Aqueon QuietFlow Filter Review

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jason rothfeld: I've altered mine by removing the pads and putting a handful of aquarium cotton. Ive also added a small bag full of ceramic rings for more beneficial bacteria to grow. The only problem is that the flow is somewhat crapty. It trickles somewhat of the water. I dont know if this is a problem, and if so how would I fix it? Any help is appreciated thanks.

Palpatine: i love the pump placement on these

Adam B: I had a 30 gallon filter that was super quite. I'll call customer service

Adam B: had this for 1 month on a 36 gallon. it's getting louder as the days progress!

Lisa Liu: how is the noise? is it loud?

cichmugs: enjoyed the video. how do you get carbon into the filter bag without replacing it?

chillinbones: I'm not impressed with the quality of the water i see in your tank! I'd rather pay a bit more and have a filter that does the job!!!

DANNYENRICK: Good stuff mine cost 13 bucks works great and simple

James Lock: I have a juwel korall fish tank and I dont know if this filter will fit in my tank, there doesnt seem to be enough room at the back? Does anybody know??

Wayne's Fish World: awesome man whatever floats your boat haha thats what i like about this many many many ways to do things

kevin sheehan: my favorite filter is a 32 ounce water bottle with 5 bio balls at the top and the rest is filter floss(batting from wal-mart) and i use a trimmed sponge from an fluval/aqua clear as a pre-filter i cat the bottom off the bottle made it even and then added the bio balls then the floss then the sponge and i use an aquatop powerhead that does 158 gallons per hour it,s used internally and it cost 20 bux to make! along with the peroxide and pond clarifer i

kevin sheehan: a good hob filter is the fluval/aqua clear they rock and are everywhere and remember peroxide is the secret to a perfect tank and perfect fish that are disease free

kevin sheehan: nice lil filter,,,if u want a pristine aquarium use 1 tbsp of peroxide per gallon of water and the best water clarifier is tetra pond water clarifer your tanks will be like glass!

Wayne's Fish World: they do

Matt Ostrowski: Canister have greater media volume

Matt Ostrowski: I agree for a small tank there great but I own a 75 gallon semi overstocked with two marinelandc-360 and I chose the canister route because aqueoun biggest fillter wasn't doing what i needed it to do so I would have had to buy 2 or 3 for one aquarium an besides

Togami Zen: Awesome filter but your tank is still cloudy.......

youz1uglybish: aqueon was giving away filters for free at my lfs so i traded away my old penguin 200 for a new aqueon 75...i did notice that the filter didnt have alot to offer as far as places for BB to grow.i was thinking about adding some bio max as you stated but i was afraid it will restrict the output on the filter...the one thing that i will say about the aqueon is that its pretty powerful it moves a decent amount of water for sure.did biomax restrict the flow on yours at all??

Wayne's Fish World: petsmart petco local fish store online

Wayne's Fish World: petsmart petco possibly local fish store online

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Aqueon QuietFlow Filter Review 5 out of 5

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