Archangel Remington 700 Stock With Detachable Magazine First Shots

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Donald Wood: good shooting, especially since that table top is not a good surface for the bi-pod to be really effective. skids, and should be more dug into the surface for stability. Nice looking stock. I'll have to look into it. i have an old rem 722 that was rechambered to 223

James Wells: Does it come with a magazine?

Spike Spikester: I'm sorry but my Remington 700 PSS circa 2007 @ 100 yards with a Simmons Scope, I smoked those groups with it. And you guys shoot a lot more than I do. Not impressive at all.

Tier1Norseman: Decatur Shooting Range?

5010tomcat: This bipod jumps like crazy on the bench. I purchased this stock on a full aluminum bed and replaced the bipod with a Harris

Johnn Smyth: Bi-Pods are for softer surfaces I've found. Try it with the forearm on a sandbag and you'll see a definite improvement. I did.

Randy H: I have several M14 mags. as I was told by an AA rep that they would work... but they do not work well at all..... very disappointed in cust support with promag

Cody Knapp: Are they going to make this in long action? (7mm mag)

Bobby Fleming: look sexy, but the only issue is the intergrated bi pod legs are fixed, so your not able to adjust to a lower height, which in a match will be an issue.

Cam W: Like the stock. Might have had some thrown off first shots with the lack of trigger squeeze follow through. A must for precision shooting

Johnn Smyth: I have a problem with this stock. For one, I received One 10 Round magazine with my stock. There's nothing wrong with the stock itself, but where do you do to get replacement or additional magazines for this? **I see in the video that you've got a 20 round M1A Springfield magazine in the mag well. Question: Where did you send your M1A Magazines to get them reshaped in order to fit into this stock correctly? An M1A magazine Will NOT fit in this stock. The Retaining Ears are too wide and therefore the magazine will not lock into place. How did you overcome this problem? If you didn't, where can I go to purchase additional magazines for my 700?

Little bit of everything: For the price your paying this is very good stock. Im just waiting for them to make it for remington long action they said couple more month. Any info on how much is the total weight of stock ?????

75ShadowShooter: that background music is F***ing annoying! 

luey: Will a 5 round mag fit in this? In New Zealand we are not allowed over 7 rounds on a standard license,it is perfectly legal to own any capacity magazine but if you put into an unregistered firearm it becomes illegal, terrible i know, but im not to keen on the hogue stock my r700 came with.

crossan008: All that is needed for m14 mags to work is a MM of metal dremeled off of the bottom of the latching tab on the mag

BoostedTT91: Will this fit the adl? Looking to switch to a box magazine and this would be perfect if it included everything with the stock

DeJuan BoClaire: I want one.

Mikhail Faustin: Why didn't they add the same style bipod to the Mosin stock?

mixflip: The bipod is meant to be extremely low profile and quick to deploy. Anything that is smaller, thinner, lighter and faster will almost always weaker than a big bulky version by definition. Its a trade off. Name a flush fit light weight bipod that is equal to a Harris bipod? It doesnt exist. If you want light and fast this is hard to beat.

piutesteve: I agree the bipod looks and feels cheap but It works great. It isn't the perfect bipod. You can put a harris or what ever you want on the gun. That's easy enough but this isn't a bad outfit. I have guns that have the best of the best accessories hangin all over them. They"re great but they end up being somthing that takes you 5 minutes to get out of the bag and set up.This thing is slick, light, and not bad to hunt with. I like it

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Archangel Remington 700 stock with detachable magazine first shots 5 out of 5

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