H&R Tamer 20 Gauge Shotgun: Lightweight Survival Option

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heinekenboy: paint your front sight red or bio green it will help alot great video man

WaschyNumber1: You're taking befor for safety and you wear no safety glasses(you have only 2 eyes) and please use a different colour for the fonts in your videos i cant read it :-) have fun

mike hodgson: Boring

Kentucky Justice: Yep, that little scattergun is a kicker with a slug. But dog-gone, ain't it a blast to play with!  You might try backing out your bead sight and painting it with a high visibility color of choice, or purchase a high vis sight (they're cheap on Amazon).  Not to be critical, but I would like to see you utilize some eye protection while shooting.  You have a cool little boom stick.  Thanks for sharing.  Happy trails, tight groups and safety first.

eggo man: Add a Pachmayr decellerator slip-on buttpad to your 20-ga Tamer, and your shoulder will thank you. It makes a huge difference,
and will keep you from saying "Ouch" after each shot in your vids.

Jordan Bennett: Try shooting 3 in 1.5 oz 12 gauge shells in a 2lb shotgun

David Balser: thanks for posting.  good job

David Balser: lol Ouch???? its only a 20 gauge.  Try shooting 12 gauge turkey loads. That'll make an ouchie!  lol!  You should wear safety glasses.  Take care.

StandforLiberty: Stock looks a bit short for you.

K Ferndes: The Tamer stock must be too hard for 20 gauges. Other H & R shotguns models  have 22 inch barrels and good recoil pads. The Tamer in .410 is better. The .410 version is a dramatic drop in ballistics. However, the set up for the shotgun is better suited towards the smaller caliber.I like keep adapters in the butt stock shell holder. 9mm & .22 cal.

James Gaul: Where are your glasses, to protect your eyes?!

UltraBeastGaming: 20 gauge is my fave gun over all

Oldcoinsandstuff1: Thanks for replying, I'll continue to check into this but I did call Harrington and Richardson and they said they don't recommend shooting slugs in modified, full, ex full, or improved cyl. My gun is modified and I really don't want to chop it because it's a like new 1970s jr model.

Oldcoinsandstuff1: What choke does that gun have?? I destroyed a nef 12 ga that had a modified choke by shooting slugs out of it

cronos222: I'm not sure if you know about it or if someone has mentioned it but ATI makes an AR type tactical stock & rubber recoil pad for this gun and it made mine ALOT more fun to shoot .

Adam Thacker: All you idiots commenting on how wussy he is and how tough you are have never shot this type of gun and don't know how physics work. The gauge is only part of the equation. A 5.5 lb 20 gauge with will kick much harder than your 7+ lb 12 gauge. Now add to that no recoil pad and shooting slugs and it's worse. If you kids are so tough go get a cheap Rossi 20 gauge and report back after 1 box of slugs.

james cottrell: You can always get a .410 insert.  Then have the option of 20 or .410.

AndyAbez: gun is to low on the shoulder. Bring the gun to the cheek and shoulder behind not the cheek to the gun

Blake Hobson: You kitty it's a 20 I'm 13. And shoot a 12

tazhawn jones: Next time hold it tighter and lean into the shot

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H&R Tamer 20 gauge Shotgun: Lightweight Survival Option 5 out of 5

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H&R Training Professionals
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