Hercules 4-mx With Virtual Dj Pro 7

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criz torres: very good !

abovesounds: @boygeniuss101 For the Hercules Sound Card Control Panel I left the default settings for the Jog wheels but you might want to adjust your virtual dj latency settings to meet your computer needs. I suggest a PC with at least 3mb -4mb ram

Xcratchz DeeJay: you can not make dubstep with a dj software, you need to have a music producer software, like the popular fl studio

abovesounds: @Qui86 LOL...the worst thing is that it's not a true mixer...1. no power supply except usb...2. crossfaders aren't adjustable...3. not enough inputs or xlr outs...other than that it's a nice addition.

abovesounds: If you have VDJ pro with 4 decks potentially

Davidilktrance: Oye amigo espero que entiendas español! Cual es mejor para ti la hercules 4mx o la american audio vms4? Ya que las dos andan por el mismo precio...

Colby Whitehead: do u need specific speakers for this setup? or do they plug into your computer?

xenariz: @abovesounds how is the 4-mx above beginner? and how is this below professional? wjat are the criteria you need to look for? i'm thinking of buying this one as my first controller, i want to do the investment so i can grow without necissarily buying new gear..

abovesounds: Yeah...it sucks

Dave Dugan: hey how do you like this thing? im really thinking about picking one up but i cant decide if i should get this 4-mx or the VMS4? any input? im a house party/bar club dj and i love controllers. id like do do some cool creative scratching but mostly for good mixing.

Guillermo Ferrufino: I want to ask you a question. do you recommend me this if was a beginner? Please answer.

technofr3ak100: question. I just got mine the left and right side does not sync up or doesnt work with virtual dj. only the middle things show up.??? help

djtripleddd: do the pitch control fader respone better then the rmx pitch fader

mykansi: Tnx Man!!! Best video about this wonderful device!!!! :)

abovesounds: @russythecondition Depends on how much money you want to spend and what you need to do. There are more affordable controllers out there that Hercules, Vestax and Numark make but they are not full sound cards. There are also more expensive ones made by the same and Denon. Depends on if you are bedroom DJ, a club DJ, a Karaoke DJ, etc. This unit is good for the Mid Range Pro because it's well built and has lots of options.

Flatrock Banger: if both deck is playing, how am i going to control the volume on deck A and C?

abovesounds: @bradmasterj Change the crossfater settings in VDJ to "Scratch" and in the DJ Console Driver Control Panel to Cross Fader Setttings "Scratch Curve" it's a little annoying that there is no fine tune but I just leave it in scratch mode and should I need to fade I just use the Main Channel 1 or 2 faders.

martulescano: hay man,,,the Hercules DJ console MK4 ..can be used with this softwere? VDJ PRO 7 ¿?

abovesounds: @mshortys Both decks have a button that lets you switch back and forth. So you have decks A B C D which is 4 decks total. There are only 2 volume vertical sliders and the way it works is similar to how multi-deck pitch sliders work. Lets say volume A is at 70% and you switch to deck C which is at 80%...well the slider needs to be moved upward to until it catches the 80% level where now it takes control via the software and hercules

Rupperns: Hey Dude....I brought the same sick console but I only got the VirtualDj LE Software in it....there is no advanced options. Would you please help me. Can you please provide a download of the VDJ 7 Pro Full I have to do some Jam on Thursday. No Worries I wont use it online. Apreciat it....You can send me the link via message here on youtube. Thx a lot.

abovesounds: @Davidilktrance Apesadumbrado mi amigo I don' t habla mucho español pero mi amigo en el centro de la guitarra dijo que el audio americano VMS4 tenía muchas ediciones y han hecho que muchos vuelvan al almacén. Fui a comprobar uno hacia fuera y parece como sería fresco pero es muy pesado arrastrar alrededor y tengo gusto del Hércules 4mx para los carruajes ligeros fáciles del club y utilizo mi Denon MC6000 para los carruajes pesados de la boda.

abovesounds: @hughgallop Yes the controller is the sound card

kevincrowleyradio: Can you cue play like a cdj1000..where u hold cue and press play and it continues the song instead of pausing it?

smallcretzuli: Can I run this program on a mac ibook g4?

