Spring Twist (eon Hair Results)

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NaturalNetra: Very cute! :) I'm getting the same one's in the same color soon. What did you use while twisting your hair? It looks good.

rppbrp: Hi essence 2121... I used the color 30 by itself

rppbrp: Hi essence2121 .. I ordered num 30.. It's all same color

purbledream999: sooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty

Nejuan GoGetter: I am getting those done on my head in a few days and I am SUPER GEEKED!!! lolol I had already in my mind I wanted mine short and thick like yours and then I found your video. I can't wait to show your video to my stylist. * How long did you keep yours up??* * What product was used to kinda lock the twist...gel, jam, custard, butter, or oil??*

804babyphat: Too cute

Christa Sutton: this is too cute... i think i'm going to do these soon... i like the shortness...


essence2121: these are nice! are they a 1B/30?
spring twist (eon hair results) 4.5 out of 5

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