Lever Action Rifles For Survival

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David Aaron: What do you think about people putting a red dot scope or scopes like that on 30 30s?

charles leskie: One thing I like about the Marlin 336 or 1894 is that they are dam near indestructible They are easy to strip and clean as well. I have a 336 that is 35 years old and it has never had a single failure. Even my AR can be finiky. The marlin is the most dependable gun I own and that means a lot in SGTF

James Paulaski: Wow this video is over 7 years old

dowdawg: Best all around rifle to have minus the scope on that thing!!!

Liberal Mind: Survival sounds cool but do you have an endless supply of bullets ?

gregorysoule: Excellent style of gun. They are wonderful examples of simplicity and reliability. That along with fun to shoot, affordable ammo and plenty of rounds for realistic situations and they are pretty much my perfect SHTF gun!

Jam Handy: Lever guns... no problem for home defense. You wouldn't even need the scope for inside the home type home defense. If the bad guys are 150 yards out, the cops and lawyers are going to ask you why you are shooting at them from that distance. But if trying to feed your family with a deer, 150 yards is about right with the scope. -- He made several good points, but I noticed he repeated some stuff several times. Not a bad video to give folks a heads up that what they might already have in their gun cabinet, or maybe what grandpa handed down to them, can defend their wife and kids... not everybody needs to go run out there and buy an AK-47 or AR-15. -- Someone posted they live in an apartment and a shotgun works for them... lots of nice 18" barrel, maneuverable shotguns for home defense. Best tip to share of all is for folks to get SOMETHING to defend themselves. In today's climate of riots and protests and looters coming out of the woodworks because they don't like somebody getting shot because they are a felon and resisting arrest, etc... best to have something ready to fend off the evil that is out there.

Ronald Dunne: I'd like to get one in .50 S&W.. that would be a blast and maybe get harder-hitting at longer ranges than the .357 or .44 mag.

hootiekai: Try to do a Marlin 45-70 SBL review when you can. I bought one in Feb 2017 and it did take about a week of some serious loving to get it into shape both inside and out but now its perfect. The QC on the Marlins still needs some honest reflection/resolution on the part of Remington to bring them back/up to the price and reputation they once had. If i had received it in the shape it is now after polishing the pickleens inside and out I would not hesitate to recommend it at a higher price than current asking, however unless you are a gun nut and don't mind investing time and elbow grease into making a classic one of your very own i would suggest looking elsewhere, at least at this point in time.

Joseph Fiorenzo: I am a big proponent of this logic and love that gun as as a companion to my carry recover. Great video too. In my opinion Marlin's side ejection and side loading gate makes it the best candidate for a lever survival gun. I think it is inevitable that other manufacturers not providing these features are losing business.

Alexander Moffitt: Did he really just say a 30-30 is only good to 150 yards? That hilarious, they can go over double that with ease. Iraqveteran8888 has shot shotguns and .22's out farther than 150 yards. Some people just don't know what they're talking about.

Wheels65: Its not intimadating unless your a American Indian!

rusty gray: Sootch had hair!!!!!!

Rob Tolley: quick detach rings, and that Leopold 3 x 9 sabr, 300 yes it is ment to be.

MsScruffy4: Did you say that rifle is a Winchester 94- is not the eject on the top- blocked by the scope? How does that work?

big mike: you video thumb nail is no good.

Michael Taylor: 45-70 any day of the week

That Dude: This video is very good quality for its age

Tim Hood: In the early 90's Winchester changed the Model 94 to an angle eject which allows you to mount the scope on top of the receiver instead of the side and they come pre tapped for one as well! Just passing that along!

Angelus Avila: would you recommend perdesoli lever action rifles

Lever Action Rifles for Survival 5 out of 5

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