Damn, and the noise doesn't get on any of your nerves?

WillyMaykit: You have said this multiple times in every DIY-fan video on Youtube! Guess what? These fans cost 10 bucks! Who cares? Do you sell vintage fans for 10 bucks?

nick cali: you said it brother or sister whatever u are. BUT why cant others understand?

nick cali: ya this is a good idea who cares if it push or pull. i did mine the pulling way so that i hopethe fan stays cleaner so it will last a bit longer. alll the dust wears on the electric motor. and bearings( depending on your fan). i have one on muy wood stove that is ran vby the up draft of heating so i save a tiny bit 5 months a year.

nick cali: dude your an idiot

nick cali: dude thats what i thought> but after doing research thats how the indoor air gets dirty its bst to leave the air inside inside. and out side air out. but one should clean the air thats inside. if that makes since.

Dan S.: Is the filter more effective when placed at the rear of the fan vs. the front?

wanderer1031: more can be done pulling than pushing. i think. also, the best fans are found on cars. blower motor squirell cage or the rad. cond. fans. tough and powerful. just unsightly.

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