Hercules 4-mx With Virtual Dj Pro 7

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Karina Mendoza: Can you please share a link with the Virtual DJ 7... I CANT MAKE IT WORK..please help!

Djmansuljr: saludos Amigo buen video, Oye una pregunta como hiciste q te funcionara el hercueles 4mx con el virtual 7? tienes algun mapper q me puedas facilitar amigo? Gracias de Ante Manos

Robbo Baker: nice video

criz torres: very good !

abovesounds: You can output to RCA or 1/4 inch jacks so it's not XLR by default.

Colby Whitehead: do u need specific speakers for this setup? or do they plug into your computer?

abovesounds: You have to do it in your software if it supports midi configurations. If you use Virtual DJ you can go to their forum website and there is some information on how.

abovesounds: You should be able to upgrade from the Virtual DJ website. Go register there and check out the forums I think they tell you how.

abovesounds: You have to configure the advanced settings in whatever software that you are using.

abovesounds: It's an ok system for beginner but I would look at something like the Numark Mixdeck or the Vestax Typhoon first because they are easier to use.

Guillermo Ferrufino: I want to ask you a question. do you recommend me this if was a beginner? Please answer.

MrSteveco81: i just pick the same one up. im new to dj'in how do i mix live without the crowd hearing me im trying to use the crossfadder to play in the headphones which i can do but not thru the speakers ?? help please.... thanks

DJ Veaux: you can't make dubstep with a dj controller...........you make dubstep with a DAW such as fl studio or ableton.

Zim Piodena: ah ok thank you.. I'll try it.

Error 503: You have to buy Virtual DJ. You can also download it from ThePirateBay for free like I did.

Zim Piodena: Hi there... I have my Hercules DJ 4Set LE... How can I make it PRO? can you give me an idea for this? thank you...

Xcratchz DeeJay: you can not make dubstep with a dj software, you need to have a music producer software, like the popular fl studio

ze cardoso: Does anybody know how to assign different FX to the console buttons e.g. Flanger, flippin double, etc. By changing the default ones?

Joe Debens: 1/10 obvious troll is obvious

Nikki Moore: I've been stalking the vids on this set ;) cause im gettin one

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hercules 4-mx with virtual dj pro 7 5 out of 5

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