Aqueon QuietFlow Filter Review

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cichmugs: enjoyed the video. how do you get carbon into the filter bag without replacing it?

DANNYENRICK: Good stuff mine cost 13 bucks works great and simple

James Lock: I have a juwel korall fish tank and I dont know if this filter will fit in my tank, there doesnt seem to be enough room at the back? Does anybody know??

chillinbones: I'm not impressed with the quality of the water i see in your tank! I'd rather pay a bit more and have a filter that does the job!!!

Wayne's Fish World: they do

Matt Ostrowski: I agree for a small tank there great but I own a 75 gallon semi overstocked with two marinelandc-360 and I chose the canister route because aqueoun biggest fillter wasn't doing what i needed it to do so I would have had to buy 2 or 3 for one aquarium an besides

Wayne's Fish World: @Bechertanks i wouldn't out any LARGE tang in a 75 what tang did you want i'll let you know if you could put it in there

Shrimpandinvertz: Aqueon Quietflows are my favorite too! I have 4 of them.

Wayne's Fish World: @Shrimpandinvertz yeah i think they're the best for smaller hang on the back now fluval c series probably beats them but these work greatt

Wayne's Fish World: petsmart petco possibly local fish store online

David Tao: @samuelwaynefoleyjr the pores can get clogged by saltwater because the pores are left partly dry because of wetdry, eveaporation of the water starts because of the warm heated water, and that causes the salt to be deposited

Wayne's Fish World: @DaveTube24 how can the pores of the biowheel get clogged by salt if salt disolves in your water, i'm not saying your wrong i'm just wondering how, biowheels aren't good for salt water because it builds ditrius after a while but i mean anything including live rock will after a while and the ditirius build up will cause nitrate spikes in sw

GuardForLife Vang: you sound excited lol and i do agree with you, i reccommend this my 55/75 has clean my 55 like a vacuum. i was think getting a 30 for my 30 gallon

Wayne's Fish World: @WetTropix yeah me too go back on one of my serpae tetra videos and see how much crap this stuff pulled out

Wayne's Fish World: @cerinamonroe all depends on the size of the turtle i think so if you got a couple of them for a larggeeee turtle

Hmoob Thor: i love the auto start up so i don't have to pour in water each time when power is off

Wayne's Fish World: @bm20197 yeah i've got a marineland too, and honestly for its size i can't tell you which is better i think the marineland pumps more water, it has more gph, but the aqueon since it has those biogrids it helps out a lot

Wayne's Fish World: if its a garbage filter why did you search for it? i don't think any filter in general is garbage it all depends on what you're using it for, i had someone on here say that aquatech was better then these you know these didn't work for him but these work better for me and maybe aquaclear works better for you.

Wayne's Fish World: Nah, if you ever owned a aqueon trust me this is better. i have both filters i started out with aquatechs and trust me the aqueons are far better

rap3ncore: Can this fit in a five gallon tank with lid on?

SuperBobaholic: Yes, it will be fine to use this filter. If the cory goes to the top to eat after installation all the time, then that means the cory is really hungry. If this happens to the cory, buy some algae pellets. But there should be no problems with using this filter on the 5. Just get the 10.

Tengoku101: Would it fit in a five gallon, what size do I need?

Wayne's Fish World: not sure but a marineland rated for a 55/75 is filtering my 125

cerinamonroe: Do you think this would clean sufficiently for a turtle tank w/ one turtle? :)

Wayne's Fish World: yeah

happy singh: ok thanks

kevin sheehan: nice lil filter,,,if u want a pristine aquarium use 1 tbsp of peroxide per gallon of water and the best water clarifier is tetra pond water clarifer your tanks will be like glass!

garretts91: Just listen to your filter grinding in the video. Mine makes none of that noise and the Aqua-techs are literally more than half the price! I'm not knocking aqueon..., well I am I don't like their stuff. They make a power head that has a ball/hitch attachment that breaks on everyone within a week. I also own that and its the loudest piece of equipment I own. That "bio wall" thing doesn't work it wasn't even filled with any bacteria gunk when you showed it. I like my aqua techs.

Wayne's Fish World: big fail with saying a filter is good ....someone has got to hate right?

garretts91: I'd rather use Aqua-tech made my Marineland. Their even cheaper and they work more quietly.

Brandon McCreary: You talk really fast!!!!! Im thinking of getting one

NaturallyLovely: so for saltwater would you do the marineland biowheel or the aqueon quietflow?

kevin sheehan: a good hob filter is the fluval/aqua clear they rock and are everywhere and remember peroxide is the secret to a perfect tank and perfect fish that are disease free

Wayne's Fish World: petsmart petco local fish store online

Wayne's Fish World: @NaturallyLovely .......marineland, but i'd watch the wheel i took mine off

Wayne's Fish World: @NaturallyLovely well hell....all depends on the size of the tank too this filter is good for a nano saltwater

aidytito: Awesome filter but your tank is still cloudy.......

DiZyDOUCH3: PLEASE HELP ME OUT! So my filter broke just today and I have been researching filters and I want to get this one but I have a 5 gallon with 3 platys and 1 cory. Would it be alright to use this?

kevin sheehan: my favorite filter is a 32 ounce water bottle with 5 bio balls at the top and the rest is filter floss(batting from wal-mart) and i use a trimmed sponge from an fluval/aqua clear as a pre-filter i cat the bottom off the bottle made it even and then added the bio balls then the floss then the sponge and i use an aquatop powerhead that does 158 gallons per hour it,s used internally and it cost 20 bux to make! along with the peroxide and pond clarifer i

Dylan Wiggins: Garbage Filter. AquaClear is the way to go!

Jarrod Mahon: i just got the quietflow 55 filter with the 55 kit i got for x-mas, this will help

Wayne's Fish World: agreed

Wayne's Fish World: Better filtration, either run both on the tank for a week or two all depends on your bioload or take the filter cartage and put it in the new one.

garretts91: whatever floats ur boat right man!

BM's Aquatics: its kind of like my marineland filter. I allso have some aqueon products. so far, so good...

happy singh: oh yah were can u buy the aqueon quiet flow

Tengoku101: And also can you fit a tank lid on it?

Motorizedgags119: You can rough that plate up with sandpaper to increase the surface area, and i actually put a prefilter on my aqueon and i filled the space behind the blue grid with biomax and filter floss and i removed the cartridge.

Wayne's Fish World: if you have that little five gallon from walmart yeah it'll work

George Reno: If i where you i would really change the filter pad every month or 2 because you dont want any really bad bacteria growing also i think you should get water clairty

Aqueon QuietFlow Filter Review 4 out of 5

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