PaganGold: @Skinnypunk19 This has everything you need and "just enough" features to get you good enough to use a pro rig with about an hour of play(you got to get good on this board first but its very possible, I did it you can aswell). Good luck.

DJ Mizzy: you didn't give enough information i was looking for.

Alberto vinces aldaz: por favor quiero que me ayudes a poner hercules 4-mx con virtual 7 pro antemano estare muy agradesido grasias es pero su respuesta

blackandis: It's like automatic transmission in a car. Does it make you a better driver? No...it just make driving a little easier. So stop complaining about auto-sync....it's called PROGRESS..get over it.

abovesounds: You can output to RCA or 1/4 inch jacks so it's not XLR by default.

abovesounds: It's an ok system for beginner but I would look at something like the Numark Mixdeck or the Vestax Typhoon first because they are easier to use.

Teck Koon Lim: would you recommend this for beginner djs?

juan Rodriguez: your suck dude!

abovesounds: @HollywoodSheen No problem...

abovesounds: @boygeniuss101 Get the 4-mx if you want portability with built in sound card, 4 decks and good scratch but your on a tight budget...I recommend the Dennon MC6000 if you have more cash and want more professional options.

Skinnypunk19: Hey man I'm a beginner dj do u think this is the one to go with?

Antonio Martinez: hey amigo conseguiste conectarlo con virtual pro full?? yo aun no, me aparece error Direct X

Nicola G: no tienes ni idea como se maneja esa consola, saludos desde huatulco . aprende un poco mas . y pregunts a verdaderos dvj,s para que necesitas 4? si puedes hacer mgia con 2

Bradley James: Very nice video. I just got the console and i love it... What are the scratch settinss that you use. Did you make the fader more sensative?

MrSteveco81: i just pick the same one up. im new to dj'in how do i mix live without the crowd hearing me im trying to use the crossfadder to play in the headphones which i can do but not thru the speakers ?? help please.... thanks

abovesounds: @ninous78xxx Thanks!

Joe Debens: 1/10 obvious troll is obvious

ze cardoso: Does anybody know how to assign different FX to the console buttons e.g. Flanger, flippin double, etc. By changing the default ones?

mrsupers101: is it possible to make dub step with it

CeebeeDj: I have the Hecules Dj Console RMX and its a pretty good console, i just ordered the 4-MX though so can't wait to try it out.!

abovesounds: @xenariz It is above beginner because it has 4 deck mixing with VDJ Pro 7 and probably Tractor it is also super solid construction with Mic inputs. It is below professional because unlike the Denon 6000 it relies on the USB power so if you power down your entire mixer goes out plus it doesn't have booth or XLR outs.

abovesounds: @T3313 This is slightly above beginner DJS and Slightly Below Pro DJS. BEGINNER: Vestax Typhoon, Numark Total Control, Numark Mixtrack or Mixdeck. INTERMEDIATE: Vestax VCI-300, American Audio VMS2, Hercules DJ4MX. PROFESSIONAL: Pioneer DDJ-T1, Numark NS7FX, Denon DNMC6000, NI Kontrol S4. I've placed theses in 3 categories by different criteria. Just my suggestion but you should go to Guitar Center to demo some players.

abovesounds: @DKF22 You can scroll with the arrows in the middle

nightfire4107: i am still trying to figure out how to use it with traktor

abovesounds: You should be able to upgrade from the Virtual DJ website. Go register there and check out the forums I think they tell you how.

abovesounds: @smallcretzuli According to the virtual dj website comparison chart you can run all versions of VDJ on Apple MAC OSX (Intel based - 10.5, 10.6) but you might want to email them to find out

hercules 4-mx with virtual dj pro 7 4.1 out of 5

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