Proscan 7inch Tablet Review

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Norah Aranibar: Hi there Nick!!
Just was given a Proscan PLT7650G, considering it was gift, I sort of like it.
I have a favourite website, JW Library, that features a number videos, for some reason once I do go into the website and try to play the featured videos, they do not play.
Can you give some advice?
Do I need to download a compatible video player?

Roy Cooper: This is the worst piece of crap I've bought.  I'm having some of the same problems of other purchasers. Screen freezes, wont open apps, take too long to bring up internet.  It would not open the apps that came with the tablet.  Awful tablet and I will be returning it.

Brenda Jollymore: I have z PL7810K-B with a case that has a keyboard. does anyone know how to switch from the laptop keyboard to the case keyboard. I have forgotten the keystrokes to do it. Thanks. Brenda2....

Gigi Schuster: You can't do crap with this a Samsung 6 does better than this crap, once finger prints occur you can't use screen have to wipe it clean over, n over its ridiculous rather have a mp3 than this cheap crap

Gigi Schuster: It's a nock off cheap crap and I have Internet but stupid thing continues to stop freeze and not get in and out of app. Hate it returning mine can't even tap my things at all on it

Howard Nauss: I have the ProScan 7100G unit and seems to work OK - little slow at times but, seems to work properly, despite short battery life (prob due to apps). Have you or anyone else ever tried a web cam vis the micro usb ? Like to use but, don't know which Android app would be best for image capture ? Suggestions ?

Charles Bytheway: This thing drain a battery really quick, need to have is connected to power all the time

Naughty Stranger: You can pick this up on ebay for $19.99 + Free shipping. Its Target selling them via ebay so its not off some random person, its brand new by a real store.

DranknMyDailyTea: my dad just picked up once for 39.99!

Soldier53flyer: Does this one have a GPS?

Terry: Mine(PLT7777G) turned into a brick after using it for about 2 months---DO NOT BUY--Company website was no help at all--will not reset

Linda Allsop: How do you read or  copy a USB key on this Proscan iPad? 

Jeremiah Dawkins: Listen no one cares what u dont like man get over it stop telling people to stop buying them the tablet is good

Apple Crave: well it is smooth because it runs android 4.1 jellybean and that there is meant
to make the graphics run smoother than later versions.

Rocky Cook: This one is just fair butI would rather spend the extra and have a kindle fire hdx

Larry Stein: An elderly lady in my church has one and the print is all backwards. How can I get it back to standard? She would have to use a mirror to be able to read this. Help please

Kenny Graves: Does it have GPS?

mark grondinger: how well does it stream?

Family Vlogs: My tablet freezes when I turn it off so I have to reboot it helllppppp!!!!!

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Proscan 7inch tablet review 5 out of 5

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Proscan 7 Inch Tablet Review
Proscan 7 Inch Tablet Review
Proscan 7inch tablet review
Proscan 7inch tablet review
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