MID706 / LY-706 Android Tablet Review

What do you think about this video?

morenomarr: what is the program that you have downloaded with the lightning on you screen and i have a problem when i go to youtube it sais "sorry this video can not be played" is there a solution to this or is it internet problems?

Bman806videos1: @rumble05deleon ok i didnt have market and i got this problem.go to the app store and reinstall WEB FLV then look up youtube.you should be good

Mark Baldridge: Where can you buy this?

axux xu: do you have a video on how to upgrade firmware? is here significant improvemnt on video rsolution?

Alexandru Vladco: Made in China ?

Slavik Lungu: Does this tablet do well with Skype video calling?

raze982: @Ulrich229 If you watched that vid, it was a result of an incorrect attempted root from its native 1.6/1.7 to 1.9, which isn't supported. Plus that guy didn't backup his system so he lost it. That video is linked to a post at the epad forums where he told his sad story Mine is on its way. When i root it, I'll verify that the root works, is proven, and I'll backup prior to testing it.

alktek: @gauharjk hi, you can from me.. i am free china. Our price is 98$ with free shipping to USA. My email address is sales@alktek.com

Ezequiel Gaviria: Hey..do you know where languaje options are? i need to have the spanish version o somehow comfigure this device in spanish, if somebody knows hpw to please tell me. Thanxxx

learnfilms: @Ulrich229 I'm not really sure how the other person bricked theirs, maybe flashed a bad ROM? So far, we haven't had any problems with our unit.

EDGEspace390: i bought this tablet and i just wanted to know does it have the same features as the htc view and the samsung galaxy as far as the same graphics games ect.

Sherry Pascall: how many hour does the charge last with this tablet

masterarindammodak: I have a LY 706.But the problem is i cant access menu.when i press menu key then shows that please sign is with google account.but whenever i tried to sign in then saw that too many patterns attemps.please help me.i am grateful to you.

gazawrc: dailysteals 80 bucks

rumble05deleon: just what to ask about the youtube..because my you tube app is not working?? THE APPLICATION WEB FLV(PROCESS COM.WMT tudouwidget) has stopped unexpectedky. do u know what should i do with that?and where did u download the flash player tnx.

Tổng Hợp Tin Hot Shock: link tuancua.com

Ulrich229: im thinking of buying this, but i saw a vid of another review who bought it and it was bricked after 2 days, can you tell me how yours is still working.

The Internet Guy: I saw this product on Ebay for $130. Do you know where I can get a better price?

john deleon: can anyone pls. help me. I have Chinese characters wanted to change these back to English language look forward to updates that will hopefully fix this. .. God bless to all..

alktek: @gauharjk i am from china. my name is kitty you can buy from our company. This price is 98$ with free shipping to US. My email address is sales@alktek.com

Anthony Lobo: Hi, I have forgotten the password pattern on this phone and would like to reset it to normal. Tried doing a hard reset, however does not work.Is there an alternative way to do this? Please respond. Cheers!! AL

tara rowan: how do you download apps cause i have one got it for christmas

MrDeepmj: Can we use 3g enabled internet phone to connect to MID706 / LY-706 Android Tablet and avail internet?

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MID706 / LY-706 Android Tablet Review 4.7 out of 5

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MID706 / LY-706 Android Tablet Review
MID706 / LY-706 Android Tablet Review
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