Toyota Timing Belt

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Badger State: You got ripped off on the idler pulleys.

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Mojo27564: Thanks I’ll try

David Farris: Is it absolutely neccessary to replace both of those expensive pully's?

alexandre katshiza: hi i have  a motors 1kz te hilus surf it dosen't start i don't know if it is time belt or another probleme .so i need your help .can you send me your whatapp number for more commucations .thanks my name is alex

cal R: You should have recorded you actually installing the belt, because that is what people actually want to see. It's impossible to install if all the bearings are in place.

T Rex: I used a long breaker bar with 19mm socket for crank bolt, just layer bar on top of left frame rail and bumped starter, worked like a champ

Audiophilia: You are so wrong on how to remove the crank pulley .... There is a video on my you tube channel that shows hoe to take it of in about 30 seconds ...... Works every time ..... EVERY TIME.

Shawn Collins: Great video, Thanks! Which air impact wrench would I need? just any 3/8" drive from harbor freight? or maybe the shortest one? Can I borrow any carpenter friend's compressor for this or do I need a special compressor?

Daniel Thompson: On point I will subscribe so sick of videos that do not share the tool techniques that is everything. I usually know how or have a diagram. But what impact to use what part to move out of the way priceless thank you!

Stone Primeaux: And I have a 93 4runner 3L

Stone Primeaux: What would this job cost in labor

FairiesWearBoots: haaah! that water pump is pooched

warren19471: Thank you Very informative and complete. makes my job a lot easier.

abdabd abd: thank you . please watch this video

Ruthless Goat: Nice video.  I just had all this done for my 2006 4R V-8. The water pump was leaking, so I had the whole deal done. I'm not a mechanic, so this is very interesting to me to see what they actually had to do.  I also got struts, brakes, rotors, oil, etc., so I essentially have a new car.  96,000 miles and many more to roll.

mronemanband1: I used 1/2 breaker bar on crank bolt and kicked over starter came right off left radiator in

Martin Stafford: Just did one and the toughest part is getting the tensioner out to compress and pin it, you can get to the rear tensioner mounting bolt with 1/4 drive-6 pt. 12mm short socket from the bottom using a 12"- 1/4 drive wobble end (not u-joint) extension, be warned getting that bolt back in is the hardest part...3 tries, 30 + minutes solo, with a helper should not be too bad I also use 3- 6" Irwin (Lowes) bar clamps to hold the belt in/on the sprocket (clamp belt all 3 sprockets belt and sprocket marks aligned, leave upper most center tensioner off, roll both cams toward central upper idler (uninstalled) to pull up belt slack, try not to move crank during this, when you have all available slack in upper belt loop lay upper idler on belt and hand start bolt, torque to spec, recheck all 3 marks. pull tensioner release pin, remove clamps, roll motor over by hand 4 revolutions. if no issue... start and run very briefly,  if all checks and runs normally, finish re assembly.

72Disco1998: The A/C bracket was a bitch but a great informative video.

72Disco1998: You skipped the step on how to install the timing belt. I have it off but the belt is so tight I can not place the pulley back in to tighten everything back up.

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Toyota timing belt 5 out of 5

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