GoPro Hero3 Freezing Fix & Hero2 Freezing Fix

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John Burke: thank you

Basil Gan: It's been 3 years now. They are aware of the problem and we can conclude gopro is being greedy and care less about customer experience.

Brian Ferrini: here is the real way to fix in 2 steps!

devonbiker: I have a freezing GoPro HD2. It started freezing after I bought it but it must had been after updates because it started out OK. I own 2x HD2's but only one freezes. My concern is that if I follow your downgrade firmware fix then that will mess with my new WiFi backpac's surely? In other words, you have to have the latest firmware to make the backpacs work.

weber head: my hero2 used to not turn on and stuff badly,  the fix was to firmly hit the back of the camera on a table, and it would turn on!  i have not had to hit the camera for a few years now,  (it knows what it will get lol).

MgpMontville: Thats a GREAT fix if you are underwater, or falling at 200km/hr!!! Am so sick of the latest and greatest tech, my original Go Pro had virtually NIL issues compared to this new CRAP. GRRRRRR!!!!

GasserGlass: AGREED......Total Hunks of crap.......My White Hero 3 froze up INSTANTLY....I bought it today (Sept 8th 2013) and the freeze problems should have been fixed long before I bought it or have been told that they have a freeze problem...I was told by the salesman that it is a Great Camera...hehahaha...Wait till I put my hands on his neck tomorrow (40 miles away!).... BEST buys will have another refund tomorrow....and might pay my gas bill!?!?!?

Bo Brahim: my go pro 2 is freezing

oscarthediver: i have a hero2 and just got a hero3 silver edition. lets just say I have NEVER had any issues with the hero2!, hero3 in my opinion SUCKS! I will be selling my hero3 on ebay and getting another hero2 instead! Sometimes simpler is BETTER!

15sixmedia: Spent over AU$500.00 on the Hero3 Black Edition and accessories, pissed off to learn that it is the largest piece of crap I could have ever purchased in my life.

soulreaper1017: Yeah I did the firmware 3 times . Twice I bought new chips. Now I just dud the hard reset so now I gotta buy a new chip again. I hope for the best

soulreaper1017: I have had my GoPro 3 silver for about 2 months now barely got a chance to record any video because it always freezes I have a Ultra 16 gig in a Ultra 64 gig they both let me take plenty of pictures but when it comes to videos it will only record what it wants and stops when it wants very frustrating please help me

B Tankful: @ Marcelo Resala ifixit dot com/Teardown/GoPro+HD+Hero3+Teardown/12457/1

B Tankful: Bought a GoPro Hero 3 (White). Updated firmware. Set it to come up in Camera mode. Put in a new microSD 64GB (class 10). 1st battery worked fine. Charged battery. on the second use, Hero3 shut off at random. Only 1st clipped worked. Battery lasted 27 min. Frustrated! Today, put in 32Gb microSD. Suddenly, everything worked as it should! Saved in 1.99GB clips. Battery went 2.5 hrs. Saved last clip before shutdown. Does NOT work with 64GB memory!! Does the black play nice with 64GB?

Mick McKenzie: Same problem as everyone else. I would not recommend GoPro to anyone unless they get this problem resolved. In the mean time I am looking for another camera. At the moment, Hero3 is a piece of crap.

vinnie gibbs: My go pro freezes at 10-12 seconds

Oscar Frosteryd: Mine is freesing.

Marcelo Resala: Hey! I bought a GoPro Hero 3 and it suddenly stopped working (it doesn't charge the battery) The guys at GoPro doesn't want to help me since I don't have the receipt, so I will try to fix it myself. Do you have a tutorial on how to open a camera? Thx

Flammefaen: You sir saved my day. The older firware works smooth! Very easy fix thanks for linking the old firmware!

vaajchang: That is my only complaint tho, otherwise it's an awesome cam.

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GoPro Hero3 Freezing Fix & Hero2 Freezing Fix 5 out of 5

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GoPro Hero 3 Freeze Up Fix
GoPro Hero 3 Freeze Up Fix
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GoPro Hero3 Freezing Problem Fixed?
hero3 freezing and hard reset method
hero3 freezing and hard reset method
(RESOLVED) GoPro Hero 3 Black freezes / locks up after one second.
(RESOLVED) GoPro Hero 3 Black freezes / locks up after one second.
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GoPro Hero 3+ Freezing Issue FIX

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