Archangel Remington 700 Stock With Detachable Magazine First Shots

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BoostedTT91: Will this fit the adl? Looking to switch to a box magazine and this would be perfect if it included everything with the stock

Mikhail Faustin: Why didn't they add the same style bipod to the Mosin stock?

crossan008: All that is needed for m14 mags to work is a MM of metal dremeled off of the bottom of the latching tab on the mag 

DeJuan BoClaire: I want one.

urlong: Is un-modified m14 magazine can be used in this stock? If so 5 round magazine would fit in there? It seem like if m14 short magazine goes in there, it would be hard to pull it out.

mixflip: Actually its not. You might be thinking of the billet aluminum JAE stock that costs about $1000 to $1500? Archangel specializes in polymer stocks that are USA made and built with very good quality at an affordable price. I like to consider them feature packed products for us regular guys. The Archangel stock is less than $400.

SVTsupercharged: Looks like a giant piece of plastic...and that bipod looks horrible.

Tactical Butler: I wish someone would come up with a comparable capacity magazine and setup for 300 Win Mag.

mixflip: The bipod is meant to be extremely low profile and quick to deploy. Anything that is smaller, thinner, lighter and faster will almost always weaker than a big bulky version by definition. Its a trade off. Name a flush fit light weight bipod that is equal to a Harris bipod? It doesnt exist. If you want light and fast this is hard to beat.

mixflip: I dont know if they plan to make a 30-06 version? I'd like one though.

arreshavoc: Is there anyway to add a aftermarket bipod? I would buy this instantly if I didn't have to use the built in bipod, or they had an option without.

PANAGIOTIS KAKARIS: What doess the whole gun weigh? (not just the stock)

TheROOKvoice: that thing looks AWESOME!!!

mixflip: Me too. feature packed, affordable, made in the USA...whats not to love.

RJTINNC: They need to offer this witout the built in bipod.

ed spudinski: so bad ass!!

rls303: Looks good... now off-to google Archangel...

1232shooter2: I'm impressed

AJ Klem: Ok so i just actually finished watching it yes m14 mag.... is it possible to mod your own m14 mags or are the tolerances too tight?

gidian: DO WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

misfitmatt96: That stock is more expensive than the gun and scope combined.

madmacc040: 308 recoil throwing that rifle around quite a bit. Anyone else notice?Lighter not necessarily better for me.

mixflip: Lol this stock is polymer not aluminum and titanium, it doesnt have changeable grips, it has a completely diffrent shaped cheek riser, it doesnt have a monopod rail on the rear, it doesnt have a bipod mount in the front, it has a built in light weight bipod system that the JAE 700 doesnt and the mags have a single point feed lip setup. How is it a ripoff? 1911 handguns and AR15s are ripped off more than this stock is a rip off of a JAE.

xxDRAGON64xx: I just picked up a Remington 700 SPS Varmint... how long before she can move into an Archangel AA700 w/ Aluminum block? Also, you guys have quite a few vidoes on the new Mosin stock... we need more on this stock specifically showing it run with the standard 10-round magazine. Nice Work!!!!!!!

warlock57345: What model Remington 700?

Tango Down Tx: What is that Remmy clambered in?....308?

MavHunter20XX: That would only be logical. I think there was a video that stated that there will be a rail attachment.

joshua winslow: what caliber is your rifle

eddie morales: where did you find that stock send me the link please and how much!

PotatoMasher: So only the new style Mag's will work, not the surplus M1A's? I was extremely excited about this stock because I thought it would take standard mags. I don't mind scratching brass if it'll interchange mags.

piutesteve: ebay $275.00

snakebite210: i like the way this video was put together

MavHunter20XX: Now if they can do this for the mosin nagant!

mixflip: I'll ad a link to archangel's website now that you mentioned it? Good call.

somekidzenvy: Ok, the tuck away bipod is sexy.

madmacc040: "Change for sake of change" comment was in response to "still look like a Chinese ripoff of..." I absolutely think detachable box mag and integrated bipod is awesome design idea. I'd say dip/coat the "feet" in rubber compound

mixflip: Thanks. I had fun making it.

piutesteve: I agree the bipod looks and feels cheap but It works great. It isn't the perfect bipod. You can put a harris or what ever you want on the gun. That's easy enough but this isn't a bad outfit. I have guns that have the best of the best accessories hangin all over them. They"re great but they end up being somthing that takes you 5 minutes to get out of the bag and set up.This thing is slick, light, and not bad to hunt with. I like it

mixflip: The flush fit bipod really ads usefulness to the rifle for guys who dont want to carry around a big and bulky Harris or other large clamp on bipod.

Trevor Luce: not a fan of that bipod not height adjust. maybe have a non bipod model?

madmacc040: Change for the sake of change is ridiculous. I thoroughly enjoy sending rounds down range with my Scout Squad in the Archangel. Can you address the excessive movement shot after shot recoil. Or is it me being overly critical? Please advise

MasterWitchDoctor: I have a 700 SPS Varmint I am ordering one of these for. I love the rifle, I have it in .308 and in .300 mag. The .308 is getting this stock and mag only because they don't make it for the .300 magnum. Are you listening Archangel? I use a Nikon Monarch 3 6-24x50 scope on the .300 magnum and a Bushnell E6240 on the .308. Both are very nice scopes in my opinion but the Nikon is clearly the better one for range thats why its on the .300. I have one on my Mossberg 4X4 which is also a .300 magnum.

viking9934: still look like a Chinese rip of of the JAE-700. to bad Archangel should have at least changed the stock area so it don't look like a copy

Kuechel: What round is it chambered in?

AJ Klem: Does this take m14 mags?? They look similar?

glockerbob: My that is one beautiful tactacool rifle my friend. love how the bipod just melts into the foregrip and is magazine fed.

eddie morales: i need that stock for my R700 i wonder if they make it for the 30-06?

SVTsupercharged: That bipod looks flimsy and cheap as hell.

mixflip: They are modified M14 mags. ProMag makes M14 mags so it was easy for them to develop m14 mages that feed into a single stack at the top.

mixflip: I dont think Archangel is changing for the sake of changing. Someone thought it would be nice to have the option of a box mag and a light weight integral bipod for a Remington 700 bolt gun. As far as I know there is no one else out there offering both those features. As for the movement, the legs had no grip on the table. Shooters were complaining about the range chairs also. They were way too high and shooters had a hard time getting in a good position.

Archangel Remington 700 stock with detachable magazine first shots 4.7 out of 5

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Archangel Remington 700 stock with detachable magazine first shots
Archangel Remington 700 stock with detachable magazine first shots
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