One Of Many Ways To Change The Headlight Bulb On A 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

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Ian Aintsaying: Yeah, GM REALLY over-engineered the headlights on these trucks. WTF GM?

Daryn Bryant: 07 k1500 passenger side all you need to do is just pull up the air filter to the side and you got plenty of room to reach bulb save time and money takes like less than 10 minutes

JxxS LxxH: I wish I would have known about this before I traded in my 2005 Silverado. What a terrible design for the new trucks. I have a 2013 which is the same as your truck. My 2005 I could change all the lights out just as fast as I could get the pins pulled and the bulbs replaced. This new body style for maintenance really sucks. I can access the passenger side by moving the air cleaner box out of the way. The driver side is blocked by the washer fluid tank. yuck!!!

crlaw75: The '16 models look a lot easier to change compared to these ones and it's only a single bulb instead of a stacked unit.

alex gutzmer: could someone please tell me this ASAP, so i have a 2007 chevy k2500 classic, which is the 2500hd, and when i pop the hood, there is just a simple pin holding the headlights in, I THINK they pop right out but im not sure. Getting the HID top of the line, 50 bucks for a pair of headlights. Will they pop right out???

cougar560427: all you needed to do was reach in by the windshield washer bottle, turn the bulb ccw, unclip the wiring harness, and snap the bulp is out.

chadz34: freak

Theryougo1: Bet the dealership kick back repair costs for this back to Chevy.....

TheComedian03: You made this way more difficult than it actually is. Just reach down in by the washer fluid tank, and pull the bulb out, simple as that. It took me longer to watch this video than it did to change the bulb. 

Mike Conover: I dreaded changing my burned out bulb after watching this video. But on my 2007 silverado I was able to reach in and replace the drivers side without removing anything in less than 5 minutes. The passenger side required removing the air box. It just snaps in and out. Passenger side took maybe 15 minutes.

joey mcknight: On my 07 I dont have to remove all of that to change my bilbs out.. I can reach down behind and change the bulbs,,

crlaw75: I looked under the hood of a '14 Chev truck and it is much easier to change a bulb. The passenger side you might have to take one or two items off to get at the bulbs

crlaw75: The GMCs are easier to change than this. All I did was remove the cover between the headlamp and bumper, loosen the hidden third bolt, worked the cover between the lamp and bumper so it is out, removed the two bolts and pulled the assembly out (the two pins broke on one of them). Didn't have to remove the rad cover. But yes, this design is daunting.

Pete Matte: sorry but you went the long way to change the bulb. I just did mine 10 minutes ago and all you have to do is take out the battery plate on the driver side take out the 10 mill bolt on the washer fluid jug and there is a rod that goes from the fender to the rad support gently pull the washer fluid jug back it moves fair enough to get the bulb out the trick is to unplug the bulb first

Marc Edson: DO NOT GO THROUGH THIS TO CHANGE YOUR BULB!!!! I have the same truck. Remove the 2nd battery (which I don't even have) and there's PLENTY of room to remove the headlamp without doing ANY of this. Be sure the old rubber boot (mine was dark orange) comes off with the burned out bulb. Took me 30 seconds to do...

scruffy26: Well think about it for a second, why would GM design it like this? So that just about everyone will take their truck to their damn dealerships so that they in turn rip you off just to change your burnt out lights! This is just freaking absurd and ridiculous!

crlaw75: My neighbour buddy got a '13 Silverado and I explained to him the steps here that you did to change the bulb. The space is tight and getting the signal bulbs is even worse on these models because of the way the bulbs are (GMC's have an easier access.). What is worse about it is there is a metal bar infront of the bulb, which makes it tough to get at it.

Alex Shibley: i changed mine out on a drilling rig site with only a rusty old fork as a tool. simply reach in directly over the bulb, turn it a quarter turn and pull it out. i took the wiring harness off with a fork (im sure a FLAT HEAD SCREW DRIVER WOULD WORK MUCH BETTER) put the new bulb on and twist it back on. done in under 2 min

Aaron Keller: HAHA... May as well remove a rear bumper, door panel, and your floor mats if you want to take all of these necessary steps. I'm not a small guy and I prefer to just reach below the windshield washer fluid tube for the drivers side and take the cover off the air filter for the passenger side

CptCannibal: Yeah I just pulled my drivers side battery and my hand fit just fine to turn the bulb, replaces the bulb and put the battery back in. It's just a matter of thinking outside the box!!!!

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One of many ways to change the headlight bulb on a  2007 Chevrolet Silverado 2500
One of many ways to change the headlight bulb on a 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 2500
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