Toyota Timing Belt

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Jorge Santiago: thanks

centaurus777: 1000 Thanks!!!!!

Conor Nixon: I replaced a lug nut stud and it took me 10 hours. I imagine this would take me 6 months. 

IROC TWAN: Thanks for the video I will be working on a 2004 right know

jessie morales: Well its not that dificult! I did my 1999 and 2000 toyota solara timing belt and water pump idelers and tensioners too! One note, i would like to say is that, you need to loose the camshaft gear first by holding the camshaft wiht a 1/2 wrench wiht the old timing belt on! So on that way you can remove the water pump! In other words toyota forruners and solaras and cammry v6 engines are pretty much the same! 

justaman6972: wow looks like a giant pain in the ass. 

Organicle Man: "Okay so im going to show you how to put the timing belt on" * video skips* "okay so now that the timing belts on.".... Wow i learned nothing

John Happel: Awesome video dude!!! We need more peeps like you that wanna teach someone to help themselves!!! Nice!!!

David Magee: what was the mileage?

Alfonso Rocha: Escuseme can you show me how I can change the water pump of one toyota higlander 2009 please?

Bruce Borden: This is a very good video but I did several things different that made the installation easier, IMO. I just finished changing th timing belt water pump and both rollersin my 2001 Tacoma 4wheel drive V-6. See next post.

midnite papa: this timing setup is exactly like the 94 4runner model. don't you have to take both the camshaft sprocket out. Nicely done. how much do you charge the customer?

smithraymond09029: This type of job is what separates the men from the boys!

saleem83: Its pretty simple but ppl still freak it up


hmong power: i got a 89 toyota pickup v6 3.0. it'z the same as the one your working on? i know yours is a 3.6 but it look the same.

Herson Trigeros: THANKZZZ

samquan123: my toyota 1992 make noise .. like the explanation said.. the water pump it make noise. time for me to get new timing belt and water pump.

mrpaco8484: alguien sabe cual es el tiempo de una camioneta toyota de redilas 1994 motor 2.4 de 8 valvulas y por q estara gastando demasiada gasolina si el motor esta recien ajustado

mugr1: @dgl1962 I hate to bother you again, but I'm really having a difficult time installing my new timing belt. I was wondering if you can help me to figure out the best way to install the belt. I'm sure i'm doing something wrong that is why both cams marking were moving each time I release the pin from the tensioner..

Tom Sommer: Nice video. Thanks.

Bruce Borden: First, I did not loosen the A/C. I forced the tensioner downward and inserted a small allen wrench to retain it in the retracted position. There is a hole in the tensioner shaft for this purpose. To retract the tensioner shaft I bought an 8" C-Clamp from Lowes and, after removing the tensioner roller, I used C-Clamp to push downward on the tensioner arm with the clamp positioned under the A/C bracket. Worked great. See next post.

Tanner Jenkins: Schley timing belt tensioner compressor (SCH97300). This is your best friend for doing the timing belts on the 3.4L V6's. You don't waste time taking the a/c compressor off !

Brian Salers: removing mounts, tensioners or anything. Drain coolant, remove top radiator hose, fan shroud, drive belts, four fan nuts, two fan pulleys, top timing cover, middle timing cover, chain wrench and breaker bar for crank pulley, lower timing cover, the spreader tool mentioned in earlier comment between tensioner pulley and old water pump pulley, spread to compress and insert pin into small hole. remove top idler, remove belt.

Redvrt Pilot: Another mess you got into was not taking out the "hydraulic" belt tensioner. Good luck with that one. You sir are a fountain of mis-information.

Santiago Garcia: Haha you can hear Mexican music in the background

Matt South: BluPoint makes a special tool for compressing the belt tensioner without having to touch the A/C compressor. You can buy it from the snap-on guy. After compressing the tensioner, you insert a pin that keeps it compressed, remove the tool and change the belt.

snowmoon83: what's the name of the tool

Patrick Devlin: Rock auto has a component kit with water pump, belt and pulleys for about $150. It has everything but the hydraulic tensioner. As far as the crank bolt goes, see for instructions on a shop made tool that uses drill bits in the holes of the crank pulley which inserted into holes drilled into a steel plate welded to a pipe for leverage makes a holding tool. I purchased said custom tool from some guy locally who had just done his and I'll sell it when I'm done if anyone is interested.

