AppleTV 2 - Script Error Fix For 1Channel On XBMC

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Alexander Mccormack: I am getting search error and no results on my screen on the apple tv 2 
can anybody help me to stop this please

Tara Fennell: I have uninstalled 1channel accidentally and now can reinstall from my Apple tv2 please HELP

Robyn Casa: OMG, love it. My 1 Channel didn't work for months and now it works fine. Thanks for your help,

ahuntskyhigh: dude your the freakin man. needed to fix my script error for solarmovie addon, on my raspberry pi

Shane Morrow: Didn't work for me ... Any other ideas , it's just on my Apple TV works fine on my PC and ipad !!

jmbow 24: My video plugin error is fix now, thank you so much

jmbow 24: As usual you are the best. Thank you so much

deesk06: Hi, I'm getting a script error for 1 channel as of Nov 15 2013 the author is Bstrdsmkr - Version 2.0.2 please help! Thank you

bashan lawrence: thanks alot you helped me

NURISE PIERRE: I tried today to fix..but said failed to connect to

lon manalo: Im still having the script error with my 1channel.

lon manalo: ive been following you and got a BiG help from yuor videos. But right now, I cant

Crystal Maslow: I did exactly what he video said and 1ch is still saying script error

pantalonesenfuego: Because 1Channel has been hacked, the domain on my 1Channel add-on has been re-routed to the Letmewatchthis one. Everything was fine until this afternoon, when I started getting the script errors again when I tried to search for a TV show to watch. The "Featured" list for TV and movies are up to date, but the "Most Popular" or "Highly Rated" lists also produce script errors. I don't understand.

Chip Pearsall: Where do I find the official website

Gerald L: waste of time

Luke Oliver: whats the link for the website to let us know when the servers will be back up and running? will it just start running again itself? or will we have to do anything? cheers

Lithey: Doing this only made it worse. Normally I can go into the series, choose a season but then when I select and episode the links don't appear and I get a script error. Disabling meta data doesn't even allow me do anything from the search/favourites screen. I start getting script errors there so I can't even see my TV shows.

Hunter Williams: For some reson this isnt working for me. Ive tried uninstalling it and reinstalling the 1 channel plugin. Plz help

Lien Luu: Hi Techs, the channel 1 of my ATV2 now has only 1 movie. Please help, thanks.

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AppleTV 2 - Script Error Fix For 1Channel On XBMC 5 out of 5

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