DIY Intex Seahawk 4 Inflatable Custom Bass Boat Mod

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SuperKendall100: I'm sorry. That is draconian to charge for a Title fee for a inflatable raft. I would tell them to stick it where the sun didn't shine before I would pay that. I mean sorry for my language but freak the hell right off Pennsylvania. I live in Oregon and if you have a 5hp. motor or larger then you have to license the boat. But just to float around. freak that. I would move and leave the state or just not comply. That's the trouble with this country. People just keep taking it the ass without Vaseline and keep on taking it. Time to stop.

Carlo Lupi: Hi Tris, this video is great. Would you kindly share it on my UK based FB group ‘South coast inflatable boats’. I have a lot of members that would love your work. Cheers matey

Kegir Pogan: I will like to share something with you all. I run a business as a carpenter for different people doing all sorts of things like doors, but I must say building my boat with the help of “my boat plan” gives me such happiness!!! I also have lots [Check Details Here==> ] of other hobbies but working on the boat gives me a thrill. Thanks to them.

Patrick York: Have u had any problems with hooks getting in the vinyl

paul gillespie: like your boat. how did you get it titled? in wv we have to title also but they said i have to have a point of origin paper. is there another way to do it?

Alpha_Omega: semantics

Alpha_Omega: hey could you give me the scenarios for how you did the mount

C moore: I have been an inflatable owner for almost 40 years. At first it was strictly for ponds in the late 70's. Since then I have had several 2 man fiberglass and plastic boats including the coleman crawdad and the original bass buster. I have noticed that almost every video you ever see about inflatables falls into a couple different groups. There are exceptions but most are either by someone that either gets them free or gets paid for using them or from the first time owner that is either showing his project or right after he finished. I made one last summer while I was fishing and actually punctured the boat while I made it. Since Sea Eagle was so good with advice, I didn't post it. There are a few things everyone should know. They do puncture and are nowhere near as tough as they want you to think. They can be a bitch to patch. You need to use plumbers glue for pvc and not rubber cement. Also, Don't expect to use it for at least 4 hours afterward. Next, you probably won't ever get the boat completely deflated where you can get it back into as small an area as it came in, like the carry bag. Lastly, they cost considerably more than a hard boat. My sea eagle fpb 285 was about $700 with the floor and seat. Third, unless you spend the money to get a good battery pump, designed for rafts and air mattresses, expect a good workout. The people I know leave them inflated in the garage and just throw them in the back of the pickup. Assuming you got it deflated and it would fit in your car, do you really want that nasty thing in the back of your $40,000 SUV? I just think that everyone should consider everything. If you mount a trolling motor, as I did, in most states it becomes a boat and you have to tag it. If you bought it used, did you get a title? You need one. In most cases the best all around choice is going to be a 10 or 12 foot john boat. They fit into a pickup, cost less and never need patching.They are easy to row and you can drag one about anywhere. Their downside is if you don't have a pickup, you need a trailer. Have a great day.

Maurice Riley: Hello, I wanted to know how thick is the motor mount "wood" that the trolling motor sits on?

WVSportingChannel: I just ordered one of these boats and I was wondering about getting it registered with a title. I am wanting to know if it comes with the MSO papers to take to the dmv.

Andrew Hucks: Im very interested in how you utilized the PVC frame under the floor? Can you give some rough plans? Either in a video or just a comment here? I will be checking this video daily. Thank you

ILLFLOWnyc: Nice job thanks for the post....I have extra 1 1/4 pvc do you think that will fit fine. I have not unboxed my SE4 yet but I am looking forward to starting this project this weekend.

since1983april: nice custom boat

robert ledbetter: do think I could catch crabs on that boat with a troutline rig


edilson rodrigues garcia: MELHOR COMPRAR UM BARCO JA PRONTE NÉ!

aacfoo: for the seating worries and weight you may be able to get away with a small cooler under the seat

410 Q: Just ordered my seahawk4 from amazon.on sale for 50 bucks. Cant wait to get it. Want to use pvc but i want to split in half and glue flat side to wood so i dont have to transport pvc and wood separate

audiomartini: question for you guys...i want to make a canopy for my intex mariner 4. my thought was to put pvc pipe in the rod holders;attach a tarp with grommits to the top and use cord to lash down the tarp using the front and back you think that would work?

gbirt727: Hey man how can I get the plans for the PVC frame and floor dimensions for this ? Thanks>

DIY Intex Seahawk 4 Inflatable Custom Bass Boat mod 5 out of 5

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DIY Intex Seahawk 4 Inflatable Custom Bass Boat mod
DIY Intex Seahawk 4 Inflatable Custom Bass Boat mod
Diy Custom Bass Boat Inflatable Mod Seahawk 4 Inflatable
Diy Custom Bass Boat Inflatable Mod Seahawk 4 Inflatable
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