Devil515151: Thank you for the informative video. Glad I gave you a chance and a full view. Good job. You really seem to know what you're talking about.

ginglen7: @dgl1962 Yea i looked up between the oil pan and frame and there it was, I got my long extension ,swivel and 12mm socket on there and got it right off! Ive had my 2000 tacoma for 4 years dont know if the starters ever been changed or not.

45ccd: you look like a black will ferrel <3

ginglen7: @dgl1962 Ok thanks for the help.

CuRsE311: First off thanks for the informing video it helped A LOT .... But I see a few people had problems with the crank pulley bolt... I had the same problem... An no auto part store in town was any help... I used an impact and blow luck... Knew there had to be a tool to hold it but only dealer had it...sooo I just pulled the starter and wedged the fly wheel with a screwdriver... Pain in the ass but i hope it helped...

estrelladelnorte1308: at 6:43 whe he refers to "flip" the belt ,doesnt make any sense , i think........ the number of teeth are the same even if you flip it or not.

Leonardo Saavedra: very good ! thank you i'll do it myself

steinwaygrande1: I`m an ex mechanic by trade. I started my appprenticeship in South Africa in 1964 working on all BMC vehicles such as Austin, Morris, Riley, Wolseley, MG, Austin-Healey. All these namesare now relagated to history as BMC became British Leyaland and finally went broke ! Now at 70 eyars of age, I just cant bend over the fron of my 4runner to change the timing belt, but fortunately I can still chnage the oil and filter. I get my "own" motor mechanic to do the hard work for me.

Vlaimir Ocampo: Thanks!!! This will be my guide on replacing my TIMING BELT for my 3k engine (KE35)

TheWcalame: The video was somewhat helpful. The mechanic left out the most important fact about removing the crank pulley. You need a special tool called a crankshaft pulley holding tool. Without this, the crankshaft turns when you attempt to loosen the bolt.

AzDadOnFire: I have a 3.slow 3VZE 1995 4runner that is due for a timing belt change. Do you have any experience with the 3.0?

Bruce Borden: Second, You don't need an impact wrench to loosen the harmonic balancer bolt. Let the starter do the work for you. Just use a 19mm socket and a breaker bar with the handle supported against the driver side frame. Quickly tap the starter several times and the bolt will magically be loose. Careful not to start the car. I pulled the EFI relay out of the fuse box under the hood.

mugr1: @dgl1962 what is the technique when installing a new timing belt? according the the manual, I need to line the timing belt marking on the cams and crank sprocket notches...

degrande707: Does that pair of $160 pulleys have to be replaced when changing out the timing belt just like the water pump? Or can I leave them in? Thanks!

cabrio996: @estrelladelnorte1308 He means to take it all off and turn it the other way around. The reason to do this is to make sure the timing marks are correct on the cam pulleys. Getting it out of time could cause damage to the valves.

carlgopa: @Maggotaux spark timing or valve timing was off. if you got valve timing wrong did some valves got bent?

Alan Stevens: nice video thank you

cyprixx: Yes, Aisin 002 and a few other mfr. Go to Amazon.

colivaf: thanks so much, I have a Toyota Camry 94 2.2 and this is the best video I could find to do it and also how to know when a water pump is bad. thanks, I don't know if I am capable to do the timing belt, but let see! thanks!

William James: @roaming1978 That perticular model timing belt tensioner is easily loosened most of the time when you hear a noise behind the timing cover the belt is loose or the the tensioning spring is weak.

DevinL16: yea buddy 4runner!!!! check my vids.!!!love my t4

Toyota timing belt 4.5 out of 5

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