Straight Talk LG Optimus Dynamic Review

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Yusuf Axmed: do a video about ringtone

Snacker 101: does this phone lag at all

Thomas Webb: can it play CSR Racing on this phone

Brian platt: this phone was a piece of crap it didn't have no space what so ever no wonder they took it off the shelves one week after

AssasinCookie21: I'm using this type of phone to watch this

AssasinCookie21: I have this type of phone

StephLette212 Ann: This is the phone I am getting from straight talk it was free online, it should be here in two days. Now I need to find a protective case/cover for it I hate searching for those.

sarah conley: How do I screen shot

Boo Yahu: You get to Google search (typed, C&P, or voice) by pressing & holding the leftmost bottom button (the context-specific menu one).

As for storage space, I installed and use an IP Cam remote viewer/controller/recorder app, a PogoPlug (NAS-lite) app, NetGear Genie app (to control and access my LAN), Qello app (live concert recordings), Clean Master app, MX Player app (play videos from my LAN to the L38C or to my TV via BD player), Sound Booster app, SleepBot app, Battery Doctor app, and AppMgr III app (to access files on phone and move apps to SD card; about half will transfer using Android 2.3).

So not quite "no space". But it's tight. And I have nearly zero space for saving contacts or messages, but I don't need that on my phone... And there's also very little memory available (esp. if you don't kill crapps that steal memory, storage space, and minutes while I'm not looking). I think it's 1GB memory and 2GB for internal (not micro SD) storage, just for the basics and a bit more. For the price ($80 for a 1y - 1,200 [min,txt,MB] AND the phone from A or the shopping channel, it's hard to beat.

Retro Axis: Phone is trash

shadesofsylar: Does it have a sim card?

joseph dunn: I have a 16gigabyte micro-sd card, does this phone accept them too?

Felicia Stevens: Ware do u put simcard

RavenTheGoddess - Main Profile: Funny thing... I'm using the LG Optimus Dynamic to watch this video

Jack Economous: the radio is a pioneer in my 98 Chevy s-10 4x4

Jack Economous: how do I find the code my radio ask for to pair my cell phone to me car radio they are both blue tooty

Ryan Minton: Performance on this phone is god awful. The only plus side to it is how freaking durable it is.

TechHeadsL7: does navigation use the tracfone minutes?

Makayla Davenport: how does the back open?

C Tucker: Can you play MP3's as your alarm media?

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Straight Talk LG Optimus Dynamic Review 5 out of 5

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