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Capo primo: You sweethearts making better $$ with Mrtarget .? Since you left shoot steel.??

deerhunter5225: 1:16 dat walk

wwwiggles: This is one Bad little Bitch !!! I mean that in the most sincere way !!

Billy: Just got these targets what do you think the closest distance I can safely shoot these with 5.56??

LBOE OUTDOORS: just checked out their website. definatly the cheapest steel targets ive come across online thanks

AppendixCarryOG: what are the knock down targets standing on?...are they just clay pigeon holders?

THEUSSOG: Hey Bro were using FMJ's? I looking into some steal targets for my sgl21 but worried about shooting fmj at them.

islandsoljahz: Perfect! I was looking for some steel targets, I'll check them out!

hoovw: Can/do you use the surplus 5.45x39 hp rounds on the steel targets?

Range Time TS: Oh yeah you can

murphman757: can you hear the ring that the steel makes through hearing protection, even if your standing 100-200 yards back?

TodaysBushcraft: Where is Erika's pink holster?

billz1rtc: Nice Range. I'm jealous ours is only 50yds it's fine for pistols but Rifles get a little boring, Time to get the chainsaw out.

21emaxwell: Awe thanks! I still have a long way to go

shakeyfly: Cory you lucky summa bitch....

Range Time TS: Thanks man

Bluetunder40: Wow awesome shooting ,,Nice Job

MrCabdriver1245: Nice work as always!:)

Pyrotech56: Love the shoutout to Honolulu (my home!). Hoping we can see more reactive targets soon! Blow some sh** up! :)

21emaxwell: Thank you very much! Cory has truly been great! I know a few months ago I would have freaked out making a mistake and looked to Cory for answers

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Range Time with Cory & Erika - Shootsteel.com 5 out of 5

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Erika Update - Baby News & EDC Gear
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Range Time Shirts Available!!
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Q&A with Erika Part 1
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100.000 Subscriber & PIG UCR Winner!!

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