Minecraft Pe Automatic GOLD FARM

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annyske007: Yea im working on tutorizl hopefuly released today

TheLivingThing: All you need to do is build the structure, and activate the reactors with a third party app. For android its: pocketinveditor. But I'll let annyske tell you how to do it for iOS.


annyske007: Lol i did not test them all yet :) but itvwas a nice skin i have to say

Firebolt452: I want to see tutorial

annyske007: Lol i just did that to stop people comenting thatthey are the first cuz that has nothin to do with video :D

mrpancakemaker1: It has 80 likes! xD

annyske007: Tutorial soon :D

Trains: Y when i downloaded it i can't use it :P

annyske007: Yea i made in creative and like gor tutorial ( if u guyskeep liking in this speed i have to make the tutorial today)

Its_Wolfe: Why does it spawn skeletons for me??It super lags :(

Tlmao Studios: Cool

KelvinPLAYZMinecrafTZ: U spelled how wrong


patriots20002: good. This looks awesome!!

Tlmao Studios: Did you do this on creative then switch to survival if you didnt its easy PLEASE PUT TUTIORIAL

Viktor Aberg: i did not know that you can do this on ios

Zeporium: Coo

Italobrothers17: oooOooh cool thats the Skin i made fot Annyske :D

Tlmao Studios: Got it its awsome

annyske007: Peacefull mode

AngryBirdsRovio: Third...?

annyske007: Trololololololol

annyske007: First

UpFizzed: To get them to spawn does it have to be above the ground?

Joey Tigani: I need gold

AngryBirdsRovio: First like

annyske007: maybe u was in peaceful mode

Marvin: I couldn't see any pig zombies spawning after I downloaded the map

grady schmiedecke: how do you make the spawner

Italobrothers17: Haha thanks !

Zeporium: Cool

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minecraft pe automatic GOLD FARM 4.8 out of 5

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