How To Unroot/Unbrick Galaxy Note 5!

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Owe Foe: what if i want to wipe reset my phone will it let me?

Jordan Miclat: Thankkkk youuuuu so muchhhhh dude!

Jordan Miclat: is it going to ask for samsung account once booted?

Marcelo Benitez: it fails at modem.bin. what should i do?!

Nicholas Thomas: Hey how do i get it back in Odin mode after i try to unbrick and it didn't work?

MellZ Life: why do people root devices

OceanBreeze: But it is not unrooting, It is the stock firmware restoration. Samsung Health on my phone still says the device is rooted.

carloseraso517: omg thanks!!!!! u save me


ZigZou: How long is it supposed to be rebooting for? it has been like 10 minutes till mine has been rebooting

Josue Badillo: can i not downgrade with odin??

Kim Canales: I had to find the firmware link somewhere else by googleing it, however, the rest of your instructions were SPOT ON! Thank you for fixing my phone!

David T.: Hello, I have N920T, rooted with your guide and installed Khongloid Final custom ROM 7.0. Now I want to unroot it and get it back to stock ROM, so will this procedure works if I download the latest 7.0 Stock firmware from ? Regards

ashton parris: Where can I get stock firmware for n920a

PapaZhongs: whenever i try doing this odin stops on "NAND write start"

Ahmed greynoon: Will you be able to update to Android 7 after unroot ?

Martin Berlanga: I have my note 5 T Mobile model N920T, but rooted and custom Rom on new FW can I unroot and go back to stock using this method even tho is old?

Mary Cook: I'm ready to pull my damn hair out. I have watched a million videos, looked up a million links, stopped into 5 repair shops and Verizon. No one knows what the problem with my phone is. MAYBE you do. Here are the details.

Note 5, SM-N920V

Bought it off ebay and was told the screen flickers and needs repair. I have never been able to set it up for myself.

What I get: Sometimes screen doesn't turn on at all. Sometimes it does and is crystal clear. Sometimes only top half flickers. Sometimes it only stays black but will vibrate and I can hear some tutorial playing.

What I have done:
Volume up + Power
Volume down + Power
Both volumes + Power
Volume up + home + power
Tapped it
Tapped the power key
Battery drain
Full charge
Squeezed all the way around while the teaser set up screen is showing, looking for glitches at certain spots on the phone.

The results with all of the above have random responses such as:
Boots up to setup screen. I select English then it tells me it can only make emergency calls comes up and says I need to go somewhere with more signal when I have full signal with 0 other options.
Boots up to tutorial screen that is not helpful at all
Doesn't boot up at all (no Samsung logo appears)
Boots up black but home and back key light up. I hit the power button and charging light comes on. I hit the power button again and set up screen to emergency call only screen.
Black screen with DOS font giving only 4 options. Restart. Restart in safe mode. Factory reset. Power off.
When I select restart in safe mode, the power up with select language then emergency call comes back.
When I select factory reset, sometimes the select language/emergency call shows, sometimes it says partition corrupt.
I never get the option to clear partition/wipe partition.

I have suspected the motherboard (one of the 2) but can't figure out how to know for sure. At repair places, all they tell me is they do screens or something basic. No one seems to be able to actually diagnose it. I'm about to cut my losses (I paid $130 for it. The seller gave me the option to back out before purchasing it but by his description, it seemed like an easy fix)

ANY help, advice would be fantastic. Even if it is to just turn it into a paperweight.

HERRY_6.7: need factory reset or not?

Frank Melian: I did the first tutorial and now my phone says frp locked and I can't it can i get some help fixing this.

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How to Unroot/Unbrick Galaxy Note 5! 5 out of 5

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