Gran Turismo 5 Garage Editor V1.3.1

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andrew prehay: im getting an error message when i try to open the file ??/

Giorgos Mon: i have a problem... i open the garage editor.. and all is blanked.. i cant edit nothing

officalDeanoman 747: THIS IS 1.0.0!

MegaGamingtoday: Thank you so much It, s realy working

pulpfictionost: If you've installed the .dll, and tried a fresh save, and it still wont work. zip up the save, upload to mediafire & send me the link. I will tell you if its a bug in the app which I will then fix, or if the problem is on your end. :)

Killyoars: Macs? I can't open the file with my mac

Farren Shepherd: can I still fix it?

1987mattjw: click on the tuning sheet, then click on HP multi and multiply your base HP by what you want, so if you have 500hp x 2 ='s 1000 hp...

officialUnAbleCLAN .: no matter what car i chose it didnt work ive switched engines multiple times changed cars it wont let me past the gt5 loading screen i get the same result no matter what change i make beggining to get annoying now

BigAD187: Please answer my quetion

justin ramos: once i close garage what do i do?

xpeacockx: Super easy thanks for making it so simplified. My only question is how is the BHP multi work. There's no relation or proposed value to work off of

Gabriel Serrano: change the grip to 150

Gabriel Serrano: thanks. and how do you remove them?

CRIMNALSNEAK: WHY WONT IT LOAD, i put the .dll in the damn folder and i continue to get the same errors over and over again WHY

jokerhit1524: I go to oil change and it won't let me so what do I do cuz after I leave it goes back to the regular lambo

pulpfictionost: Swap Layout & LSD from a 4WD car on the left. Then go to the tune sheet and give the car LSD figures & a Trq. figure.

Ross Kearney: This app is amaze balls! I was able to put a 1.6 lite engine in micra, tint the windows and lower the suspension. #0-60in14secs

sammaa1997: That's was joke but there no nitrous for Gran Turismo 5. However, there is nitrous for Redbull x because they are almost same. Jet engine and Nitrous inject into pipe inside hood give you more 300 HP for temporarily.

Adri Marax: PARTS @_330_333 - Wing @_314_317 - Hood INTAKE @_290_293 - intake Manifold @_302_305 - Air filter EXHAUST @_294_297 - Exhaust Manifold @_298_301 - Catalytic Converter @_266_269 - Exhaust rear Can anybody else add? it took my an hour to get all these

guwapo90: u can tweek the grip multiplier or put more values on ur tires to have softer tires than the super soft.

Matthew Long: thank you, thank you, thank you this version works with my save

BigAD187: excuse me, i've just a question how do i get my game save in PC if my game save is on my PS3?

Ben031295: i cant install engine stage 5.........

burberry850: what does last 14 items after clutch edit? im confuse on that,

ScottR 98: please answer

Joyser Acero: how do i make my civic go 999mph

alonso martinez: you put the game save in a USB then put it on the PC

pulpfictionost: you might have created some messed up car. Ive done that before. You have a backup right.. !

pulpfictionost: cool the beans brah, sound is copyright, unless I sing my own original tune.

Rhys Stuckey: @pulpfictionost how do u make it a negative pp?

XXXINFAMOUSXXX1: How do you use nitrous?

Fvbkings97: And where are the turbo numbers? Is it in the same line as the chassis and engine?? And in what number do i need to change it?

pulpfictionost: No

Motion: yes

Jan Erik Kristiansen: Any clue yet on how to remove livery? I think the Lister Storm would look pretty slick without the livery, is it just me that has this opinion?

guwapo90: how do u get the ceramic brakes on?

pulpfictionost: you probably didn't "Close Garage"

high 8 high: Hi, : I want change 2009 GT-R weight only I mean GT-R engine, gear, body, but weight of Fiat 68

Brandon Wildman: Sooo do you know anything about the "Something went wrong: Error 402?

Brandon P: how do i do an engine swap?


Adri Marax: I want to do this. Does this affect my ps3 or the game at all afterwards?

Robitussin Ethanol: Cant seem to get anything to save. I close the garage when finished. Do I use the backup save or the actual save and put it on the USB.

MrGillystar: This aint v1.3.1

Ross Kearney: You got something against sound, pure freaking sicko!!!

jdmisnismo123: i cant see the tune or clipboard option

Trenton Brown: gonna have to delete the game data and restart all over again.

Rhys Stuckey: how do u make it a negative pp?

Sergei Punisher: how do i convert cars to 4WD, some numbers would be appreciated and also could you please tell me where i could find the rim numbers and colour codes, would mean alot.. thanks

Gran Turismo 5 Garage Editor v1.3.1 4.6 out of 5

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